My Review – “A Foreign Affair” Website

For over 20 years, A Foreign Affair (AFA) dating agency has been introducing American/Western men to beautiful foreign women for friendships, dating, marriage, etc. The business is also called loveme.comJohn and Tanya Adams, a married international couple, own and run the international dating business together. They have met (in Russia) and fallen in love with each other through the same business. Now they are encouraging many others to follow their footsteps.

Besides Dream Connections agency, I consider AFA agency as my most favorite website overall. I can be on the website every day or so (without ever getting tired or bored). I also love watching YouTube videos as well as the video blogs on the website. Everything that AFA does is informative, logical, and interesting. Other dating websites (except Dream Connections website) honestly do not compare or stand a chance with AFA website. If you (American or Western man) want to meet and date women with good qualities, just join AFA website or Dream Connections website without any doubt.

Even though I have regularly visited AFA website for 4 years and have attended 1 Latin Club individual tour in Santiago, Dominican Republic, I still have my likes and dislikes regarding the website.

Here they are:


  • many options for you
  • YouTube channels
    • I love watching Bud Patterson (tour sales coordinator) for hosting a live show every Monday night.
    • On every Wednesday night, I also enjoy watching Greg and his Philippine wife Glenda for interviewing other Philippine women, phoning American/Western men, and discussing information on romance tour(s) in her country.
      • I am happy that they now have a newborn son.
    • AFA agency has 3 YouTube channels.
      • The potential reason is that YouTube company has removed one of its YouTube channel previously.
        • John has mentioned this case in a video.
        • But, AFA agency has moved forward, created interesting commercials, and gained more followers/subscribers.
  • unification of its competitors Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections agency
    • Mark and Anna have met and dated each other through an AFA romance tour in Ukraine.
    • They have been together since 2006.
    • Due to the loss of their previous business, home, etc., he and Anna have been motivated to start an international matchmaking business (Dream Connections).
    • Even though Dream Connections and AFA agencies are at opposite sides, they both are successful in bringing American/Western men and foreign women together.
      • Both businesses have good YouTube videos.
      • I am pretty sure that Mark and Anna are good friends with John and Tanya.
        • Each couple wants the same goals for its business.
  • ease of use on the website
    • Unlike, eHarmony, or POF dating website, I can view additional photos of women by registering or logging in to AFA website, avoid completing a long profile, and just pay money for video(s) of women, letter writing service(s), or gift(s) for particular women (or women).
    • I never have to worry about catfish scams, ripoffs, or any other problems on the website.
      • However, if I do experience something negative, I can chat or email an AFA staff member.
  • many links and resources
    • You can find plenty of clickable images of women (top corner), text links, and more on the home webpage alone.
    • Even though there is so much information on the webpage, it is very organized.
    • I can find anything I need or want right away.
      • Therefore, I am never disappointed.


  • letter writing service
    • It is expensive to send an email letter to a foreign woman.
      • If you upload an attached photo, you would be spending more money.
      • The result can be positive or negative.
        • It depends on the availability of the woman and the translator who can change your words to those the woman can read and understand.
    • It is mainly a waste of time, money, and energy.
      • It is better to attend a group or individual romance tour and meet foreign women in person.
        • Then, you can not only save money but also use some of it for your dates.
    • Sadly, the majority of American/Western men who constantly write letters do not go overseas to meet/date foreign women.
      • This unfortunate event probably explains why Mark and Anna do not allow email, chat, or any other online communication on their business (Dream Connections).
        • If an American/Western man is interested in a foreign woman from their business, he has to attend their quest tour.
      • Is it really better to remain single, stay at home, and continue writing pointless letters to women you are not going to meet/date?
  • services in Santiago, Dominican Republic
    • Even though my trip there has been mostly negative, I have met, dated, and stayed in touch with a woman (Desideria).
    • I hope that the male translator (Argelis) I have reluctantly hired has been fired.
      • The guy has lied, has broken his promises, has taken my money, and has not really contacted any woman I can meet/date.
      • It is possible that he is still working at AFA office there today.
        • The reason is that his cousin, Stephanie, is the manager.
      • Thanks to Mark, I fully understand why all translators are women only.
    • It makes me glad that there is only 1 romance tour a year there.
      • But, Colombia, Philippines, and especially Ukraine have 2+ romance tours yearly.
        • Most American/Western men really love the women in those 3 nations.
      • The woman (Rosa) I have wanted to meet/date lives in San Juan de la Maguana.
        • Because she does not live in Santiago, I cannot meet, email, or connect with her at all.
        • I can only choose women who currently live in Santiago.
          • AFA agency no longer has profiles of Dominican women who live in other Dominican cities.
          • But, Latin Affairs website fortunately has profiles of women who live in different Dominican cities.
            • The next time I go back to the country, I would reunite with Desideria plus  meet/date 3 new women through Latin Affairs agency.
  • expensive gifts for ladies
    • Maybe the reason the gifts cost so much is the distance.
    • I do know that women in Latin America do not have mailboxes or so.
      • Theft often occurs.
        • People have to worry if their belongings are stolen.
      • But, if you buy a flower or another gift to a foreign woman, AFA agency would make sure to deliver it to her.
    • An expensive gift proves a foreign woman how special and valuable she is to an American/Western man.

AFA website or is one of the best dating websites of all time (in my opinion). If you join the international dating industry, you would get a vacation of your lifetime. You would always remember, cherish, and maybe even tell your loved ones about your personal experiences and your unforgettable dates with gorgeous foreign women. You would not experience loneliness, rejection, disappointment, regret, sadness, etc. again for the rest of your life. But, if you are at home (in the States or some Westernized country) or somewhere you are unhappy, follow your heart to Colombia, Ukraine, the Philippines, or a similar foreign country. Find a woman who is going to become forever yours.

A Foreign Affair website or
Ivy 172211
Ivy 172211 (Philippines)
John and Tanya Adams – Foreign Women
Juliya 163312 part 2
Juliya 163312 (Ukraine)
Juliya 163312
Juliya 163312 (Ukraine)
Maria Yaneth 133604
Maria Yaneth 133604 (Colombia)


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