My Wish – Uniting an American Man and Foreign Woman

Creating international couples is the main reason why I have brought “Foreign Love Web” blog to life. My heart goes out to many Ukrainian, Chinese, Colombian, and other foreign women who fail to find good men and therefore choose to remain single (probably for the rest of their lives). The women deserve better than what they are receiving in their countries (which honor and prioritize men). Single or divorced American/Western men who want to be in a successful relationship or marriage with good women should go overseas and meet foreign women. Why should foreign women and American/Western men not be together? They have many things in common with each other. One of them is that they each get less respect from people of the opposite sex in their country. Most American/Western men (good ones) are treated like dirt by most American/Western women; the same thing happens to most foreign women by most foreign men too.

When I have graduated from a community college with an associate’s degree in graphic/web design, I remember listening to a speaker telling me and other graduates to make a difference in the world. Today, I am doing that through my blog. There is so much misery, foolishness, depression, loneliness, selfishness, hate, etc. in the world. Maybe the solution for all these signs of negativity is an international couple – a man and a woman who meet, date, fall in love, commit, and accept their different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and so on. If my blog does bring an American/Western man and a foreign woman together, hopefully it would encourage them to do these 5 amazing things:

Share unconditional love for each other.

If they have this type of love, their relationship or marriage would definitely survive. They can see past their physical, emotional, culture, etc. differences. Mark and Anna Davis from Dream Connections dating agency are great examples for unconditional love indeed. In 3 months (October 2017), they should be celebrating their marriage of 10 years.

Procreate amazing children.

If an international couple gives birth to 1 or more kids, they are all changing the world truly. The biological kid(s) can learn and become a part of both cultures of his or her parents. The kid(s) can keep peace between disagreeing family members or those who discriminate against each other. In addition, he or she can help many ignorant or blind people see international dating or marriage as a blessing from God.

Build positive relationships or improve negative ones with other people.

If the American/Western man, his foreign girlfriend or wife, or both of them get along with family members, neighbors, co-workers, and others, then the international couple would have peace in both personal and professional lives. However, if any or both of the man and woman conflict, argue, judge, etc. other people, then the international couple should wholeheartedly work on themselves first. Then, they should apologize to those they have created problems. If any or both of the man and woman have been wronged or targeted by others, then the couple should try to get along with the wrongdoers. If the couple has no success, then they should stay away from those who can discourage or ruin their happy international marriage.

Start a wonderful and everlasting business.

A business is a definite way for an international couple to touch many lives. Customers and visitors would never be the same emotionally. It is important that the American/Western man and foreign woman have their own roles and duties for the success of their business. For Dream Connections company, Mark does the speaking and coaching for other American/Western men; meanwhile, his Ukrainian wife Anna does the planning, scheduling, and probably the profiling of other foreign women who desire good husbands. The married couple already has devoted American and foreign employees whose goal is to continue creating happy and loving international couples.

Redefine “dating” and “marriage”.

If the international couple can officially change the meanings of those 2 dictionary words, they can inspire many other couples and singles worldwide. Everyone would consequently know that international dating/marriage is truly better than online dating or local dating is. If any man or any woman cannot find the right person in his/her local city, another city, another state, or the same country overall, he/she can always go to a foreign country for possible true love. “90 Day Fiance” is good proof of my point. Both American men and women separately have found their spouses overseas.

International dating or marriage is making a positive impact on the world. How? First, most international couples stay happily committed or married according to Mark and Anna. But, many people who get involved with others from the same country end the relationship or marriage. That fact probably explains why many singles avoid commitment/marriage. Next, an international couple connects those who are different from each other racially, culturally, characteristically, etc. The reason is that the American/Western man and his foreign girlfriend/wife initially accept each other for who they are. They never grow tired or bored of each other unlike an all-American couple. The last one is putting an end to hate, ignorance, etc. There are many people who are mentally polluted. They would think, say, or do anything to destroy the well-beings of those who want to live better lives. I highly recommend that an international couple stays away from these troublemakers (even if they are close family members and friends). As a result, the international couple can continue being safe, happy, healthy, sane, and crazy about each other.

If you are single and have read this blog post, would you consider dating or marrying someone from another country? Why or why not? Give your answer(s) below.

woman (Philippine) and man (American) – Filipina Dating Sites


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