Writing Letters to Death

I enjoy writing about foreign women, international marriage, cultures in general, and other relevant topics nonstop. However, Keyboard Romeos go to the extremes whenever they do the same. They never get tired of writing nonsensical email messages, chatting with ladies overseas, and of course staying home. So, these Men of Inaction are willing to sadly experience these 5 negative results:

  • wasting money
  • wasting time
    • I usually remember what Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair agency says regarding how long most American/Western men keep communicating with foreign women online.
      • Keyboard Romeos may spend a couple of years in their useless chatting and writing.
      • I would not be surprised if some continue until they are old and gray.
    • Because many Keyboard Romeos are so comfortable where they live, they can care less about time at all.
      • It is a joke like their words are.
      • When it comes to their jobs, meetings, appointments, online/offline orders, projects, etc., then they would definitely care about time management.
    • Going on their foreign vacations and connecting with foreign ladies would help the men realize how precious time is.
      • Time comes and goes as money, food, and friendships do.
      • But, time would eternally give the men something:
        • meaningful
        • memorable
        • motivational
  • wasting energy
    • Unless they are doing something to improve their lives or those of others, they are considered dumb and maybe suicidal for risking their health physically and mentally.
      • They can be obsessed with their chats/letters as much as kids can be with cartoons, toys, or video games.
      • If any of them do not control how they feel and face reality, they may be led to:
    • Few people on Quora website say that people who write or type too much can face these negative results:
    • In addition, staring at a computer, tablet, or phone screen for many hours can cause problems for these human body parts:
      • eyes – eyestrain, blurry vision, difficulty of viewing distant things clearly, dryness
      • head – headache
      • rest of body – internal pain
    • Keyboard Romeos should use their energy on finding their potential wives abroad.
  • facing reality
    • Sooner or later, the men must deal with the truth.
      • It is not going to disappear.
    • They would become tired of endless writing and chatting with women they regularly fantasize.
      • Otherwise, the men’s possible health problems would stop them entirely.
      • There is always an end to an unhealthy or unwise action.
    • To make their lives better, they can choose these 2 options:
      • Stop communicating online and focus on themselves completely.
      • Chat or send email messages to foreign women who want them to actually come.
  • losing true love
    • How can the men be totally content if they have no women to:
      • talk?
      • hug?
      • kiss?
      • love?
      • share activities?
      • create families?
    • God has intended human connection for everyone in this world.
      • Therefore, we all cannot ignore other people regardless of our feelings.
      • Keyboard Romeos are failing as much as MGTOW guys are when it comes to the opposite sex.
    • It is never too late for Keyboard Romeos to travel around the world in hopes of pursuing commitment, joy, unconditional love, etc. from foreign females.
      • I remember something else that Bud has mentioned in his webcast(s).
        • There are no rules, limits, or barriers when it comes to a successful international relationship.
      • An American/Western man and a foreign woman must be on the same page despite of their differences and problems.

Keyboard Romeos are indeed throwing away their money, time, energy, sanity, and chances of true love for meaningless relationships online.

Meanwhile, AnastasiaDate company plus its partners and their competitors are so rich, popular, and powerful thanks to the weak-minded men.

Scammers and frauds from the international online dating industry are predatory and unstoppable as a result. This is why Dream Connections, A Foreign Affair, and other honest international dating agencies (who do provide romance tours) exist and persist in reaching more male customers. Another reason is helping multiple foreign females (who are alone and busy with their jobs, children, etc.) find true love as well.

Let’s put an end to isolation and social awkwardness around the world.

Also, let’s help lonely men and women pursue each other.

I want to hear or read that AnastasiaDate company and other international online dating business are losing customers or going out of business.

Those industries do not care about their customers except their money.

For that reason, Keyboard Romeos need to stop writing letters that take them nowhere in life.

Instead, they should promise foreign women that they would soon arrive in their countries and take them somewhere they both want to emotionally be.

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