Chinese Leftovers

I always love Chinese food (except the frozen kind at a grocery store). If I can keep myself from eating all of it, I can have a good lunch the next day. Leftover Chinese food is as sweet as the women in China are.

I probably consider Chinese ladies as the healthiest foreign women. I cannot find any curvy or overweight Chinese woman on a YouTube video or at the profiles section of “A Foreign Affair” website. As attractive and sweet as the women are, they do not deserve to be called “sheng nu“.

Today, I am glad that they are given chances for international love thanks to A Foreign Affair dating agency. Despite that the business has its own reasons and romance tours currently in Shenzhen, China, I also have my 5 reasons as well.

Why should you (American or Westernized man) pursue irresistible ladies in China?

They are socially pressured or forced to marry unknown Chinese men.

I find it despicable that both the Chinese community and loved ones are making the women enter arranged marriages unwillingly. There is no excuse (Wanting grandchildren is definitely not a good excuse either.) for any parents to drive their daughter(s) to a meaningless and possibly bad relationship. If she is killed, her parents and lowlife husband should be held totally and legally responsible for her murder.

Whether you are interested in dating, marrying, or just helping a Chinese woman find the man of her dreams, you can stop her from listening to her parents and making the worst decision of her life.

They are similar to their Ukrainian, Colombian, Philippine, etc. counterparts.

Due to their cultures that favor or respect men, all of the non-Westernized women share these 5 positive characteristics:

  • smart
  • educated
  • approachable
  • benevolent
  • traditional

However, what makes Chinese women different from the rest of the foreign women?

Chinese women are so driven to learn advanced education, own their own businesses, earn extra money, and obtain higher college degrees (e.g. PhDs). Like most women in the States and Westernized world, they are independent. The difference is that Chinese women do not let success, riches, education, etc. change their personalities and wishes to be with good men. The women remain feminine, independent, caring, positive, and united regardless of the animosity, name-calling (e.g. “third gender” or “UFO” meaning “ugly, foolish, and old”), pressure, and indifference they receive from their families and communities.

If you want to find a strong and independent woman who is not going to judge you for making less money, being average-looking, or dropping out of school, go to China.

Some are abused or motivated to commit murder.

These women may think that they are risking everything they have for “perfect” marriages with strange men. The women want to trust their so-called husbands and parents. But, the women should always remember this saying before making serious decisions that can strongly affect their lives:

No matter how right other people seem to be, Chinese women should continually listen to their hearts. If they suspect that the men (everyone wants them to marry) are abusive or murderous, the women should get away from the men as soon as possible. The women should remain adamant about staying single even if other people think that they are crazy or paranoid. If families, friends, and the rest of Chinese society do come against these ladies, the ladies must connect and support each other all the way. As a result, they can put an complete end to marital abuse, homicide, and suicide nationally.

If you date or marry a Chinese woman, you can really save her life plus lives of other hopeful and beautiful ladies too.

Nearly all of them are physically young at heart.

If you do not believe me, view some of the profiles on A Foreign Affair website.

Forget about the ages of the ladies and their nonstop rejection from many other people including the ones in their country. The ladies are still desirable and attractive in the eyes of many American/Western men (including mines). The women really take care of their bodies. I would rather be with a hot 50-something woman with good characteristics instead of an unpleasant or uncaring woman who is around my age (32). In fact, I have found an A Foreign Affair profile of a Chinese cougar who I find very pretty.

Huiqin (who is 20 years older than I am) (AFA #176295) – View her profile

What are your thoughts about her?

Are you interested in physically meeting her?

They can be great dates and tour guides for you and other American/Western men.

Spending time with any gorgeous and ageless Chinese woman is phenomenal. However, going to amazing places with her (on a second, third, or subsequent date) is even better. Create everlasting memories by writing, blogging, or taking photos of you and her together. Also, do the same if she and possibly your translator take you to any of these once in a lifetime locations:

Have the best time(s) of your life in China. Get to know your date well. Maybe develop a monogamous relationship with her if both of you are crazy about each other.


Although I am thankful of the Thanksgiving food that my family has served a few days ago, I am more thankful to God for creating lovely ladies in China and everywhere else worldwide.

A Foreign Affair agency still has a romance tour in Shenzhen, China today. It has started since Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully, American/Western male attendants find their potential Chinese brides at any of the 2 scheduled romance tour socials. Then, they both can be in better moods when Christmas comes.

It is not too late to find true love in China. If you are interested in seeking your Chinese girlfriend or wife, attend the next romance tour which is scheduled in March 2018. Your other 2 options are:

My blog exists so that less Chinese women (plus other foreign ladies) would be leftovers. No women with inner and outer beauty deserve to be ignored or rejected. They should be valued, respected, and recognized. Because other American/Western men, possibly you, and I are tired of our daily problems and the local women (or local people in general) who bring out the worst in us, we men are more drawn to women in foreign countries than we ever have.

Foreign women have the natural beauty that make us feel like the luckiest men of this planet. They have the natural qualities that make us feel whole, alive, and masculine again. Many Chinese women are rejected unfairly. Many other foreign women are also rejected unfairly. We men are honestly no different from them too.

So, why should we not connect with women who feel the same way we do?

Why does the fact that they live in other countries really bother us?

What or who is honestly keeping us home?

We may have more in common with them than we do with our relatives, friends, colleagues, and other locals.

International dating is no different from meeting a local woman. You talk to her normally. If there is a natural connection between you and her, both of you may build a relationship with each other. Another possibility is turning it into a marriage someday.

So, if you and other men can do the same with Chinese women and their foreign counterparts, then there would be more happiness, love, hope, and unity in this world.

It is time for us good men to:

  • stop feeling bad about ourselves
  • stop letting other people weaken, discourage, or control our lives
  • follow our hearts no matter where we end up
  • connect with good women

Leftover Chinese women have done all 4 actions.

So, we should follow their footsteps and make them feel 100% proud of who they are and what they have accomplished.

single Chinese ladies at romance tour social – A Foreign Affair
Chinese woman with Ken Agee (AFA employee) – A Foreign Affair


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