What Attracts Foreign Women to Good American Men?

I need to write this immediate blog post after watching a YouTube video from A Foreign Affair dating company.

I have become upset when John Adams, the owner and president of the international dating business, has mentioned that some Ukrainian women have started crying and showing tears. Unfortunately, they have received no dates at a romance tour social due to a shortage of men in attendance. My heart goes out to them.

I want more American and Western men to go meet and fall in love with amazing foreign women like I have. Therefore, I have made this amazing blog for benign people who deserve true love. Because God has created someone for everyone, no one has a good excuse for remaining single or alone.

If you are a single or divorced American/Western man looking for true love, I would love the possibility that you would go to a foreign country and meet attractive foreign women (even if you do this once). Date, give hope, stay in contact, and continue dating them until you find the right woman. Build a relationship or marry her someday. Make her happy and do the same for yourself. Build a strong family.

Women in Ukraine, Philippines, China, Colombia, etc. cannot find enough good men in their own countries. Also, the women outnumber the men in general. Foreign women consequently choose 2 options:

  • remaining single
  • getting in relationships with foreign men who mistreat or cheat on them with other women

Most foreign women join A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, Elena’s Models, and other international dating agencies so that they can meet better men for communication, dating, friendships, and marriages. The women do not care so much about the looks, ages, races, skin colors, etc. regarding American/Western men. However, the women are mainly concerned about who the men really are. The women truly want men who are different from the ones they know so well.

If you (American or Western man) want to know how to attract women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, China, etc., read this list of personality traits (any of them) you and other men should have:

  • respectful
  • caring
  • thoughtful
  • smart
  • confident
  • people-oriented
  • funny
  • loyal
  • protective
  • stylish
  • responsible
  • open
  • calm
  • cool
  • collected
  • peaceful
  • loving
  • outgoing
  • easygoing
  • happy
  • family-oriented
    • If you are close to your family, want to create one, or both, you would woo many hearts of foreign women.
  • professional
  • natural leader
  • positive
  • decisive
  • progressive
  • willing to learn
    • As you learn a foreign woman’s culture, background, language, and so on, she would do the same with you.
  • masculine
  • healthy
  • fair
  • stable
  • sane
  • shy
    • You would receive more help and do much better in talking, dating, and connecting with a woman overseas than you would do in the States or a Westernized country.
  • any other positive qualities

When it comes to my blog, I am selfless with it. I am always thinking about other people. I want to help them including yourself find true love. I really hope to see every good foreign woman with a suitable boyfriend or husband. Then, the international couple can prove the world that dating or marriage is a great thing. That is what Mark and Anna Davis from Dream Connections agency have been doing for years.

Many American and Western men do not want to travel overseas and find their potential girlfriends or wives. But, foreign women want to leave their countries, families, friends, etc. for the right men. Why can these American/Western men not have the same attitude the women have? Honestly, what is so good about:

  • remaining single?
  • being Keyboard Romeos?
  • chasing after local women who reject them (unless the men have something valuable)?
  • continually looking at pictures/videos of women who are imaginary or unavailable to them?
  • having casual sex (with local women) that becomes repetitive and boring over time?

Because most American/Western men choose the above actions, most foreign women have to continue suffering in loneliness or become miserable with the wrong men.

Good foreign women deserve good men regardless where those men live. Through this blog, I really want to help these women (who are beautiful inside and out) believe or actually find true love with American/Western men especially. There are more good men in the States/Westernized countries than there are in the foreign countries that the women reside. If you and other many American/Western men ever read this blog post, please take my words seriously. Go meet the woman (or women) of your dreams overseas. Get to know her well. Fall in love with her. Commit or marry her someday.

I would greatly appreciate it.

good man introduced to many foreign women – International Introductions (source)


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