The Best Revenge

When someone has hurt or wronged you (American or Western man), you suddenly want revenge. You want to do the same thing to him or her. But, you are only getting yourself in trouble. Possibly, you may face negative consequences such as loss or termination of your job, time in jail or prison, loss of your personal or professional relationship(s), being harmed or killed, etc. Is it worth throwing away your life, happiness, and or freedom in order to get back at someone?

I cannot ignore or postpone writing this blog post because of my negative experiences in the past. Indeed, I have been pinched, mocked, harassed, talked, threatened, ignored, and rejected from kindergarten to my last job. I have dealt with kids (during my childhood) and adults (now in my adulthood) who are so foolish, arrogant, annoying, dramatic, loudmouthed, and talkative. Therefore, I have less respect for most people (but few people I highly respect). At first, I have wanted revenge against certain people. I however realize that they are not worth risking my life/freedom. If I go to jail/prison, become a patient at a mental hospital, or end up dead, most likely they would laugh or gossip about me, forget that I exist, and move on to a happier and safer life. This repetitive pattern seems to happen on every Lifetime movie I watch. Therefore, I have to think smart nowadays. I have to ignore or expose haters/wrongdoers, move forward, and focus on my goal or purpose (e.g. continuously working for a paycheck, applying for a better job, going on my vacation (which is what I did last year), or graduating from school). Like the Lord Jesus Christ, I have to remain positive regardless what happens (e.g. the whole world coming against me).

If you really want to get back at other people the right way, do what is right. Do not give them power to defeat you. The best revenge, to me, is working on yourself. You are not here on earth to please other people. They (except God) have not created you. They (except God) cannot predict or control your life, thoughts, and emotions. They (except God) cannot judge, save, or destroy your soul. Doing the purpose of God should be your first task. The next one is doing your purpose or wish (e.g. owning a business or becoming a celebrity). Following or doing the wishes or expectations from other people (if they are telling you what is right) is your last task.

If you work on yourself and better your life, you can do the following effects:

  • Moving forward
  • Forgiving and forgetting
    • As you forgive yourself and forget what you have done, you can do the same for others.
  • Feeling better about yourself
    • You like who you are becoming.
    • You may mentally describe yourself as a superhero, superhuman, or celebrity.
    • If you are dating or marrying a foreign woman, she would definitely bring out your great characteristics.
  • Building confidence
    • You do not care if others talk, treat, or look at you in a certain way.
    • You can stand up to bullies, haters, wrongdoers, etc. without any help.
    • You are able to speak in public or do something else that your old self cannot do.
    • Because your possible foreign girlfriend or wife believes in you, you also can believe in yourself.
  • Having a different attitude or opinion
    • You see the downfalls and ugliness in the souls of others.
    • You see life and everything else in a positive way.
    • You are not jealous or interested in what others have anymore.
      • Especially if you are with the right woman…
    • You want to act and change many human lives.
  • Treating others better
    • Whether they like you or not, you do it anyway.
    • You expect or hope to be treated fairly as well.
  • Expecting nothing in return
    • You give someone what he/she needs or wants because of your heart.
    • If he/she reciprocates, you are happy.
      • If not, you are still happy.
  • Caring less what others say or think
    • But, you care more about your feelings, desires, relationships, duties, etc.
    • Like me, you focus mainly on getting the job or task done.
    • Whether you are having a good or bad day, it becomes better when you are spending time with your potential foreign girlfriend/wife.

It is not worth fighting, cursing, murdering, or committing another crime against someone who has harmed or done you wrong. You are trading your freedom, life, etc. for meaningless revenge. You are ruining your reputation, your life, and the lives of your loved ones. You are putting an end to your relationships both personally and professionally. You would undoubtedly lose or have no chance to be with a good woman (whether she is American/Westernized or foreign). You would become a new person in a dark, violent, and negative way. But, if you want to change in a light, harmless, and positive way, turn to self-improvement. Prove to yourself and others how much you can change your life. Do not look back at wrongdoers, drama kings/queens, and other negative people. Stay away from them. If they think that you are selfish or egotistical, then let them continue doing so. You are done with them; you want nothing to do with them anymore. If you have to go somewhere else to work, live, etc., please do so. Also, go to those who are going to help and make a positive difference to you. Befriend them. Love yourself as God does. “Go get your girl” says Bud Patterson from He means that an American/Western man like yourself should go overseas and meet your future foreign girlfriend/wife. What is keeping you from being with her?

“Go get your girl” says Bud Patterson from

Your New Self Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.
If you want the best revenge, take this road. – Gaffaney’s Total Office Source (source) 



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