Community of International Couples

It is a dream if you (American or Western man) actually go overseas and find your future wife.

But, it is a nightmare if your own family, friends, and others (people who say that they love you) question, discourage, criticize, or come against your international relationship.

I admit that I am somewhat scared what my family and other locals would say or think about my possible marriage with an Ukrainian woman. But, if I choose to please them, I may have to give up the woman of my dreams. Then, I would really live a life of misery.

Whether you are already in a serious relationship with a foreign woman or think about going to a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine) for the 1st time, consider joining an online community (that supports international couples and Men of Action) such as:

  • Inner Circle” (started by Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” business)
  • some Facebook group you search
  • or one that you create on Facebook or another social media source (if you are not satisfied with the results)

Therefore, you would gain these 7 characteristics that would change the world:


Eventually, you would strongly connect with like-minded people online. You would definitely have something in common with them because of your interest in dating or marrying internationally. Even if your own relatives and friends do not support or understand your feelings, at least your community members do.

No wonder some people say that it is easy to talk to strangers.


If you join the “Inner Circle” online community, you would receive much praise for your decision to seek or become seriously involved with a foreign woman. You may feel like an Man of Action already. If you are ever discouraged, judged, or confronted by your loved ones, you can always return to the website and reconnect with your community members for hope.


It feels good to receive unlimited help for your choice to be with a foreign woman. Your decision may not be popular with your loved ones. But, it is the total opposite with your community members. Even if you later become skeptical or scared to go overseas, they would give you many words of encouragement. They want you to be successful and happy with your potential wife from Ukraine, Colombia, or any other country you wish to go.


The longer you remain a member of an online international dating or marriage community, the more things you want to do. Like myself, you can also create an unique blog (based on your passions) on WordPress, Blogger, or some other source. Other life-changing actions you can do are:

  • volunteering
  • donating money to people (e.g. Haitians) in need
  • creating an online business or hiring expert(s) to do it for you
  • helping people wherever you go
  • giving respect, care, and other good qualities to foreign women you meet and date abroad

Because many people are going to continue being lazy and uncaring, you can make a positive difference in this negative world.


Whether you are online or offline, you can still lead other people to the right direction. The reason is that your positive actions give them hope. It just takes one person to do something drastic or different and change the mindsets of many people. I think that I have succeeded on both tasks regarding most of the women I have dated in Ukraine. I know that you would also do well if you date internationally. Many foreigners (especially foreign women in Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)) need more inspiration in their lives because they do not have as much wealth, food, protection, etc. as most Americans and Westerners do.


Your family, friends, and other locals may become jealous if they see you with a foreign woman (during her possible 90-day fiance visa period in your country). If she is very attractive, you may have to protect her. I do have this fear regarding my future Ukrainian wife. I know how perverted men can be and how jealous women can be in United States. However, because there are a few pretty local women (who can walk alone safely and have no one bothering them) where I live, I feel relieved that my future wife can be safe here as well.


Pay less attention to those who are ignorant, pessimistic, or uninterested in international dating or marriage. Focus often on your community members. They are going to help you improve the way you think about foreign women, cultures, etc. One way is telling you their personal stories when it comes to searching for true love overseas. Another is showing you photos of their dates, weddings, etc. Once you get enough proof to convince you to find the woman of your dreams in a foreign country or freely marry her if she is already in your country, you would no longer be scared or discouraged by others.

Follow your heart and you would have no regrets as a result.


Inner Circle” website has a superb online community for single men and international couples alike.

But, I wish that there are more online communities like it.

More American/Western men are dating or marrying women from Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, and other non-Westernized countries. But, many international couples choose to remain private or stay quiet. If they ever change their minds and give testimonials on YouTube videos, write blog posts about international love, or even participate in online communities, they can really encourage more singles to connect with foreign women. The rate (maybe 3%) of Men of Action would go up while the rate (maybe 97%) of Keyboard Romeos would decrease.

If you are interested in joining and buying a membership on “Inner Circle” website, please do so. You would have access to exclusive videos of “Dream Connections” business and communication with international couples and other single men who have previously gone on quest tours or plan to attend them in the future. Additionally, you can watch, listen, and probably communicate with an Ukrainian translator (or should I say “romance coach“) every week or month. There may be other benefits included with your membership as well. All you have to do is pay $1 for your 1st month and then pay $30/month continuously when your 2nd month begins.

If you want to instead join an online international dating/marriage community for free, go on Facebook. Do a good search. If you cannot find a good Facebook group, then create one. Provide enough information, upload photos, etc. Invite and encourage other Facebook members to do the same.

International couples need to stick together whether they are online or offline.

They need to help or give words of encouragement to single or divorced men who think that they would never be happy with the opposite sex again.

International couples must put an end to local dating or online dating that is constantly destroying the well-beings of many singles.

Lonely people can truly find happiness in other countries.

They can also find true love if they keep returning overseas and remaining positive.

Consequently, they can:

  • join other international couples on the Internet or in person
  • promote love, peace, joy, etc. between men and women of different countries or cultures
Dream Connections community
Dream Connections community – Yahoo! Flickr

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