“Life A” versus “Life B”

Life is a temporary and precious gift from God.

Repeatedly, I have to give thanks to Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections agency for forever changing lives between American/Western men and foreign women. They also have inspired me to create this blog as well. So, I would like to honor them again by writing this blog post based on one of their YouTube videos. Click the link below to see the informational video:

Which option do you (American or Westernized man) decide to live for your happiness?

“Life A” – living alone


  • having freedom
  • having time for yourself
  • thinking clearly
  • hooking up with different ladies
  • having no emotional attachment to anyone



The single life is great if you want to stay independent or busy with your additional responsibilities or tasks. You do not have to answer to anyone except your boss(es). You can stay home and relax without receiving unwanted attention from roommate(s) or someone else. You can join other singles locally or perhaps meet them at a social party and spend the night with them.

Connecting with various women is a fantasy that probably you, I, or any other man truly wants. But, you have to face reality. What if you have kids with any of them biologically? Even if you do not become a father, you still may lose them to your competition – your male counterparts. The same woman or women may eventually become bored with you or more interested in other men. If you do not believe me, then watch “The Perfect Match” (starring Terrence J) so that you would understand my point. His womanizing character realizes how special and important monogamy is at the end of the movie.

happily single man – Global Seducer

“Life B” – living with the woman of your dreams


  • following your heart regardless
  • traveling anywhere with her
  • getting unconditional love
  • receiving unlimited support
  • feeling safe during good and bad times
  • becoming (more) positive
  • overcoming obstacles together
  • having her by your side publicly and privately
  • giving hope to many singles and unhappy couples alike
  • pleasing your loved ones especially if you have children with her
  • creating a love story together
  • sharing house chores and other duties with her
  • being served home cooked meals



Remaining single is a good decision to make. Nonetheless, building a marital relationship with your ideal lady (regardless of her nationality) would enhance your well-being. You would enjoy your couch or bed more because you can lay, snuggle, or sleep next to her every night. Another reason for choosing monogamy is considering her as a good distraction from everyday problems. Whether you have a bad day, personal issue with a stranger, relative, or coworker, or too much work to do, just think about her so that you can stay positive. If she is from Ukraine, Colombia, or another foreign nation, learn enough information about her culture, family, background, etc. During the holidays, you would still have an awesome time with her no matter if you are in her country or she is in yours. The solid connection between you both can uplift your spirit and help you get along with those you dislike or have nothing in common at your job or elsewhere. Indeed, she can make you happier than anyone at home does. Do not be surprised if you sense jealousy from your family members, friends, neighbors, and other locals. Walking together, talking to her, or holding her hand in public would definitely provoke them.

2 happy American/Western men with their Brazilian women – ExpatKings


“Life A” is good if you want to continue being independent and available to multiple and attractive ladies.

But, if you ever become lonely or tired of losing respect and attention from them, then pick “Life B” instead. You would have less problems and more joy in your life as a result. The woman of your dreams can help you think, see, and feel better about yourself, humanity, and everything else that exists.

“Life A” is like applying for a job.

You have to compete with many others and separate yourself from them characteristically in order to be accepted.

The possible problem with that type of life is taking you back to square one with countless other single men who probably always assume the worst when it comes to the opposite sex.

You might eventually have the same negative mindset that a MGTOW community member does.

If your heart ever longs for a faithful and loving woman who only wants to be with you, then “Life B” may the right choice for you.

You no longer have to worry about competition with other suitable men or disloyalty from worthless women who may think that every man is a game or joke.

You would not be sent to a dark place emotionally.

You would be somewhere you truly want to be with the right lady.

Blend your life with hers.

Move forward together and build a valuable legacy that would positively influence the world.

mark and anna davis of dream connections agency
Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections business (my motivators concerning this blog) – YouTube

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