Ukrainian Women versus Colombian Women

Based on my personal experiences, both Ukraine and Colombia have produced incredible and unforgettable women. They can really make me or any other American/Western man forget about local or online dating, my crappy job, my property, and everything else back at home. I am really serious about finding my future wife in Odessa, Ukraine. But, my mind is on the the amazing times I have with the women in Barranquilla, Colombia. I plan to write an upcoming blog post that represents the celebration of almost 10 years after going there. I cannot wait to show you (American or Western man) and other readers many photos of my previous dates and so on.

The women in both countries are irresistible. They are hard to ignore, reject, or not fall in love. If you are serious about getting married but cannot choose between an Ukrainian woman and her Colombian counterpart, please read below the information that is divided into 2 main categories with each of their 2 subcategories:



Ukrainian Women

Colombian Women

  • golden tan, cinnamon, white, or dark skin tone
  • entirely or partially Spanish
  • part of Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and/or African races
  • short or tall height
  • small or long legs
  • blonde, brown, or black hair (usually long)
  • hazel, green, or black eyes
  • skinny or curvy weight


Colombian Women

If you are looking for diversity of skin tones, hair colors, shapes, sizes, etc., go to Colombia. You would have plenty of women to choose for dating, friendship, or marriage. Regardless of their physical differences, they all have 1 thing in common: a desire to be with a good man like you.

fortunate American/Western man with diverse Colombian women – International Introductions


Ukrainian Women

  • flower hats (based on culture)
  • makeup
  • short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts (probably during spring and summer)
  • long-sleeved shirts (probably during fall and winter)
  • shorts (probably during spring/summer)
  • tight jeans or pants (for all year round)
  • skirts
  • suits or dresses (based on culture)
  • provocative, elegant, or professional suit or dress
  • high heels
  • boots
  • sneakers

Colombian Women

  • sombreros or straw hats (based on culture)
  • makeup
  • short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts (probably for all year round)
  • long-sleeved shirts (probably during fall and winter)
  • shorts (probably for all year round)
  • tight jeans or solid color (e.g. black) pants
  • skirts
  • traditional or cultural dresses
  • highlighted hair
  • jackets, scarves, sweaters, and/or mid-calf ankle boots (worn in Bogota where the weather can be cold)
  • fingernails painted in particular colors and/or designs
  • high heels
  • slippers
  • sandals


Ukrainian Women

I have seen more attractive women in Ukraine than I ever have in Colombia. Ukrainian women really dress to impress men in general. They care about the clothes they wear as much as they do with their health, reputations, families, etc. Therefore, they deserve potential and good American/Western husbands as their ultimate prizes.

sexy Ukrainian woman – “Bride Ukraine” Facebook page



Ukrainian Women

  • hardworking
  • feminine
  • educated
  • honest
  • independent (live by themselves possibly)
  • maternal
  • family-oriented
  • traditional
  • bilingual or multilingual
  • responsible
  • approachable
  • sometimes impatient

Colombian Women

  • dependent (live with family until marriage)
  • feminine
  • family-oriented
  • wise
  • hardworking
  • approachable
  • traditional
  • serious
  • stylish
  • probably unilingual (able to speak Spanish only)
  • sometimes jealous (when it comes to unfaithful men)


Ukrainian Women

This is a hard choice. But, I have picked Ukrainian women for this category because they attract more American/Western men than Colombian women do. Most Colombian ladies do share the same traits as most Ukrainian women do though. I however think that Ukrainian women are more driven to attract good American/Western men, date and hopefully marry them, and start their new lives with them. Working extremely long hours (for maybe 6 days a week), receiving low and unfair pay from their employers, and getting less or no male attention are 3 reasons why Ukrainian women want to change their lives.

Ekaterina (DC #7302172) – Visit her profile

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Ukrainian Women

  • love to work regardless of long hours or difficulties
  • enjoy walking
  • enjoy receiving flowers or creative gifts from men
  • give physical signs or positive body language to men they are interested
  • maintain thin body shapes by eating healthily and exercising regularly
  • do spic and span cleaning of their homes
  • willing to learn English or another language for easy communication with American/Western men
  • believe that men in general are not really interested in their personalities
  • want to be treated with respect when it comes to intimacy, kissing, romance, or intercourse

Colombian Women

  • enjoy walking or taking train or bus transportation
  • love smiling, talking, and connecting with people around the world
  • love singing and dancing to salsa music
  • overcome difficulties of lives by remaining positive and feminine
  • dress to impress good men
  • believe that cooking, cleaning, and doing other house chores are feminine tasks only
  • believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and their Lord and Savior
  • willing to relocate to other countries and adjust to new lives with their potential American/Western husbands


Colombian Women

Despite that I have a good time in Odessa, Ukraine and have dated 9 unforgettable ladies, I still enjoy my 2 past trips in Barranquilla, Colombia more. I wish to go back there and possibly visit Medellin (for the first time) with my future Ukrainian wife. I would love to see again local Colombian women walking in high heels, dancing with pride, singing their hearts out, and being proud of who they naturally are. No wonder my blog post about them is so popular; they have a stronger emotional connection with men than most Ukrainian women (who are a little dull) do.

Estefania (DC #0572140) – Visit her profile

Both Ukrainian and Colombian women come to a tie.

However, I have to choose Ukrainian women as the winners due to my feelings for Viktoria and Nadya.

I do want to build a serious and monogamous relationship with one of them or another Ukrainian woman. But, it does not mean that I would stop thinking or being interested in gorgeous Colombian women. I have been interested in them for 12 years. I have began liking Ukrainian women a few years ago thanks to “A Foreign Affair” and “Dream Connections” agencies.

If you like tall and skinny women, go to Ukraine.

If you like women of different skin complexions, shapes, sizes, etc., go to Colombia.

If you cannot decide who you want or like both groups of women, go to both countries like I have.

Ukrainian and Colombian women are both at the same level.

They have the looks and characteristics that attract many men around the world.

They are worth flying thousands of miles, spending excess money, and pursuing for everlasting marriage.

Choose who you want.

Make sure that she feels the same way about you.

Plan your future with her.

Get a fiance(e) visa or spousal visa.

Wait for the process to approve.

Finally, enjoy your time with your gorgeous lady.

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