How You Can Talk to Beautiful Women

I am tired of hearing or reading similar advice from different and predictable bloggers or writers. Obviously, they give credible and wise information about overcoming shyness, local dating, saying particular words to your date(s), and so on. I somewhat succeed with their words despite that I go back to square one eventually. So, I want to give you (American or Western man) below my original 5 tips that concern your possible elimination of caligynephobia plus your successful communication with attractive ladies:

  • Be yourself.
    • Like me, you cannot change your:
      • appearance
      • race or skin tone
      • age
      • personality
      • way of thinking
      • other natural features
    • Each woman is different from each other physically, emotionally, culturally, etc.
      • Do not generalize them like most men (e.g. the MGOTW community) do.
      • If most or all females are the same, then hatred or violence against them would probably be justifiable.
      • Just like men have been fighting or killing each other from time time, women have done the same action(s) too.
    • If you encounter a single or group of ladies locally, go introduce yourself to them anyway.
      • Even if you do not dress well or have good looks, they still may like your character.
      • If they reject or walk away from you, then:
        • try again with other ladies
        • spend some time alone for self-improvement and more self-confidence
    • They come and go.
      • But, who you are always remain with you.
  • Take advice from expert(s).
    • It is better to listen to someone who has experience in dating, talking, etc. different women than doing or saying something you may regret.
      • You can save much frustration, time, etc.
    • Most women like men who are:
    • Learn as much information as you can about connecting with gorgeous ladies.
      • Watch YouTube videos often.
      • Research articles/blog posts from other believable sources and take notes if necessary.
      • Hang out and bond with male relatives, friends, and/or locals who are happily married or in good terms with the opposite sex.
  • Frequently visit local grocery stores, malls, gyms, and other public places.
    • Go where most ladies shop, eat, socialize, etc. once a month, once a week, or every other day.
      • You should gain more confidence around them naturally as a result.
    • They may be happy to see and talk to men especially if they are around other women (who may be opinionated, gossipy, or negative) most of the time.
      • In fact, some women get along with men more than they do with female friends.
      • So, if you have a hard time in finding a date or girlfriend, maybe you should befriend a woman (or a team of women) who thinks, behaves, dresses, or surrounds herself around men often.
        • But, expect to face rejection or obstacles if you become interested in her.
    • Make yourself available to women whether they do not know you or they do not like you at first.
  • Connect with women in general.
    • Whether they are pretty, average-looking, or even hideous, you still have to talk and get along with them.
      • Like me, you need them for:
        • communication
        • love
        • references for your job(s), career, etc.
        • shelter
        • traffic to your potential blog or business
        • guidance
        • and other needs of survival
    • They are hard to escape as our everyday problems (e.g. crummy jobs, shortage of money, weight gain, annoying coworkers or relatives, so on) are.
      • That is why we have to:
        • remain stable
        • build confidence
        • deal with them in a positive manner
    • Seeking the right woman for monogamy is just as difficult as getting a decent-paying job is.
      • Regardless of how bad things are and how complicated people are nowadays, you must always:
  • Just go overseas as I have 4 times.

Talking to women who resemble famous actresses or supermodels is a difficult task in United States or the Western world.

You can however succeed or exceed your expectations with females abroad.

I have given you 5 pieces of advice that are based on my personal experiences with attractive women. Hopefully, you would take them seriously. If you are already involved with a woman, then ignore them. Otherwise, read them and avoid spending the rest of your life in solitude.

Do not end up like a member of the MGTOW community.

Stay away from men who constantly mistreat, complain, or hook up with different women.

The ladies may be seen as sex toys in their eyes.

But, women have emotions, feelings, desires, needs, etc. like we do.

We must treat them better so that we can get more respect, love, etc. from them.

The same thing applies to those in other nations.

They deserve more good qualities than what they are getting from local foreign men.

Indeed, many foreign women are good looking and hard to resist.

But, their hearts and personalities matter more to me, maybe you, other American/Western men, and especially God.

Talking to a woman based on her looks is like staring at a book.

But, getting to know well is like opening it.

Start reading throughout the chapters while you grow your connection with her.

Once you are finished with the book, you should be 100% confident with her and perhaps ready to take the relationship to the next level.

20429864_1334345616673102_5034770876858889414_n (1)
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