Do You Want to Attend a Free Dating Seminar?

A dating seminar is a meeting in which dating experts teach listeners or potential customers about dating tips, the overall dating industry, and so on. Listeners or potential customers can learn enough information that is helpful to them. Therefore, they can do well or improve their dating skills.

The dating seminar I highly recommend to you (American or Western man) to go is the one from A Foreign Affair ( agency. It usually starts on a Saturday or a Sunday between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Its location is based on a particular hotel in a U.S. city. It is an event that would change your life forever. In order to show up there, you have to do the following requirements:

  1. RSVP by choosing 2 options to communicate directly with Bud Patterson:
    1. Call him at:
      1. (602) 553-8178 ext. 204.
    2. Email him at:
  2. Confirm the hotel reservation with Bud by saying the particular date, city, and hotel you are going to stay and attend a dating seminar.
  3. Buy airplane tickets at these cheap websites:
    2. Expedia
    3. Orbitz
  4. Skip step 3 if you are going to choose any of these ways for transportation instead:
    1. driving a vehicle
    2. getting on a train
    3. taking a ride (e.g. taxi)
  5. Have everything ready.
  6. Finally go to your destination.

If you go to a 4-hour international dating seminar, you would get these 6 positive results:

  • adequate information concerning:
  • inspiration from these people:
  • free food and drinks
    • John, Tanya, Bud, and others would not let you starve and be thirsty while you are giving them attention.
  • brotherhood of like-minded men
    • You would not be alone at the special event.
    • You can build lasting friendships with other listeners or potential romance tour customers.
    • Regardless of how you feel about international dating/marriage, other men may feel the same way too.
  • discounts and special offers
    • You can save money if you decide to join a romance tour in a particular country (e.g. Peru).
    • You may get free or low-priced email correspondence with 1 or more foreign ladies you like.
  • satisfactory answers to your questions or concerns
    • John, Tanya, Bud, and others care about your happiness.
    • They would help you with anything that bothers you.
    • As a result, you would have a peaceful mind.

You do not need to go to a dating seminar if you are already encouraged to join a romance tour in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, or another foreign country. How are you inspired anyway? By:

  • watching YouTube videos frequently?
  • visiting regularly?
  • talking to other men who have gone overseas and have dated foreign women?
  • chatting, emailing, or phoning an A Foreign Affair staff member (e.g. Bud or Anna)?
  • being tired of being single and therefore wanting a beautiful woman in your arms?

Go to an A Foreign Affair dating seminar if you want face-to-face communication with international dating/marriage professionals. They would tell you the whole truth. They have plenty of proof (e.g. happily married international couples) to support what they say. They would continue to encourage you whether or not you attend a romance tour overseas. They believe in what they have been saying and doing for over 20 years. They are constantly going to help you and other lonely American/Western men persist in finding your future foreign wives.

You are not going to receive this amazing experience from another dating company.

A Foreign Affair dating seminar –


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