MGTOW Community versus the World

Thanks to feminists, indifferent or misandrist society, and high rate of American divorces or breakups, the MGTOW (“Men Going Their Own Way“) community exists. More single and divorced men from United States, Canada, and other Westernized countries are joining together so that they can bravely speak their minds online and offline. They are tired of being constantly disrespected, accused, rejected, bullied, etc. from others especially typical American/Western women. Therefore, the men refuse to commit or marry the opposite sex and try to encourage many other men to do the same.

MGTOW image – Radical Critique

Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency has done a YouTube video about the MGTOW community over a year ago. It is worth watching because of his disagreement with men who choose to stay home and remain single and bitter. Like Mark, I find no pleasure in spending the rest of my life in loneliness and misery. If you (American or Western man) cannot find the right woman locally, then pursue her overseas. There are so many countries that have ladies who are attractive, approachable, and available for any good men.

The MGTOW community is right for expressing its opinions and defending itself to those who discriminate or come against men without reason(s). However, I do not see eye to eye with MGTOW guys because of their unfair judgment and stereotypical attitudes toward women in general. Here are 5 groups of people who also disagree with the men:

Men of Action

They choose to overcome their barriers at home, go abroad, and find happiness with foreign ladies or within themselves. Men of Action may wish to commit/marry females who can inspire and improve their lives. When it comes to difficult women in United States and the Western world, the men can totally relate to the MGTOW community. But, Men of Action obviously know the differences between foreign women and the ones in their own country (or countries). The men thus have no desire to be as lonely, hateful, unhappy, and destructive as the MGTOW community is. Instead, Men of Action choose to go their own way – following their hearts to freedom, joy, and international love.

3 Men of Action with an Ukrainian woman –

international couples

Despite of their nationalities and cultural differences, international couples choose to accept and love each other unconditionally. Unlike the MGTOW community, they believe that success, joy, unity, and other positive qualities emerge from a relationship between a man and woman. They would ignore or think that the MGTOW guys are promoting hatred, confusion, and foolishness around the world. International couples especially the ones on “90 Day Fiance” television series keep fighting for their unchanging beliefs and undying love regardless of negative consequences and negative people they have to deal.

Jay (Jamaican) and Ashley (American) from TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” Season 6 – “90 Day Fiance” Facebook page

feminists and the anti-male society

These people take a strong stand for only American/Western women in a political, legal, etc. manner. Feminists and the anti-male society may risk their lives in order to get their voices heard and actions done. They may be tougher than the MGTOW community is emotionally. Nevertheless, feminists and the anti-male society are still as superior, empty, and angry as their opponents are. There is that saying “likes repel“. If a man and woman from 2 different cultures can get along with each other, why can a MGTOW man and a feminist woman from the same culture not do the same?

In my opinion, feminists and the anti-male society are leading themselves to the path of destruction.

feminists – Buddha Mag

American/Western couples

This 2nd type of couples prefer to date or marry those from the same country. Whether they know about the MGTOW community or not, the couples may not really care what the single MGTOW guys think. The couples value family, love, affection, communication, etc. that they share with each other. Because the MGTOW community is devoid of the good characteristics, the couples are more successful in changing the world and bringing (more) happiness in many human lives.

all-American couple – Daily Family

rest of the world

Viewing the high number of people who watch MGTOW videos on YouTube makes me think that the rest of the world sides with the MGTOW community. However, those who dislike the videos or write their comments (that might be negative) may disagree. Remaining single is good in some way. Choosing to badmouth or blame other people for your problems, on the other hand, is not. The rest of the world has its own problems (e.g. obesity, abuse, human trafficking, murder, and so on) to deal besides those from the MGTOW members.

people of the world – Opinion Nigeria


The MGTOW community teaches us to defend ourselves from those who do us wrong.

But, it is wrong to tell or discourage us from being with gorgeous and down-to-earth women.

Famous blogger Jerry Banfield says that it is better to love than to hate. So, why do we think that the MGTOW men are still unhappy, lonely, and antagonistic today? Why do they continue writing negative comments about women, marriage, etc. and creating more YouTube videos about their ongoing feud with feminists and the anti-male society?

I do not think that the rest of the world cares anymore.

What about you?

The MGTOW community members are just seen as miserable and lost souls who cannot overlook the opposite sex.

Feminists and the anti-male society are honestly no different either.

However, international couples and American/Western couples are at good places emotionally and spiritually.

If the world does become a much better and safer place eventually, both sorts of couples should be thanked for it all the way.



2 photos of Marina (a single, attractive, and innocent Ukrainian woman who may be rejected by the MGTOW community) – DC #3801237

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