6 Qualities I Cannot Find at Home

I am thankful to God that I am American. I live in a country that gives me freedom and independence. I have a mother and father who have brought me to the world, have raised me in the right way, and have been married for over 3 decades. I have 2 college degrees and a high school diploma. I have good health. I have a job even though I want something better. I have a new home to live. I am single despite that I want to meet, date, and get to know foreign women well.

My life in United States is good; but, it is indeed imperfect. There are 6 things missing in my life. I would like to tell you what they are:

  • simplicity
    • I cannot find many or even a few people I can truly bond or talk.
      • Is the reason that I am shy and quiet?
      • Is it that I am interested in things they are not?
      • Are the reasons both?
    • But, I have no problems with human communication or connection overseas.
  • peace 
    • I have less or no time to relax, to enjoy, or to be worry-free.
      • I always have to work or do some responsibilities.
        • However, it still seems that whatever I do is never good enough for other people.
      • Sometimes, I cannot help but be in a negative mood.
        • Dealing or being around difficult people is the main reason.
        • I can get bored easily if I keep doing the same things or driving to the same places.
      • If I solve a problem, another one occurs.
    • Because I can have more freedom, joy, etc. in a foreign country (e.g. Philippines), I want to stay longer or keep returning there.
  • unity
    • Because I cannot find people to talk or build solid relationships, I cannot find others to trust or confide either.
    • There are shortages of love, respect, encouragement, etc. in America nowadays.
    • It is mainly about money, ego, pride, greed, race, skin color, and other negative qualities.
    • If I really want to find true friends or sincere women, I have to go to a foreign country that is not Westernized.
      • That foreign country is collectivist; United States or a Westernized country (e.g. Canada) is based solely on individualism.
  • seriousness
    • Everything from TV to music seems to be comical, boring, or stupid.
    • Everyone thinks that life, politics, education, bullying, violence (e.g. murder or sexual assault), etc. are games or fairy tales.
      • No wonder I feel lost or confused about where I am.
      • Why should I bother watching a horror movie when I am already living one (in some way)?
    • I am glad that Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc. have not changed their traditional cultures as much as America has.
      • I do not have to worry about foreign women becoming Americanized or Westernized.
  • respect
    • Unless I am rich, cool, charismatic, popular, white, or willing to do what other people expect or want, I would continue being disrespected or belittled.
      • The same thing may apply to you and anyone else.
    • Favoritism or stereotype happens often especially in jobs and public schools.
      • I always see other people joining others of the same race, age, culture, background, etc.
      • Because I am black and introverted, I am considered an outcast.
        • Either I am alone or I am around other black people who do not really understand me.
    • When I escape to a foreign country, I am actually judged for my personality but not my race or nationality.
      • This is how it should be in United States or a Westernized country.
  • care
    • Most Americans including family and friends have less concern for others.
      • Some mothers, fathers, or both parents are abusing or neglecting their children.
      • Some companies (e.g. CenturyLink) scheme or lie in order to cheat or take money from customers unfairly.
      • Many innocent people are in jail or prison for crimes they have not committed.
      • Some soldiers have been killed or left physically and emotionally damaged.
      • When someone (like myself) loses everything and needs help, he may be rejected.
    • Some of them do not care much about their own health, weight, appearance, etc. either.
    • Whether I am around coworkers, other family members, total strangers, and others (except for my parents and sister), I still feel alone and ignored.
    • If I cannot find a friend who accepts me for who I am, then why would I want to be with a local woman who is no different?
      • I can fly to Ukraine or Philippines and meet plenty of women (or people in general) who would probably like me more than I like myself.

Negative qualities are truly driving me to another country. I can find plenty of comfort, rest, and joy there. Why can I not find them in America? I guess that the reason is that everyone is self-centered. He or she is more concerned about his/her needs, desires, etc. than he/she does with those from others. I have dealt with certain coworkers who have continued harassing, mocking, etc. me. Also, I have ignored constant phone calls from those who have wanted to recruit or sell something to me. I have received unwanted attention from creepy, desperate, or unattractive women. Then, a few other people (I have worked together) or my family has the nerve to be upset with me because I want to leave town. Well, that is too bad for them but too good for me. I need to go to a foreign country (e.g. Dominican Republic) so that I can prevent myself from losing my mind and going to a dark path. I must temporarily leave ‘the land of the free‘ in order to go to a land that gives me more freedom and more access to gorgeous women.

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