9 Reasons Why You Should Date Colombian Ladies

I have no regrets after going to Colombia twice in a row.

If I have not gone to the amazing country, I would have not:

  • met my friend for life (Erika)
  • dated women who have many good qualities
  • gone to 1 or 2 big malls that have arcade game and ride stores, movie theaters, etc.
  • found who I really am today (despite of the changes and missing qualities in my American life)

I plan to make a third trip to maybe Barranquilla, Colombia (hometown city of Shakira and Sofia Vergara) in a few years. I also want to visit other cities for intentionally meeting and dating stunning Colombian women. If you (American or Western man) are interested in them as well, I highly recommend these other 8 cities for you to visit:

I have discussed about Ukrainian women in July this year.

Then, I have focused my attention on amazing filipinas a month ago.

Now, due to this month, I am giving you 9 good reasons for taking sexy Colombian ladies on unforgettable dates:

They are available.

Whether she is free or busy at her job, you can ask almost any Colombian woman out. A friend you meet or a total stranger you see at a public place, she would not reject, lie, or give you many poor excuses as a typical American/Western woman does. If a Colombian woman really likes or considers you a good man, she may develop feelings for you. Also, she may expect or even ask you for a second date.

An average-looking man (like yourself) would be surprised to get much attention from attractive women abroad. His family members, friends, other people at home, and even he himself would not believe that this dream has come true.

They are simple.

If you want to easily approach, communicate, and connect with diverse women, travel to a foreign country like Colombia. The women range from a light skin tone to a dark type. However, they seem to have the same positive characteristics you, I, and many other men in general like. You (as I have) can freely date any Colombian woman without facing racial discrimination (which happens frequently in United States), drama (another American/Western problem), confusion, etc. from other foreigners.

They are monogamous.

You do not have to worry about your potential Colombian girlfriend or wife cheating, wishing, or even thinking about another man. If she is serious about marriage, she may just want to be with you for the rest of her life. Similar to many other marriage-minded foreign women, she sees you as a rare treasure. She is happy because you are devoted to her. She really does not want anything or anyone else. Thus, she does not have to feel:

  • alone and unwanted
  • or urged to be with a worthless man (who is very likely a local foreigner) who mistreats her

They only believe in the word ‘we’.

One reason is that they live in a collectivistic culture. Plus, they are close to their families and friends. Foreign women believe and put the needs and perhaps desires of other people (they love) above their own. Therefore, if you want to be in a successful relationship (or marriage) and not face any selfishness, ego, complications, bitterness, child custody battle (if a divorce occurs), etc., choose a harmonious Colombian woman or anyone else similar.

They dress to impress.

If you ever go to a Colombian place (e.g. mall), you would definitely see eye candy (like I have). Most Colombian women would wear hot dresses, nice shirts with pants (e.g. jeans or leather pants), or other attractive but appropriate clothes. Expect a Colombian woman to be late for your date because she may spend extra time trying to look good for you. She wants you to respect, value, and remember her when you date other women. She knows that she is not the only existing woman with both inner and outer beauty. All she can really do is show her unique self to you.

They love to dance.

It does not matter if you can dance or not. But, if you are willing to dance, you can woo the heart of a foreign woman. As you dance with her, she would not only help you improve your dancing skills but also help you build more confidence as well. She should be the type of woman you want instead of a woman who always:

They are beautiful inside and out.

According to a CNN Travel survey, Colombian women are rated as the #1 most beautiful women of the world. Many men in the United States find these exotic women irresistible and angelic. Indeed, Barranquilla natives Shakira and Sofia have made strong influences on the men and the rest of the world with their incredible talents and characteristics. As a result, American/Western men would never look and feel the same ways about local women as the men do with Colombian women and their Ukrainian, Chinese, Philippine, etc. counterparts.

They respect men in general.

After all, Colombian ladies live in a country that favors and pays more attention to men. The women willingly adapt or have to accept the machismo culture because their loved ones and the rest of the Colombian society do.

It does not matter if a father abandons his daughter(s).

It does not matter if a woman is abused or even killed by her boyfriend or husband.

Even if a solo female or group of female victims speaks for its protection (or tries to do so), it would receive injustice and lack of sympathy from its society.

No wonder many Colombian women choose to remain single or seek better men through international dating websites such as A Foreign Affair, Colombian Cupid, and Dream Connections.

Just as the women do not have to accept bad behaviors from local men in their country, we American/Western men also do not have to put up with ongoing mistreatment from local American/Western women as well.

International dating is going to grow sooner or later; I believe it thanks to A Foreign Affair agency, YouTube blogger Olga Reznikova, and Dream Connections agency.

Finally, they would give up everything for the right man.

Colombian women want to create their love stories with their ideal boyfriends or husbands. Most women are happy with their lives, jobs, families, friends, etc. But, meeting, dating, and building serious relationships with good men (whether they are American, Westernized, or local foreign) would make them happier.

Women hope to marry men who are more valuable than what the women already have.

Then, it would not matter to each woman if she:

  • moves with her husband to:
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • England
    • or another country he lives
  • or stays in Colombia with him
    • The reason is that he wants to permanently live in her country.
    • Some foreign women would love this possibility with the men of their dreams.

Colombian women (like other foreign women) are worth:

  • saving money
  • getting on an airplane
  • traveling thousands of miles
  • meeting, dating, and falling in love

We are not ever going to find women like them in United States or a Westernized country.

Because Colombian women would sacrifice everything and everyone they know and love for good men, we should do the same for them too. The women want unconditional love, faithfulness, respect, unity, etc. from their potential boyfriends or husbands. Women are disappointed of the qualities they cannot find in their cities or country overall. Local men with machismo attitudes make them feel worse. Women are tired of being treated like slaves, objects, victims, etc.

They (including other foreign women) deserve better.

We (plus MGTOW members and other American/Western men) deserve better too.

Therefore, both genders should turn to each other for full support, great friendships, and even everlasting love.

American/Western man with many Colombian women – latin-wife.com (International Introductions)
another American/Western man with many Colombian women – latin-wife.com
3rd American/Western man with many Colombian women – latin-wife.com

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