6 Characteristics that Draw Me to Foreign Women

Ever since I have learned about women in Colombia, Ukraine, and other foreign countries, I have psychologically changed forever. I do not look at most foreign women the same way I look at most American/Western women. I do not have to worry about being lonely or rejected ever again. I realize that God has indeed created amazing and angelic ladies in the world. I have not wasted my childhood dream of going to an exotic land (or island) and being involved with an exotic woman wearing a bikini. I can actually make it happen someday. I just have to work hard at my soulless job, earn and save enough money, plan this unforgettable trip abroad, and wait patiently for the time to come.

Why are international dating and marriage growing currently? More American/Western men including myself are traveling and falling in love with foreign women. We are tired or cannot find that many good-quality women in the States or Westernized countries (e.g. England, Australia, etc.). We want to find true happiness. We want to escape from our problems back home. We want to think outside the box. We want to be with real women who make us whole and more alive than we have ever been. Truthfully, we find what or who we have always wanted or needed abroad. I give you each of 6 traits of foreign women in paragraph form below:

Simplicity is one important characteristic I am definitely looking in a woman. I want to be able to talk to her easily. I want to be myself around her completely. I want to have a normal relationship with her. Like me, an American/Western man needs a woman who can encourage, heal, or solve his problems. If he has a woman who is the opposite and a lousy job, he may become worse. He is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Therefore, if he wants to escape, he should find a better woman and better job.

Second, foreign women are appreciative to a man like me. They show (more) respect for good men (foreign and American/Western alike) due to their cultures. When I have gone to Colombia and Dominican Republic, I have been valued by women who I rate 6 or above. Can I believe that a gorgeous foreign woman wants and finds an average-looking American man like me handsome? The answer is a definite no. When I have experienced this in both countries, I have been so amazed. I still am today. I cannot get an unattractive American woman to respect or show real interest in me. But, I am glad about the inability anyway.

I am more relatable to foreign women than I am with American women. I am as lonely as foreign women are. It seems that no one (including family and friends) really cares about our feelings and desires. Other things that we have in common are lacking respect in our countries, failing to find the right companion locally, fantasizing about better lives, thinking outside the box, possibly entering an international marriage, and having persistence. We choose to follow our hearts; we ignore what other people say or expect from us. We would fight for what is right and what we want.

Foreign women are like models or supermodels. They are so feminine. I especially like how some Colombian and Dominican women dress. Seeing images/videos of them with a sexy shirt, tight jeans, and high heels or pumps is my turn-on. Being with one of them in the flesh is even better. Based on my personal experiences, I have seen really beautiful women (because of what they have worn) in the airports in both countries. Every time I leave or return to an airport in the States, I always see American women wearing plain, not-so-attractive clothes. Uninterested, I do not approach or even look at them for that long. According to American society, why is an American man (like myself) expected to be with an American woman whether she dresses like a woman or a man? Why should he (or I) not go overseas and be with a feminine foreign woman who has everything he wants?

Whenever I am having a bad day (especially at my job), I can think of foreign women. They are positive. They put me in a better mood.  I can therefore enjoy the rest of my day. My Colombian friend Erika makes sure of that every time I reconnect with her. I have told her that I want to find a foreign woman like her. Most American women (not all of them), however, can send me to an emotionally dark place. Whether I am in a good or bad mood, they would care less or belittle me (even more). If an American/Western man (like myself) wants to escape ongoing misery, isolation, and BS and pursue everlasting joy, peace, companionship, and encouragement, he must turn to foreign women overseas. Winston Wu of Happier Abroad is undeniably right about this statement.

The last attractive trait I like in foreign women is their inspiration. Because of who they are, what they do, what they believe, etc., I want to do the same. A foreign woman would accept an American/Western man like myself as long as I am moral. In return, I would accept her too. I want to become more caring, more selfless, more romantic, and so on. I want to prove to her how much she means to me. Also, I am learning a new or unknown side of myself. If I am involved with a woman who judges, badmouths, or sees everything negatively, I may end up like her. What she is doing is discouraging to me. I am not able to become a better man if I stay with her. There are many women like her in the States; I need to get away from them all so that I can have a peace of mind.

Truly, foreign women have personality traits that are hard to find in American or Western women. An American/Western man (like myself) has an easier chance to find what he wants abroad. Plus, he has many attractive foreign women to choose. He would feel like a boy going to a candy store and deciding what flavor he wants. His life would forever be changed. Even if he remains single, he would be happy and free. Unlike a typical American/Western woman, a foreign woman would not pressure, threaten, guilt, or encourage him to marry her. A foreign woman would wait or give him the choice of their relationship status…after all, it is part of her culture to respect him.

He does not have to tolerate or ever face narcissistic American/Western women again. He knows now that he can find much better women in Colombia, Ukraine, the Philippines, etc. If he finds an American/Western woman who is similar to foreign women, I am happy for him. If not, he can always join me and other American/Western men whose hearts are stolen by foreign women.

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Source for 3 images of different women: loveme.com (A Foreign Affair)



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