My Review – “Love Me” Documentary

Love Me” is a 2014 real life movie subjected to international (int’l) dating and marriage. Jon Barlow, Jonathon Narducci, and Carol Martori have collaborated and produced this documentary together. Its inspiration is (also known as A Foreign Affair agency, a dating website featuring thousands of single, gorgeous, and available foreign women); its target audience is mainly American and Western men. The movie depicts 5 American men and a Australian man desperately looking for love in Ukraine although they do not know its true definition.

I have watched the documentary on YouTube twice. In my opinion, it is mostly serious but partially light and comical. It is better than the 2003 movie “2 Brothers and a Bride” starring David Arquette and Tim Blake Nelson is. But, “Love Me” movie is not as good as “90 Day Fiance” television series is. At least the majority of “90 Day Fiance” int’l couples stay together or get married; only 2 int’l couples have gotten married in “Love Me”. I also like that A Foreign Affair co-owner and maybe President John Adams and his wife Tanya have participated in the documentary as well. They are great, prime examples of int’l marriage. If he (American) and she (Russian) believe in true love despite of their different countries, cultures, etc., so would other int’l couples do. John and Tanya have been together for almost 20 years; they have 2 children.

I have analyzed the documentary so well. There are some things I like and some things I dislike. Here they are:

My Likes

  • 2 remaining int’l couples
    • Robert and Vitalina
      • I like that he mentions about finding one woman in Ukraine.
        • He is truly a monogamous guy.
          • I hope that there are more guys like him turning to other foreign women in Ukraine, Philippines, etc.
      • There is something special about her.
        • I like one scene in which she runs to the camera with her fancy shoes and so.
        • I like her parents but I do not like that her father has died.
      • I hope that they stay married and procreate children.
    • Eric and Inna
      • Fortunately, he has never seriously dated or married a typical American woman.
      • He has gained experience with women from his 6 trips abroad.
      • He has been persistent in dating Ukrainian women until he meets his future wife Inna.
      • She looks like a model.
        • Maybe she can pursue a modeling career or something similar.
      • She is smart but unsuccessful in finding a good man in Ukraine.
      • Eric has found her sitting alone at a social event.
        • They have hit it off.
        • They have later married and give birth to a child.
  • media coverage of “A Foreign Affair” agency
    • I like that the int’l dating/marriage business has been advertised and promoted on TV, film, and print since the late 1990’s.
    • John and Tonya have represented and marketed the business on “Dr. Phil”, NBC’s “Today”, “Our America with Lisa Ling”, The New York Times, MTV channel, and more.
    • Today, the business has gained more viewers, followers, and customers alike because of its new videos posted on YouTube.
      • It is competing with another awesome int’l agency (Dream Connections) I want to join later.
  • smoothness of K1 fiancee visa process
    • Robert and Vitalina as well as Eric and Inna really have no problems applying and waiting for their fiancee visas to approve.
    • I think that it is easier for an American man to marry a foreign woman than if he (or another American man) divorces an American woman.
      • If he is entering an int’l marriage, he would find everlasting joy, love, peace, etc.
      • If he is legally separating from his American wife, he may face these negative consequences:
        • unhappiness or misery
        • loss of custody of kid or kids (if they have any)
        • loss of property
        • loss of money
        • ugly divorce court battle
        • murder (homicide, suicide, or both)
        • so on
    • Someday, I cannot wait to marry a foreign woman like Robert and Eric have.
  • words of encouragement from John
    • He has tried to tell an American man (Bobby) to meet and date other Ukrainian women.
      • But, Bobby has insisted on waiting and hoping for a serious relationship/marriage with one model-like Ukrainian woman.
        • The relationship, as I have predicted, has gone south.
        • Now, he is “in love” with another model-like Ukrainian woman.
    • John would do the same for other American and Western men.
      • I understand that some men are monogamous and interested in particular foreign women.
        • But, the men may be hurt and disappointed if the women do not feel the same way.
        • I advise that the men meet/date foreign women and narrow the list to 1 or 2 remaining ones as the men become more serious with each woman.
          • These are the same actions of a bachelor.
  • men going overseas for true love
    • They are looking for certain qualities they cannot find in local American women.
    • They also want to escape their tedious, lonely, or miserable life in America temporarily.
      • Some of them emigrate to other countries (with or without their foreign wives) for good.

My Dislikes

  • farmer Travis wronged by a deceitful Ukrainian woman
    • She probably has hired fake or real police officers and force him to pay money or throw him in jail.
    • He has become suspicious of her afterwards.
    • Smart, he has ended the relationship with her.
    • Hopefully, he moves on with another Ukrainian woman (who takes him seriously).
  • Australian guy Michael pursuing the wrong Ukrainian woman
    • Just because she is a single mother of 2 girls, it does not mean that she would become a good wife for him.
      • She does not love him.
    • She is a con artist.
      • She is only interested in the financial benefits for herself and her daughters.
    •  He has received an anonymous letter that warns him about marrying her.
      • He has chosen to ignore and marry the woman anyway.
    • He has willingly moved to Ukraine so that he can reunite with her and her daughters.
      • He has learned the ugly truth and returns to Australia.
  • jerk millionaire Ron complaining and belittling Ukrainian women 
    • He has not been happy with his experience with them.
    • He has said that they are too young for him.
    • He ends up dating an American woman (whose age is appropriate for him) after all.
  • all 5 American men unable to define love
    • Initially, they are asked what the word means.
      • They have no clue.
        • They either have been single for most of their lives or have been with the wrong women.
    • However, Robert and Eric learn the definition because of their marital successes with Vitalina and Inna.

“Love Me” documentary gives me 2 reasons for its title. One is that it is named after the dating website for A Foreign Affair agency. The other reason is the fact that both American/Western men and foreign women want to love and be loved. Without love (which derives from God), all humanity is worthless. In other words, we mean nothing.

I rate the documentary 6/10 points. I am glad about the 5 likes I have above discussed. But, I wish that more int’l couples have stayed together. I wish that Travis, Bobby, and Michael each find a good and loving woman from Ukraine or another foreign country. They should not give up and remain single for the rest of their lives. I also would like to see a sequel of the documentary as well. I want to see more positivity, love, and unity between future American/Western men and foreign women. International dating/marriage is growing. True love is growing in addition. People including the men have actually no good excuses for remaining single nowadays.

Have you watched “Love Me” documentary movie? If so, what is your opinion? How do you rate it? What do you like and dislike? Do you recommend it? Answer below.

foreign bride from “Love Me” documentary – LRM (source)


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