I Still Cannot Believe It

Before I really knew about the amazing physical features and good personality traits of foreign women, I thought that all women were pretty much the same globally. My mind was then focused on American women only. I thought that I had to be cool, charming, attractive, wealthy, etc. in order to impress a woman (even if she is not attractive) to like or go out with me. From 2004 to 2005, I worked at a Busch Gardens job with two female co-workers, one from here and the other from the Philippines. At separate times (because they did not work or know each other at all), I regularly had a small talk and immediately developed feelings for each of them. But, I later found out about their true colors; they were not interested in me as a friend anymore. They were just using me for attention. They ignored and walked away like they did not see me at all. To them, I became a nobody. I was rejected twice. I could not help myself from facing anger/depression especially when I saw the Philippine woman talking and hanging out with her new friends plus new boyfriend a few times. She really had become Americanized. Her behavior was worse than that of the American woman I was also interested. On a night I was off from work, she was talking, yelling, and screaming at someone on her mobile phone while I was walking to my car. I thought that I was going to eventually be alone for the rest of my life. But, I would had rather made that choice than ending in a relationship/marriage with a woman from hell.

Around spring 2006, I emotionally healed myself and forgot about the worthless women. I worked at another Busch Gardens job with a few guys from Thailand. I enjoyed every day working with them for perhaps 3 months. We were riding and operating bumper cars for guests. I befriended and stayed in touch with one of them on Facebook for a couple of years. We eventually lost contact and moved on with our lives.

I learned about foreign women (especially the ones in Latin America) during the summer of the same year. I was really surprised to read and see how beautiful the women were. My childhood dream of going to an exotic island and dating an exotic woman was about to come true. I could not wait to go abroad and meet foreign women in the flesh; I stopped caring about pointless American women. Previously visiting domestic dating websites, reading articles on how to attract American women, etc. was a waste of my time, energy, and money altogether. I realized that I could just be myself and spend less money on worthy women overseas. I waited the next year to apply and obtain my passport from a local post office. Between that time and the time I went on my 2008 trip to Barranquilla, Colombia, I frequently visited international dating websites such as TLC Worldwide, Latineuro, I Love Latins, and Latin Affairs. I printed some images of beautiful Colombian and Dominican women. I regularly watched YouTube videos of them as well. I read online articles of them too. I could not get enough of the women overseas. I had never felt this way with American women.

Today, I am still amazed and interested with foreign women. I have not changed my feelings toward American women either. Although I know that some American women are beautiful inside and out and some foreign women are malicious, selfish, and materialistic, I still want to be with a foreign woman. There are more women as beautiful as she is abroad than there are in the States. I believe that she can give me more offers than an American woman does. Plus, if my relationship with the foreign woman does not work, I can always, quickly, or easily find another foreign women who is gorgeous also. I do not have this opportunity in the States unfortunately.

The day I have found out about foreign women has changed me as a person. But, my two subsequent trips to Colombia has really changed my life forever. I have enough experience with women regarding dating, communication, etc. I have a true friend (Erika) for life. I want to marry a Colombian or Dominican woman someday. I am happy every time I think, talk, or see an image or video of foreign woman (or women). I want to have a happier life, do what I love professionally and personally, and take my future wife to unforgettable places (i.e. Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Japan, Hawaii, so on). I constantly thank God everyday for creating these angelic creatures. What if He has not created them? What if He instead has made them like American/Western women behaviorally and characteristically? Then, I would be a different person currently. I would not have started this blog. I would not have gone overseas at all. I would not have met and befriended Erika and other foreigners. I probably would remain single or be with some American woman for desperation/attention. I would truly be living a life of misery.

When you have learned about foreign women, what has been your initial reaction? Give your comment(s) below.


Dominican model at beach – Latin Affairs Forum



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