Why Are Some Profiles of Foreign Women Removed?

I am content about returning to blogging after a few months. I have been so busy with Foreign Chat Web business, my new job of 6 months, and a community college class that has ended last month. Because of what I have listened from Maria, a manager and matchmaker of A Foreign Affair/loveme.com agency in Colombia, on the “MedellinDating,com” YouTube channel, I wish to discuss with you (American or Western man) this topic concerning women in non-Westernized countries. Like time and everything else, they also move forward and change who they are on the inside. So, you may deal with disappointment from an international dating website or business if:

  • a lady whom you choose to meet/date/connect is suddenly unavailable
  • she is not interested in you anymore
  • you are no longer attracted to her
  • the relationship between you and her does not work out

According to the words from Maria, here are 3 possible reasons for deleted profiles of Colombian females as well as those of other foreign ladies:

Change of Relationship Status

When relationship statuses come to my mind, I may start having negative thoughts. Click and read this linked article by Ossiana Tepfenhart for confirmation. Human connection can be really difficult especially if you are too shy, quiet, or inexperienced in social interactions with other people. However, if you consider traveling somewhere like Colombia or the Philippines, you would definitely see human connection in a positive way as I do. This is perhaps the same mindset that most ladies in other nations have despite of how local foreign men and the rest of society negatively treat them.

Sadly, the majority of local foreign men does not want to marry and build families with the females. However, the good news is that women can still meet and develop monogamous connections with Western men or even some local foreign men who are raised and taught to believe in respect and value for the opposite sex. Thanks to successful international dating agencies such as Dream Connections and A Foreign Affair (loveme.com) plus popular social media websites such as Instagram and YouTube, countless foreign ladies can find true love with the right men. The females can also avoid staying single and feeling rejected forever or entering abusive or unfaithful relationships that they may eventually regret. So, if you become interested in particular online dating profile of a woman and wish to meet, date, and bond with her, you probably should get in touch with her immediately. Indeed, be honest about your feelings and intentions with her or whoever can reach out to her via email, phone, etc. Otherwise, you are going to be forced to move on to someone else like she as well as many other foreign ladies are.

Fatigue or Discouragement

Receiving less or no attention on a dating website or dating agency can be painful. Waiting to meet and connect with the right person can be worse because you just do not know when it is going to happen. In the meantime, you should enjoy the time that you have for yourself. An anonymous author from heysimply.com strongly recommends that advice to any single individual. Obviously, I can relate to a plethora of foreign women who lose interest or grow tired of the dating companies/websites that they join because of getting less/no attention or rejection every time. Dealing with the same issue(s) repeatedly or for a long time can really cause them to stop believing and going after the desires of their hearts. If they are tempted to give up, they should know that they are mentally taking themselves to a mediocre place with thousands of others who are unhappy or somewhat happy with their relationship status (e.g. single, married, or in a relationship). To prevent this disappointment from occurring, many single foreign ladies need to retain their memberships with the same dating websites or businesses. Participating in social or dating events and showing honesty and respect to Western men are so vital. Like the ladies and myself, you should follow the same tips too if you ever go abroad to seek international love. You can thus connect with more genuine ladies and keep yourself from getting involved with the wrong ones (especially those who just want you to buy them expensive food and/or gifts) like most Western males do.

Outdated Information

Providing details about yourself on a dating website or app is not only important but also increases your chances of attracting the right lady (or ladies). Uploading your own photos, video clips, or both is a huge advantage. Nevertheless, if you avoid changing or adding extra information to your online dating profile(s), you may be rejected or considered an inactive member who has given up and moved on elsewhere. This is frankly a big problem that a dating agency like A Foreign Affair (loveme.com) has to repeatedly face. What escalates the issue is updating or deleting hundreds or even thousands of online profiles of foreign females. Similar to time, human relationships, and everything else, multiple women in other nations come and go. They may stop updating their online profiles or attending social/dating events where they can find potential true love with the right men. Some of the women may move to other foreign countries or cities of the same countries that they already live. Others may remain where they live but maybe change their phone numbers, email addresses, etc. privately. The results are that you should get in immediate contact with your chosen lady or ladies and that you should let her or them know about your genuine feelings and intentions. If it is too late and the staff member(s) of the dating agency (that you join) are unable to contact her/them, then you may be forced to forget about her/them and find replacement(s). Of course, a heartache and discouragement may come your way and cause you to just see the negative side of international dating. But, retaining a positive and persistent attitude during your difficult time(s) is going to lead you to more happiness plus a better chance to find your future wife.


Expect the unexpected always.

Nothing stays the same every day, every month, or every year.

No one remains the same too.

Like people in general, countless ladies in Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, etc., go through changes in their lives, face different or difficult experiences, meet and bond with new people, and so forth. Whether they are still part of international dating companies/websites or choose to become passive members and move forward with their personal/professional lives, they are going to still succeed and reach their goals. God has destined everything and everyone in this world to win anyway.

Life moves onward. Many foreign females do the same as well. However, despite of whom you possibly meet and date overseas and whom you do not whatsoever, you still have a chance to meet Ms. Right.

Do not stay left by giving up on her and thinking that she does not exist, that you have not met her yet, or that you do not know who she is and what she looks like.

In addition, avoid dwelling in many online profiles of attractive women.

You can become so blind or distracted that you may lose interest in seeking your future wife.

Let true love direct you to the right path.

Let God patiently create a solid and unique relationship between you and her.

As a result, you would finally be at the right place with the right woman at the right time.

deleted profile of foreign female – loveme.com

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