Traveling around the World with My Foreign Lady

It is good to spend Christmas, New Year’s, or any other holiday with a lovely woman from another country. But, it is even better to take trip(s) around the world with her. You (American or Western man) can create many unforgettable moments with her. You can also:

Life is a gift from God. It is also short and precious as well. I do not wish to spend the rest of my life in only 1 city (Henderson, North Carolina) or 1 country (United States). I am interested in going around the world especially with a gorgeous foreign woman (Viktoria or someone else) by my side.

So, here are the 9 countries I am curious about journeying with my 2nd half:

Cape Verde

I have become interested in this secret nation since I have written “Women of Africa” 4 months ago. It is a group of islands that you can locate at the western side of Africa. Another reason I like the exotic country is the places. They look so natural, heavenly, and welcoming to residents and travelers alike. Viktoria may enjoy her time there with me so much that she may want to return. Of course, we need to take photos of the beaches, foods, animals, people, etc. and upload them on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sources. As a result, more people would learn more information of the island country and probably visit there in the future.

Cape Verde vacation with a beautiful woman – “Cape Verde Vacation & Services” Facebook page


Indeed, Colombia is passion. It is the 1st nation where I have been introduced to foreign women. Additionally, I have met my friend for life Erika (who is currently living in United States with her American husband) there as well. She has guided me, has made sure that others do not take advantage of me, and has set up dates for me. Although she would be absent if I return to her nation, I would have a beautiful non-Colombian woman (Viktoria or someone else) to accompany me. We can visit the mall, movie theater, zoo, casino, and other fun places together. If we need to learn the Spanish language and communicate with citizens, we can hire a human translator, buy an electronic translator, or do both. Returning to Barranquilla (where I have gone twice) and Cartegena (where I have my 2nd date with Stefanny) would be awesome. I would feel like I am back at “home” minus Erika. However, visiting Medellin (where I have never been at all) may be the best choice for me and Viktoria because it is:

Because both Dream Connections and A Foreign Affair agencies have their romance tours there, I am convinced that Viktoria and I would feel very safe and content.

Medellin, Colombia – Intentional Travelers

Costa Rica

At first, I have no desire in going there. But, watching a couple of YouTube videos and of course writing a blog post about ticas have given me second thoughts. The capital city (San Jose) seems like paradise to me even though I know that it is not perfect. I would like to explore the rainforest and other natural destinations, see exotic animals, and walk at a beach with her. Next, I want to buy her souvenirs and nice clothes that are based on the Costa Rican culture. Then, we can go eat some incredible food and relax for the remainder of our vacation. Maybe we would visit Jaco and repeat the same activities too.

National Theatre of Costa Rica in San Jose
area in San Jose, Costa Rica – Touropia

Dominican Republic

I may not have a great trip there due to a lousy translator, lack of dates, and mediocre nightclubs I have attended. But, I have no regrets at all. In fact, I am still interested in going back there someday. I am still attracted to beautiful and approachable dark-skinned women who know how to dance and walk in high heels. Another reason is visiting Santo Domingo (capital), Punta Cana, and 1 or 2 other cities. I want to experience the nightlife, food, music, etc. that the expats, travelers, and residents already do. I hope that Viktoria would have as much fun as I do.

exotic beach at Sosua, Dominican Republic –


It would be awesome to visit 2 Tekken museums that both have arcade game machines and other memorabilia. 1 is in Osaka while the other is located in Tokyo. I want to show her their arcade game machines, posters, cards, action figures, and other memorabilia. She would definitely know how much I like the video game series, characters, and so on. Then, we can explore the rest of Tokyo, take many photos, buy souvenirs and clothes, and eat some amazing food. In addition, my sister plans to visit there or another Japanese city in 2020 anyway. The more I want to talk about the splendid country, the sooner I am interested in traveling there with Viktoria. Maybe she, Elizabeth, my sister, and I would go there together eventually.

blogger’s trip to Japan – World of Wanderlust


Whenever I think about this Asian country, I always see filipinas, islands, and safety mentally. If you want to know how safe the nation is, just watch YouTube videos of ladies (whether they are alone or united with each other) who are walking, dancing, cooking, etc. Another reason to guarantee your protection is attending an A Foreign Affair romance tour there. You can choose to find your future lady in Cebu or Davao. Whether I go to 1 of those cities, both, or more, I can continue having fun with Viktoria. We may sail on a boat, shop at a mall, ride in a cart, etc. Overall, I cannot ignore the paradise country after watching “…Before the 90 Days” television series and A Foreign Affair webcasts featuring Greg and sometimes his Philippine wife Glenda.

Cebu, Philippines – Cebu Property Sales & Rentals


If you or any other man is tempted to go to this Scandinavian nation, I cannot blame him truly. The gorgeous women are hard to resist. However, Stockholm is easy to avoid traveling due to potential danger and increased rate of female rape victims. It is terrible what citizens are facing there. I however believe that things are going to improve and that those Middle Eastern/African troublemakers are going to pay for their despicable crimes. I am not going to let them stop me from visiting the country. Viktoria and I can always go to another Swedish city and learn the culture, visit breathtaking places, and eat tasty food.

Uppsala, Sweden – Trip Savvy


Besides Costa Rica, Thailand is another country I have no interest in attending initially. Nevertheless, I have changed my mind after watching a YouTube video from Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” agency. I would like to see Bangkok (capital) with my own eyes. Viktoria and I may think that it is better than Las Vegas (city in my country) or Kiev (city in hers) is. We can have access to unlimited museums, malls, restaurants, and so on in Bangkok. Maybe we should visit Pattaya and Chiang Mai as well. We would probably feel like kids again despite that we seriously want to see where our relationship takes us.

Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand – World Nomads


Last but not least, this Slavic country (which is located in eastern Europe) is where I am planning to return in the summer of next year. I am eager to be back in Odessa and see Viktoria again. Hopefully, she would take some time off her job so that we can spend much time together. I want to take her to the beach, fairgrounds, and other types of places I have not gone on my last trip. If I can successfully transition my relationship (with her) from Skype to offline, I may plan to marry her in the future.

It does not matter even if I am going to date other women. She is not always going to be available for me. Plus, I do not want to spend most of my upcoming vacation at a hotel (or apartment I may stay) or the streets like I have 7 months ago. I want to spend as much time with Viktoria as possible. She (plus maybe Elizabeth) would be an excellent tour guide if we ever go to other Ukrainian cities (Nikolaev, Kherson, and Kiev) together.

beach resort in Odessa, Ukraine – Destinations UA


Based on my experiences, I can tell you that you are going to enjoy your vacation(s) overseas less. If you decide to travel with your loved ones, you would have a better time. However, you are going to have the best trip(s) with a pretty foreign woman (like I probably would with Viktoria) because of the intimate moments both of you would share.

Even if you have a “staycation” at her home or yours, snuggle with her on a bed or couch, and watch a movie together, you may think that you are already in another country with her.

I understand why many travel bloggers and expats like to go to different nations by themselves or with friends.

But, there is something really special about an international couple who travels around the world.

They are exciting, daring, and inspirational to many singles and couples alike.

The international couple can make a huge difference especially if they take plenty of photos, share them on social media, and collaborate on a book or blog.

If you decide to go abroad, find your foreign girlfriend or wife, and explore different cultures with her, you would have zero regrets.

Let international love conquer all and make your fantasies a reality.

Happy holidays to you and the woman of your dreams.

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