Variety of Foreign Men

I have written plenty of blog posts mainly about foreign women. In addition, I have done a few for American/Western men and American/Western women separately. Now, I am putting my attention on foreign men in particular. I have truly learned enough information about them from both Mark Davis and Bud Patterson.

So, here are the 3 categories of men (in Ukraine, Brazil, and other non-Westernized nations) according to the words of Mark’s former Brazilian girlfriend (Dani):


They like to take control of everything and everyone. Good examples are police officers, military soldiers, governors, business owners, actors, singers/musicians, pimps, and so on. If they gain more fortune and fame, they would also get more access to beautiful women as well. Girlfriends, wives, and probably even mistresses may have to worry about:

  • competing with other ladies who are interested or already involved with their men
  • being lied, betrayed, and/or cheated by their men
  • being threatened or killed if they try or wish to escape from the men

Unless the women are truly special or loss of power, money, popularity, etc. occurs, most high-class men are not going to change their despicable ways.

powerful Brazilian politicians – Medium

complete jerks

This second type of foreign men is heavily influenced by negative surroundings and people. Complete jerks are usually broke and unemployed. Even if they are not, they are perhaps unhappy with their low incomes and crummy jobs. Unsurprisingly, they may take their anger and frustration on their family members, relatives, and especially their girlfriends/wives. If the women are physically and emotionally abused, they may have to get away from their men permanently. It does not matter if they share children together or not. Vlogger Veronika Olson gives her perspective about this ordeal on a YouTube video.

Many men may apologize to their girlfriends/wives and eventually revert to their old ways or move forward to other women (as replacements) and victimize them sooner or later.

angry looking Ukrainian man – Proud of Ukraine

good men

Just like there are plenty of foreign ladies with principles, there are some men with the same ones too. This last group of men may believe in the Lord God or choose to live normal lives regardless of their religious backgrounds. They may work at unpleasant jobs, live or remain very close to their hardworking mothers and other relatives, spend or save their money wisely, and find women to date, marry, and/or have children. The men refuse to disappoint everyone and be compared to other men who drink excessively, have selfish ways often, give in to temptation of adultery sometimes, and disrespect the opposite sex constantly. Therefore, more females have hope in finding true love locally.

The women would be overjoyed if more good men from United States, Canada, Sweden, and other Westernized nations visit and desire to build marital relationships with them.

Ukrainian woman with a dream
optimistic Ukrainian woman having a dream – “Dream Connections” YouTube video


It is necessary to learn about the 3 categories of foreign men if you (American or Westernized man) are interested in their cultures or women especially.

Superiors can care less about women in general because they can use their power, money, charm, etc. to attract different women.

Like the MGTOW community, complete jerks seem to despise all women because they dislike their mediocre lives or have many negative experiences.

However, a small number of good men values humanity and respects monogamous women despite of everything.

I praise these men as much as I do with true Men of Action.

They believe in true love with the opposite sex.

They overcome their obstacles.

They continue to fight for what is right and follow their hearts even if others (including loved ones) turn against them.

I am already one of those men.

What about you?

Do you wish to become a Man of Action?

A beautiful woman is waiting to meet and connect with a good man (like you) in her country (e.g. Colombia or Thailand) someday.

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