Why Am I Displeased with “Black America”?

God has chosen me to be a black man. He also has chosen how I look and feel. Therefore, I accept who I am despite of everything. I am proud to be part of a race or culture in which people express their feelings, emotions, etc. through music, acting, art, and other subjects. I am forever connected to inspirational black celebrities such as:

Although I am somewhat happy that many black people in United States have formed “black America“, I still do not fully understand it. I also do not feel entirely safe in it either. Honestly, many black Americans (not all of them) are still dealing with anger, jealousy, egotism, and other problems probably because of slavery or segregation. I have to separate myself from those negative people temporarily or permanently. I want to enjoy the rest of my life and be around positive people (whether they are black, white, etc.).

A part of me is glad to be black. The other part is disappointed. In the following 10 topics, I am going to discuss with you (American or Western man) some sad facts plus my negative experiences of “black America”:


If there is 1 trait that really draws me and some black people away from other blacks, it is arrogance. Those people (except the good blacks) think that they know everything and can do anything they want. They are truly disrespectful to me and other good black people unless we are:

  • rich or wealthy
  • cool or charming
  • talented in sports, music, ministry, etc.
  • experienced with sex, parenthood, etc.
  • willing to talk (e.g. gossiping) or do anything (e.g. smoking weed) they want

Every time I go to work, school, church, barbershop, or even a grocery store (e.g. Walmart), I always listen to their never-ending conversation. They never think before they speak. They are so foolish that they say words that do not make sense. They are so cocky that they do not look at themselves in the mirror. They are lazy when it comes to work. But, they are the opposites when it comes to nonstop talking, joking, laughing, and mind games. They have the nerve to be jealous when I or another moral black person want to:

  • do the right thing
  • get a better job
  • seek a better partner or spouse (even if he or she is located overseas)
  • start a business

If I want to succeed and especially earn so much money, I must be around those who are motivated to do the same too.


I like the current black neighbors I have. Their houses are not too close to mines. Plus, they show respect to me and my family and give us privacy. My previous black neighbors (who are still in Virginia), on the other hand, seem to be the opposites. I can never peacefully walk on the front yard, leave to go to work or somewhere else, or return home. I always feel uncomfortable or stared by someone or some people who have nothing better to do. The boy next door has frequently invited his friends (who honestly look like troublemakers to me) to his house. They have usually talked, laughed, and yelled for a few hours. Sometimes, they have repeated once or twice on the same days. They may still do this inconsiderate thing today. But, I am so glad that I am somewhere else (North Carolina). I would like to shake the hands of the person who has once called the police on them for disturbing the peace.


Ever since I have left a job (Colonial Williamsburg) 7 years ago, I have realized how difficult it is to work with most black Americans. I have been mocked, name-called, harassed, gossiped, stared, and even threatened mainly for being myself. Their strong personalities can drive anyone (especially a white person) away. No wonder they have difficulty in getting or keeping good jobs. But, fortunately there are some black Americans who care about their reputations due to white people or wealthy ones. Those black people would do anything necessary in order to please their bosses, customers, and others whose opinions matter. I thank God that I have worked with better and less intimidating black coworkers at my later jobs.


The worst school I have ever attended is Bakers Elementary School. My first day has been as miserable as my last day has. Both the black teachers and students have been mean-spirited from A to Z. They have said inappropriate words to me. One student even has pushed my desk on the floor while others have witnessed. I have literally cried once but have eagerly waited often to leave that hellhole for good. When the time has come, I have moved to another city and started a better school. I have gotten my revenge when I have told no one at that miserable school about my permanent exit.

The later schools I have attended have been better. But, after facing some negative experiences with a few students and teachers (black and white), I have realized that people are pretty much the same despite of their racial differences. Going to a predominantly black school can be just as uncomfortable as going to a predominantly white school.


I never have true black friends at all. I never really have been close to my cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles either. Unless I am interested in the same subjects, places, or activities they participate, I would always remain a reject, loner, or an easy target of their ridicule, gossip, etc. However, a white person who is similar to former President Bill Clinton, Mark Wahlberg, or “rap god” Eminem can easily be accepted and respected in a black community. No wonder I get along with people of other races or even black foreigners very well. They accept me regardless of how different I am from them.

If we want to have an easy connection with people of different races, we have to go overseas. In other countries (especially non-Westernized ones), we are looked and judged for our actions and traits mainly. We are treated as human beings and not as stereotypes based on our races, skin tones, or appearances.


Most music (produced by black and white people) has gone down the hill. Most current TV shows (whether they are for predominantly blacks, whites, or all people) are boring or stupid. The majority of movies shown in movie theaters is no different either. Everything in America (regardless of race) seems to focus on:

  • ignorance
  • sex
  • selfishness
  • laziness
  • materialism
  • repetition

I am happy that I have an Amazon Fire TV stick. I can pick any TV show or movie I wish to see. I can also watch a YouTube video through the physical item as well. I do not miss satellite or cable TV whatsoever.

Local Places

Because of my previous issues (that I have mentioned in “Hypocritical People in United States” blog post) with other members, I do not want to join another black church again. I am as hesitant about visiting it as I am visiting a barbershop (where I have to be around other blacks who talk too much or cause drama). However, I care about my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as much as I do regarding my haircut (before going back overseas and attracting foreign ladies again). If I ever see a group of people talking, wearing threatening clothes, and doing something suspicious at a local place (whether it is a church, barbershop, store, or restaurant), I would not go there for anything. My protection comes before my needs.


Neither have I dated a black American female nor am I really interested in doing so. I always face 2 issues. One is being ignored or rejected by a local black woman I find attractive. Why is she always busy (with her job or career) or involved in a serious relationship with an athlete, businessman, or singer? Secondly, I have gotten unwanted attention from unattractive and desperate black women especially at my last job (Williamsburg Premium Outlets). Watching their unruly actions, seeing their creepy smiles, listening to their foolish words, and hearing their despicable laughs make me want to 100% join other black men who are happily involved with white women or foreign women.


I do not love pork as much as most black Americans (including my family members) do. I can moderately eat:

But, I stay away from ham, pork barbecue, and chitterlings completely. If I am ever served any of the 3 pork meats at a church or someone’s home, I would just ask for a vegetarian meal (including cheese, fruits, and other meats possibly). I care more about the food I put in my stomach than I do with the opinions of many pork eaters.


Being around other black men (whether they are coworkers, other customers, or even professed “Christians”) who talk about local women (black ones mainly) who are honestly loudmouthed, opinionated, or obnoxious is annoying. However, if the men ask or talk to me about fancy cars, money, drugs, alcohol, or other secular things, I would feel worse. I have worked with these types of men. But, I do not befriend or even say much to them. To keep myself from being alone and preyed by them, I make sure that I am around people who have respect and talk about something that is spiritual, personal, or healthy to me.

Thank God that most foreigners are not as materialistic as many other Americans are.


There is no such thing as “black America”. It is an imaginary place where many black American people can:

  • legally escape
  • become nationally superior
  • arrogantly do whatever they want

So, whenever they lie, curse, steal, murder, sexually assault, harass, threaten, target other blacks, or come against the Lord God, they can come up with excuses. Some may contact a human rights activist (e.g. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson) for backup. Many of them would pretend that they are remorseful for their ungodly acts and that they are turning their lives to Him. However, some would actually change and become true Christians. But, expect the rest of the black population to revert to its old ways and end up in prison or death.

I am glad that America is the way it is today. There is more diversity, success, unity, respect, fearlessness, safety, acceptance, and individuality. I may not get as much respect as a white person or a popular black person does. But, I am satisfied with almost everything. I may become vulnerable or urged to move to another country if “black America” ever grows.

Although I cannot blame some black people for bleaching their skin or denying their race, I accept who God has made me. I cannot hide or run from my racial identity. I choose not to be scared of foolish or negative black people I encounter locally. I do not care what they think or say to me. Just because we share the same race, it does not mean that we are alike characteristically. Their ignorance or “blacks need to stick together” attitude cannot affect me. I do not personally know them and vice versa. But, the particular people (e.g. family, friends, former teachers, and role models of different races) I truly know and care make me as the person I am now.

Because of Proverbs 22:6, I know that I am no different today as I have been in the past.

If I have never cared about race or skin color during my childhood (because I then have 2 close white friends who have lived next door to me), why would I care about it now?

If you are like me, I would tell you to immediately get away from people who talk, discriminate, or have an obsession with race, skin color, or appearance. Find positive and unbiased people who treat you equally. If you cannot find them where you live, go to Colombia, Philippines, or any other non-Westernized country where many of them exist. Plus, develop an easy connection with the foreign woman of your dreams (whether she is white, black, Asian, Hispanic, or mixed).

I would no longer tolerate other black people who are so foolish or self-centered.

I have no interest in being a part of “black America” because it does not represent fairness (for all black people), righteousness, or true Christianity.

As a black man, I am very driven to go my own way like a MGTOW member has.

However, I want to fall in love and marry a foreign woman someday.

Whether she is black, white, or another race, she would continue being pretty, genuine, friendly, caring, and loyal to me.

She would not focus on race or the color of my skin.

Furthermore, she would not let hatred drive us apart.

She is my strength and I am hers.

With love, God, and humanity on our side, “black America” and other superiors cannot stand a chance.

cultural differences in “black” America – Return of Kings


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