Pretty American Women versus Pretty Foreign Women

Whenever I think of a pretty woman, the 1990 movie starring Julia Roberts comes to mind. I like it as much as I like her. I have always found her attractive. But, my feelings have changed after reading a disgusting fact about her recently. I have also learned that she does not wear deodorant either. She is clearly doing a good job in hiding her bad smells with her good looks.

Attractive women exist everywhere. Whether you (American or Western man) go to a grocery store in your city or in a foreign country, you may encounter them. You may want to talk, meet, and connect with any of them. However, you need to know the cultural differences between American/Western women and foreign women. You can thereby find which woman is suitable for you.

Here are 3 ups and 3 downs for each group of good-looking ladies:

Pretty American Women


  • They are popular.
    • Despite of their personalities, they have no problems in attracting and connecting with many people in general.
    • The women may get whatever they want from others.
      • The women may not have to pay anything in return.
  • They are successful.
    • They can easily get a job (e.g. secretary), pursue a career (e.g. modeling), or start a business (e.g. fashion).
      • Society, media, and others overlook their talents, characteristics, etc.
    • Whether the women are skilled or not, they just have to remain pretty for ongoing attention.
  • They are healthy.
    • In order to keep their physiques, they have to continue exercising and eating more natural foods (e.g. fruits and vegetables).
    • If they become obsessed with their looks, weight, etc., they may commit bulimia or anorexia.
      • I feel sorry for any guy staying with a woman who keeps eating unhealthy foods or vomiting.


  • They are arrogant.
    • They think that their looks are superior.
      • But, their looks are going to fade or change sooner or later.
    • They pay less or no attention to their hearts, qualities, skills, other people, etc.
      • This fact explains why the Bible says that people focus on the outward appearance (1 Samuel 16:7).
  • They are disgusting.
    • Julia Roberts is not the only female celebrity with gross habits.
    • At my previous job, I have repeatedly heard negative comments (from former coworkers) about female customers.
      • I also have to regularly clean female bathrooms (especially during closing time of the outlet mall) and remove trash, feces, urine, etc.
        • Thank God that I do not work there anymore.
  • They are mean-spirited.
    • They can be jealous of each other.
    • They can be rude or discouraging to those (men and other women alike) who are not good-looking at all.
      • Most average-looking or low American/Western men think they do not deserve attractive women.
      • Many unattractive American/Western women think that they cannot compete with the women who are rated 6/10 or above.

Pretty Foreign Women


  • They are intelligent.
    • Ukrainian and Chinese women especially graduate from high school and go to college at early ages.
    • Most foreign women in general can probably distinguish between marriage-minded American/Western men and men who just want to play mind games and have fun.
      • If a woman hesitates or does not really want to be with a particular man, she is going to select these 4 options:
        • ignore his calls, text messages, etc.
        • flake out on him
        • be honest about her true feelings
        • or try to like him more (especially if he has much respect and love for her)
  • They are approachable.
    • It seems like a fantasy when an American/Western man gets real attention from attractive women in Ukraine, Colombia, Estonia, Brazil, or another non-Westernized country.
      • But, if he stays home for the rest of his life, he would never have that amazing experience.
      • The same thing applies to you and me too.
    • Because they cannot find good men or even keep crappy men locally, foreign women make themselves available to American/Western men through international dating agencies/websites.
  • They are positive.
    • Whether you are shy, talkative, positive, or even a little negative, you can easily communicate with a woman abroad.
    • As your potential date, friend, girlfriend, or wife, she would change your attitude toward women forever.
    • I am a better man thanks to beautiful foreign women.
      • American/Western women cannot discourage or emotionally harm me anymore.


  • They are indecisive.
    • A good example is a woman who has received many email letters from Bobby of “Love Me” documentary.
      • She has not committed or married him because she has not felt an offline connection with him.
    • Therefore, the only way a foreign woman can be decisive is if she physically meets, dates, and bonds with an American/Western man.
      • Her attraction to him grows as her feelings for him develop.
      • Another option is if he emails and tells her when he is going to arrive to her country.
  • Most of them cannot speak English.
    • However, you can always learn their language or vice versa.
    • If the language barrier is so difficult for you,
    • It is better to be with a genuine woman who cannot speak your language than it is to be with an insincere woman who does.
      • If you are attracted to a foreign woman and she feels the same about you, perhaps take the relationship to the next level.
        • Do not let anyone or anything drive you and her apart.
  • They all compete with each other (or seem to be).
    • However, they are not as jealous as most American/Western women are (when it comes to single men).
    • Foreign women understand that American/Western men need to date many of them in order to find their suitable girlfriends/wives.
      • Even if the men choose not to marry, they give the women joy and hope for meeting other suitable men for dating, commitment, or marriage.
    • Today, the world knows additional information about foreign ladies thanks to A Foreign Affair agency, Dream Connections agency, my blog (of course), and other Internet sources.
      • Many American/Western men (including myself and possibly yourself) cannot ignore the beauty and integrity of foreign women.


Just because a woman looks good, it does not mean that she is good for you.

Looks can be deceiving. They can cover or hide her true colors well. But, eventually, you are going to realize who she is as a person. Her physical appearance is going to change; the truth about her is going to reveal everything to you. Then, you can decide if you want to keep a relationship with her or end it.

Prettiness (or should I say physical attraction) is the main reason why many people have unprotected sex, develop meaningless and temporary relationships, and make other bad decisions. But, reality gets rid of false personas periodically. Therefore, people can improve their behaviors and connect with the right partners or spouses.

Pretty women exist for a short time. Then, their true hearts and intentions are shown to the world. Why do you think that we keep seeing new models or actresses on TV and film? Why do you also think that we want to be with different women or the same ones who change their looks? The world grows tired of the same attractive women (e.g. Angelina Jolie and Kate Upton) and so do we. We cannot help how we feel. We want something different. We want someone different. If we have to travel to another city, another state, or another country for what we want or who we want, we are going to do so.

We want true and spiritual beauty.

Many foreign women have it.

Some American/Western women do although they are:

  • difficult to find
  • or already in serious relationships

But, many American/Western women do not. They use physical and temporary beauty to get what they want. They, including the media, society, and everyone else, promote their fake beauty so that they can constantly hide the truth from good men and speak negatively about good women in foreign countries.

Do not follow the hypocrites in America or the Western world.

Follow your heart, me, or others who have gone overseas.

Learn the whole truth.

Fall in love with a woman whose inner beauty never goes away.

She would always be pretty in your eyes regardless of everything.

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