Connection of 2 Living and Loving Souls

I always hear from Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” agency that every international couple seems to know each other forever. But, a foreign woman and an American/Western man have actually been together for a short time. Unlike most people who think that remaining unattached is really good for them, an international couple realizes that human companionship is more important than anything else in the world is.

Another true statement I hear from Mark is that many people are not inspired by American/Western couples (including those who have been married for decades). Maybe that explains the reason why most people stay single and take pleasure in having sex before marriage. But, how can they truly give their children stability if they are not married? Every child naturally depends on a solid and normal mother and father for his or her well-being. If a child is raised by a single parent, he or she might have severe problems during his or her teenage or adult years.

If you (American or Western man) are single and interested in finding a good woman, why should you not go to Ukraine, Thailand, China, Colombia, or another third world country?

What or who is keeping you from pursuing a foreign woman who can bring much joy in your life?

Why should you stay home and remain single or date a local American/Western woman who does not really want to be with you?

Develop a relationship with a foreign woman (another soul) because she represents these 2 important things:


She may come from a different culture, speak a different language, have a different opinion of everything, and so on. But, she can help you see life in a very positive way. For example, you may not like your birthday or becoming older. She however would accept you for who you are. She would make sure that you are happy and healthy everyday. She wants to grow old with you because she does not believe or want a divorce. She also wants to create and share unforgettable memories and future kid(s) with you. She may go above and beyond with her duties and responsibilities for a good man like you. If she is willing to die for you, would a American/Western woman, your friend, or your family member do the same?

Can a life without an amazing foreign woman really make you happier?


Because a Latin American, Southeast Asian, Eastern European, or another type of foreign woman comes from a culture that respects and favors men regardless, she can give you unconditional love. She can show and teach you how to love yourself, her, and others more. She is proud of her identity, country, and relationships. If she can win another solid relationship with a monogamous man like you, she would feel complete.

If you want to be respected and treated like a human being or king, just go overseas and stop coming up with excuses for staying home.


There is less human connection in United States and the Western world.

But, you can find more of it plus joy, peace, and many other good qualities in a collectivist nation (e.g. Thailand or Colombia).

If you end up falling in love with a foreign country, you may return or move there for good. But, if you want to stay in United States or your Westernized country, think about the rest of your life with a stunning foreign woman. Imagine applying for a K1 fiance visa, marrying her within the 90 day period, and sharing every moment of your life with her.

She can be your grand prize if you are willing to show up to her country and build a monogamous relationship with her.

She is full of life so that you can no longer be depressed or bothered with any problems you face.

She has an undying love that can make you feel completely and eternally good about yourself.

Prioritize, appreciate, and let the connection between both of you grow.

American/Western man with Ukrainian woman –


American/Western man with Thai woman –


American/Western man with Peruvian woman –


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