Paid Video Chats with Ukrainian Women – 3 Services of Foreign Chat Web Business

It is difficult to believe that I have started this blog 5 years ago. To celebrate this 5th anniversary, I want to discuss the 3 specific services from my online dating and international traveling business with Elizabeth. Here are some questions for you (American or Westernized man) to answer:

Do you see yourself in a successful and monogamous relationship with an Ukrainian lady from Elizabeth’s “Just Married” dating agency?

Do you wish to meet, learn, and spend much time with her in her city – Odessa, Ukraine?

Are you willing to overcome “big” obstacles in order to stay connected to her?

If so, Foreign Chat Web business (which is inspired by this blog) can help you find true love in Odessa despite how long it takes, what problems you face, and so forth. Elizabeth and I provide inspirational videos of our business on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. If you wish to watch them and give us your honest feedback, please do so. Otherwise, keep reading the details of each service below:

1 Video Chat




It is a virtual and private conversation between you (possible customer), an Ukrainian female whom you choose, and Elizabeth (both of your translator, manager, and matchmaker). You can decide to have this video call on Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Instagram, or some other similar software. Please be aware of what to do before, during, and after your possible video chat. Read “Do You Want a Video Chat…” blog post and/or contact Elizabeth for additional information.

Pros (5)

Cons (3)

  • getting possible distraction from someone or something
  • facing potential confusion and awkwardness
  • being perhaps tempted to buy another video chat

2 Video Chats




For a good price, you can video call with the same woman or 2 different females. Despite of which decision you make, you are still going to learn more facts about Ukrainian ladies overall. Elizabeth is still going to translate your words to the chosen woman or women you communicate and vice versa. You are not going to be disappointed if you ever pick this package.

Pros (5)

Cons (3)

  • possibly struggling with different time zones concerning your availability and that of the lady or ladies you choose to video call
  • perhaps losing interest in her or them and the other way around
  • craving for extra female attention

6 Video Chats




If you are urged to find romance, acceptance, true love, etc., then select this third video chatting service above the previous 2. Picking the same woman for all 6 of your video chats can definitely help you reach your goals. Physically meeting her in Odessa is a major plus. However, if your curiosity about other women grows, then limit the number of video chats with each other them. For example, have 2 video calls each with 3 different women or choose any number of video calls with each woman based on your feelings toward her and vice versa. Another option is planning your future dates with all females with ongoing support from Elizabeth. She, I, and staff members of Foreign Chat Web business can successfully help you plan your trip, enjoy your time in Odessa, and pick the lady who is very suitable for you.

Pros (5)

Cons (3)


Online dating is considered an uncertainty to many people. Jon Birger of Newsweek magazine may agree with this fact because of his proof that you can succeed more with local dating. But, in my frank opinion, international dating can help you meet more ladies, build more confidence, and have an easier chance to seek your future wife. Paid video chatting services from Foreign Chat Web business can change the way that you think and way that you feel about dating, yourself, the opposite sex, etc. forever.

Watch amazing videos from experts such as Elena, Valeria, Vita, Kareem, and myself.

If you truly like them, subscribe, comment, like, and share the videos with other people.

If you actually want to find the woman of your dreams through paid video chats or vacationing in Odessa, please let me and Elizabeth know.

She has plenty of sincere and marriage-minded ladies from her dating agency.

They are waiting to meet and connect with the right men someday.

Hopefully, God would bless them with their wishes.

Elena explaining the video chatting process – “Foreign Chat Web” YouTube video
Kareem describing how video chatting process operates – “Foreign Chat Web” YouTube video

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