Because There Are Too Many Good Women Overseas…

There are literally millions of single, lonely, friendly, available, and marriage-minded ladies in Colombia, Ukraine, Peru, Dominican Republic, Philippines, etc. They are so beautiful inside and out. They are like angels who have descended from Heaven. Thus, they cannot be ignored by the opposite sex for very long. Why do you (American or Western man) think that more men go to non-Westernized countries yearly?

In a few blog posts, I have mentioned that I want to go to 4 countries (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, and Philippines). I am very attracted to the variety of foreign women. I wish that I can be with all of them. However, I can only choose 1 for a serious relationship and let the rest of them go.

My blog exists because I really want to help improve the lives of single people around the world. I believe in international love despite of the ongoing negativity from the American/Western culture. To help countless deserving foreign ladies make their dreams come true, I can only come up with these 5 answers:

  • I want to encourage you and other like-minded men to go overseas and date internationally.
    • Foreign women are always excited and urged to welcome us and other American/Western men with open arms.
      • The majority of women do not get any chances to spend time or even see men from United States or the Western world.
      • The women are usually alone or busy with their jobs, children, etc.
    • If you are tired of being single or frustrated with dating at home, why should you not pay for a group or solo romance tour with:
  • I would continue writing and publishing more blog posts about foreign women.
    • I am going to repeat until I wake up many human eyes with the truth.
    • Foreign ladies are worth discussing over and over.
      • The only way I would stop blogging about them is getting a writer’s block.
      • However, I already have enough information for you to read and believe.
  • I am willing to learn additional information about the ladies.
  • I want God to help them find true love.
    • I am tired of seeing them (plus other good people) suffering from misery, loneliness, abuse, rejection, false accusations, etc.
      • If self-centered, unappreciated, or shady people get what they want, good people should as well.
    • God knows everything.
      • After all, He has created it.
      • Therefore, if a lonely foreign woman asks Him to bring a good man in her life, He would grant her wish.
        • All she has to do is to be patient, moral, and faithful to Him.
  • I constantly let them know how valuable they are to us American/Western men.
    • This blog (I have done by myself) is my actual proof.
      • Over 100 blog posts say it all.
    • What if most foreign women are exactly the same as most American/Western women are?
      • Then, I would have no reason or interest to go back to Latin America or anywhere else around the world.
      • This blog would definitely not exist at all.
        • For that reason, you would not know about it and its author (which is me).
      • Many other men and I would not have good reason(s) for dating or getting married whatsoever.
      • Some of us may become similar to Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie “Lars and the Real Girl“.
    • It is still hard to believe that attractive, nice, and sincere women (who do not care about our looks, race, wealth, etc.) exist in this world.
      • But, they are who they are mainly because of their male-dominated cultures.
      • Most foreign men are driving away good foreign women because of infidelity, abuse, indifference, etc.
        • Most American/Western women are doing the same with us and other American/Western men too.
        • So, international dating/marriage should grow in order to inform the people who have rejected us that we have moved forward.
        • There is always going to be someone (for each of us) who love, respect, etc. us (more).
          • We do not have to feel mistreated or devalued by locals anymore.
          • We can always travel overseas and find better women (or friends).

Despite that many foreign women share many good personality traits, they are unique in their own ways. If you ever visit a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine), please get to know them well and individually. The result is making an easy decision of who you truly want to build a monogamous relationship. Plus, you give countless other ladies hope in seeking their potential boyfriends or husbands.

International dating is successful thanks to A Foreign Affair agency, Dream Connections agency, and maybe my blog. International dating needs to increase because the number of single foreign women already has. There are so many of them although there is less work that international dating businesses can do for them. Hence, many women end up dateless and disappointed because many American/Western men come up with a gazillion excuses for staying in their comfort zones.

The solution for me and other international dating/marriage professionals is helping all of those men become true Men of Action.

It is very challenging.

But, I choose to believe that more men are going to fall in love and develop online or offline relationships with foreign women eventually.

Like me, other men (including you perhaps) would grow tired of their everyday problems at home.

They would see the rest of the world as a refuge.

Once they go abroad and encounter numerous feminine and honest foreign women, Men of Action (including myself and probably yourself) are no longer going to tolerate or see local American/Western women as their only options.

many Ukrainian women at romance tour social – A Foreign Affair


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