More International Love Stories

For post-Valentine’s Day, I have decided to write a sequel to “International Love Stories“. Even though I am still single, I still believe in true love. International dating or marriage really has brought a positive impact on me. I am not jealous of any couple especially in United States. I do not have to worry about feeling alone or having trouble in finding the right woman ever again. I know where (e.g. Dominican Republic or Ukraine) I can go so that I can get whatever (e.g. acceptance, joy, or connection with a gorgeous foreign lady) I need. Staying in the “Comfort Zone” is not an option for me.

In the following paragraphs, I am eager to discuss with you (American or Western man) 3 happy international couples who let their unconditional love surpass their cultural, physical, etc. differences:

Jeremy and Gala (Dream Connections)

A real estate agent and single father of 2 children, he has gone on a 2013 quest romance tour in Nikolaev, Ukraine in order to find true love. Fortunately, he has found the right woman in Gala – a then translator of the international dating agency. While he has found her very attractive and approachable, she has compared him to a cute Russian man (due to his bald head) except that he has a bigger heart (like a teddy bear does). Despite that he has to return to Canada and reunite with his children, he has continued communicating with her via Skype and maybe Facebook. Their relationship has become stronger when he has encouraged his family to know her well in advance. Because the couple is still serious, honest, decisive, and crazy about each other today, they are going to remain happily married.

If you wish to see their interview with Mark and Anna Davis (owners of the dating agency and website), click here:

Jeremy and Gala Settling in to Their New Life Together

Jeremy (right) and Gala (left) – Dream Connections YouTube Channel

Chris and Paola (I Love Latins)

Because he is middle-aged, short, average-looking, and slightly overweight, he has dealt with issues from the disappointing American dating scene (DADS). Therefore, he has learned and taken much interest in Colombian ladies. He has frequently watched DVDs of previous “I Love Latins” romance tours in order to motivate himself to go to Barranquilla, Colombia (where I have gone in July 2008 and August 2009). When (2011) he has actually arrived there, he has been amazed by the beauty and attention from the marriage-minded women. But, 20-something Paola has really caught his eye. He cannot ignore her sadness, introversion, and model-like appearance any longer. He therefore has taken action by asking for help from an interpreter. Although she has shown less interest in him at first, she has quickly become attracted to him on the second date and so on. According to Facebook, they have married 2 years later and have given birth to a newborn girl 4 years after that (2013).

Despite that the solid couple has age, cultural, etc. differences, they are good examples for you, me, and those who want to find true love (no matter where it is).

Chris and Paola

Chris (right) and Paola (left) – Facebook

Sean and Abby (90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days)

He is a 48 year old divorced father from Ohio; she is a 21 year old college student from the capital (Port-au Prince) of Haiti. They have probably met on Caribbean Cupid website (in either 2016 or last year). Even though they become closer after chatting on video regularly, they have faced these 4 issues that can destroy their unique relationship:

Today, they are still together. They update their relationship status on social media so that their fans and followers would not negatively react on their whereabouts. They plan to wed each other, move to Dominican Republic, and build a business together.

maxresdefault 2

Sean (right) and Abby (left) – YouTube


I like that all 3 couples have overcome their obstacles and have strengthened their relationships.

However, Sean and Abby win the jackpot because they have more differences and obstacles than the other 2 international couples do. Sean and Abby are great role models for interracial, May-December, and long-distance couples alike. So, if you are truly interested in being with a woman of a different race, age, or country, look at Sean and Abby as prime examples or do something better – contact them on social media for their advice.

I have enjoyed writing this second part of the “International Love Stories” series.

I plan to write about 3 extra international couples in a couple of months.

Look for it soon.

Thanks for reading.

Who is your favorite international couple? Why? Do you want to go overseas and find your second half? Do you have an international love story to tell? Give your comment(s) below.


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