My Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

On the “Going to Ukraine” blog post, I have discussed a situation about my 2nd date (Viktoria). She and my 2nd translator (Elizabeth) have thought that I have lost interest in Viktoria. I have thought that Viktoria is not really attracted to me either. However, I am surprised to learn how wrong I am after being unexpectedly rejected by my first date (“L”) regarding a request for another meeting.

Ever since I have told Elizabeth (via WhatsApp) that I am still interested in Viktoria, I have been thinking about Viktoria often. I may regret not choosing to go out with her again. But, looking at her beautiful “A Foreign Affair” profile images increases my interest in her. To make up for the nonexistent 2nd date, I ask Elizabeth about having a Skype video chat with Viktoria (during Memorial Day Weekend). I may still be more attracted to another Ukrainian woman (Nadya) I have dated. I however wish to know and build a relationship with Viktoria.

my 2nd date Viktoria (photo I like the most) –

So, here is what happens during our Skype communication:

Beginning of video chat

At 12:30 PM (7:30 PM which is the current time of Viktoria and Elizabeth in Ukraine) on Sunday 5/27, I get a Skype phone call from Elizabeth. I answer it and say hello to her. There is a little technical issue that she has to solve. She calls me again. After answering the call, I see Viktoria sitting on a couch. I am surprised to see her again. She wears a hat, white shirt, long blonde hair, and probably shorts. She is real, positive, and sincere. Elizabeth is not shown on the video but she does the translation between me and Viktoria. I enjoy the communication regardless. But, I realize that Viktoria cannot see me. After finding the right button to show myself, she is amazed to see me again. I am glad that I wear a blue striped polo shirt (same one I have worn a few times in Ukraine). We therefore can have a strong connection.

chat with Viktoria
my Skype chat with Viktoria

Middle of video chat

As I continue to look and communicate with her, I start imagining her as my potential wife. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I really cannot see myself with her or anyone else. The reason is that I am a loner. Whether I am around other people socially or by myself, I still feel the same way. But, I do want to change my life and share it with her, Nadya, or another inspirational Ukrainian woman. No matter what I believe or experience for most of my life, God has created someone for everyone. I am included in His list too. There is a woman (whether she is Viktoria, Nadya, or someone else) waiting for me to sweep her off her feet.

The fact that Viktoria is a makeup artist turns me on. I may find Nadya more attractive. But, I may develop stronger feelings for Viktoria if I keep having more Skype video chats with her. When she shows me her makeup products, I realize that she is an expert. I would not be surprised if she has created some of those products. If so, then she would do well in building her own business someday. I can also see her as a model as well. Visualizing her with different clothes, hairstyles, etc. would draw me closer to her. Although it is important to know who she is on the inside, I still need to be physically attracted to her and vice versa. If we are not really interested in each other, how can we grow our relationship?

Ending of video chat

Our video chat lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. A part of me does not mind prolonging the communication. However, I understand that she and Elizabeth need to spend time with their family relatives and friends. Human connection is indeed a main priority in their country (Ukraine). Too bad I cannot say the same about mines (United States).

Why do you (American or Western man) think that I always feel lost where I live and continue to travel overseas?


Overall, the Skype communication with Viktoria and Elizabeth has been better than I have expected. It has truly put me in a better mood on a tedious day. I may be in dull Henderson, North Carolina physically. But, in my mind, I am back in Odessa, Ukraine (where I call ‘paradise‘ due to its excessive stores, restaurants, beautiful ladies, and so on).

I have asked Elizabeth for about doing another paid video chat with Viktoria. I now cannot get Viktoria out of my mind. I want to see her again on Skype and definitely in person when I return to Odessa, Ukraine next year. I would like to go to a beach and other exciting places with her and Nadya separately. I do not want to keep going to the same restaurants or other places if I choose to date different women instead. Not only would I become bored but also I can lose the chance to find the right woman. No wonder some guys who attend romance tour socials (with either “A Foreign Affair” or “Dream Connections” agency) go ahead and pick the women they want. I want to do the same as well.

I think that having a Skype chat with a foreign woman (or women) is the #1 solution for Keyboard Romeos, cowards, and even single/divorced American/Western men who are not interested in international dating. I keep hearing from Bud Patterson of “A Foreign Affair” agency regarding thousands of men who wish to fantasize over profile photos of foreign women, write meaningless letters, and stay home. The fact is that photos do not require or motivate those men to get on an airplane and meet the beautiful ladies overseas. However, video or phone communication on Skype would give the men a reality check. They would receive more proof that women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, and other foreign countries are real, sincere, and marriage-minded. The men would be faced with 2 life-changing choices:

  • Go meet foreign women (who can make time for them regardless of their busy jobs, school schedules, etc.) abroad.
  • Possibly lose their relationships with the women (who no longer want to talk to men who are still scared or unwilling to get on an airplane) forever.

Even though I only have met Viktoria in person once, I have almost felt a 2nd physical meeting with her on Skype. Seeing how close she is to my computer screen has given me a strong reaction. Speaking to her again has taken my mind back to that cafe restaurant where we have our 1st date. Therefore, I want to see her again without a doubt. Despite that I can only text Nadya on my smartphone, I am pleased to have better communication with Viktoria.

I highly recommend Skype to you or anyone who wants to find true love and not deal with many difficulties.

Unlike online dating, Skype can help you eliminate someone who is dishonest, fake, or foolish.

Unlike local dating, Skype can help you meet and connect with someone around the world while you are at home.

Skype should become the dating sensation today thanks to a happily married international couple (Law and Alona Jackson) of “Dream Connections” agency.

It has brought me and Viktoria closer to each other.

It can do the same for you and the woman of your dreams.

another AFA image of Viktoria –
3rd AFA photo of Viktoria –

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