Foolish People in United States

I am sorry. But, I have to write this blog post. Recently, an unattractive, short, middle-aged black woman at my job has been bothering me. She has kept staring and making me uncomfortable while I have been working. I have never shown interest or encourage her creepy behavior. I do not know her or even her name. I do not talk to her or anyone else; I mind my own business and focus on labeling, lifting, and putting boxes on a machine. Even though I have told a manager about her and the problem has been solved, I am still bothered. I therefore have to discuss this cultural issue in my own words.

My main question is:

Why have so many Americans/Westerners lost their minds?

Is the reason that everything from television to music has gone down the toilet?

Is the reason that they are not getting what they want or that they are getting too much of what they want?

Is the reason that they love and become obsessed with the endless drama, bullying, stupidity, violence, fear, and other negative qualities that are regularly shown on television, film, music, and other entertainment?

Or are the reasons all of the above?

Even though there are Americans/Westerners who are down-to-earth, sane, caring, etc., there are truly not that many of them. For most of my life, I have dealt with some people who are downright despicable. It is very hard to ignore their shady or selfish actions, smile at their faces, still get along with them, and pretend that they are normal or good. However, the Lord God makes these tasks easy when I turn to Him and do what is right. Other solutions that also keep my mind at peace are building my online business and focusing on beautiful women overseas. If I have none of these 3 solutions in my life, I would honestly be no different from people who cannot control their mouths, emotions, or behavior. I would therefore result in a dark place.

The following 4 groups of American/Western people who get on my nerves are:

Clownish co-workers, customers, and supervisors/managers at the workplace

At every job I have worked, I have to deal with ongoing BS from almost everyone. Most black Americans (not all of them) are the main ones who cause problems with me (and they have the nerve to talk to me about the actions of white people). I have dealt with nonstop harassment, gossip, and mockery from a few other black men. Because of safety issues, I have never gone back to that job. Then, on another job, I have dealt with a black female manager who has suddenly given me a ridiculous work schedule. First, she has scheduled me to work 8 days in a row. I have to skip 1 day because I have felt pain in my body. Then, she has scheduled me to work a night shift (2PM – 10:30PM) and come back for a morning shift (6AM – 2:30PM) the next day for twice a week. Finally, when I have left the job, she really has shown me her true colors by shouting that I am leaving a few times. When I have started the job, another black man (who I have considered genuine) has told me that he wants to get away from her. He has worked at the job for 3 years. He has enough of it and her altogether and so do I have as well. Plus, I have to deal with impatient and lazy white women glaring, threatening, or bothering me because I have to clean the women’s bathrooms. When I am busy from cleaning window ledges, I have to deal with loony and desperate black women talking, mocking, approaching, or flirting with me. Now, I understand how some women feel when they get unwanted attention from creepy men. That job has driven away many employees including myself. I never want to work there or the other job ever again.

American/Western men who keep writing meaningless letters to foreign women

I am getting tired of these men (who are probably white predominantly). What is wrong with them? Why do they prefer to waste money, time, and effort on writing stupid email letters to women they are not going to meet? Why do they keep coming up with excuses so they would not meet beautiful women in Ukraine, Colombia, or another foreign country? Unless they are involved in relationships or marriages with American women, are very scared to get on an airplane, are very sick, or do not have enough money to go overseas, they have no good excuses at all. There are too many beautiful and lonely foreign women. They deserve good men. American/Western men who choose fear, foolishness, arrogance, etc. over meeting, dating, and connecting with good and caring women are not real men. Those men are true cowards or immature boys (trapped in the bodies of men) in my opinion.

Picky employers

If they want to hire friends or employees who are slow and dumb, then picky employers can freely do so. But, if those employee(s) destroys something or causes the business to lose money and be shut down (and therefore everyone loses his or her job), then picky employers can only blame themselves. It seems that I get the same result (rejection) every time I apply for a good job. It does not matter if I am smart. It does not matter if I am friendly. It does not matter if I am a hard worker. It does not matter if I have graduated from high school. It does not matter if I have both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. The only 2 possible reasons why I am not chosen for good jobs are:

  • I am black.
  • My skills, characteristics, etc. are not good enough.

Unlike picky employers, I want to credit or pay people (regardless of their races, personalities, etc.) for doing good work. Forget these other jobs; I would create my own job because I want to help others in need, go to paradise, and be surrounded by gorgeous foreign women. I am going to have a successful online business and create an online community one day. If I want to win many followers/buyers and make more money (than I am at my current job), I cannot discriminate. I want to give different people a chance so I can encourage them to become better. Thus, they can do the same for their friends, peers, and relatives.

People (in general) who oppose international or even interracial dating

I may consider this group of Americans/Westerners the worst. If an American/Western man with a Philippine woman or a black American man with a white American woman cannot go anywhere without receiving constant stares, threats, mockery, or harassment, both couples really have something in common. I am no different from them as well. Because we all show (more) interest in someone of a different race or nationality, we deserve to be victimized in United States. Honestly, if I get involved with a typical black American woman and deal with her anger, nonstop talking, drama, and other baggage, I would still feel like a victim. Thank God that most black women in Dominican Republic and other foreign countries are not like her and many other black American women. I have always wanted to be with a woman who is different. I do not care if she is white, black, or another race. As long as she is not wild, demanding, out of control, or psychotic, we would probably get along well. Other people including my family members can keep talking, looking, and giving us as much unwanted attention as they want. They have no power, ability, or right to tell me who I can date or marry.

Most Americans/Westerners claim to be smart, mature, and loving. But, their actions say otherwise. Then, when they are confronted or exposed, they reveal their true selves verbally or nonverbally. As the Bible says “What is in the dark shall come to light“.

I have never appreciated being alone until I have quit a job where I have continue getting problems from despicable or childish co-workers. The American society thinks that single or lonely people (including myself) are weak and hungry for a human connection. But, I disagree with it. If I cannot find the right woman or good friends, then I choose to remain single/lonely. Being around foolish people (who I slightly compare to zombies in the “Resident Evil” movie series) makes me want to stay single/lonely for the rest of my life. Another option is flying overseas and meeting foreigners who are more simple, straightforward, logical, and pleasant to join. If you (American or Western man) want full sanity and better personal relationships, please consider visiting a foreign country like I have and I would do again.

foolish American people – (source)
more foolish Americans – Return of Kings (source)




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