The Truth Speaks for Itself

I love the truth thanks to beautiful and sincere foreign women.

I also believe in it.

I respect it too.

I thank God for creating it.

Not only does it give me freedom but also it does give me bravery to record and publish it. Whether the viewers like my blog posts or not, I am going to continue speaking the facts and expressing my opinions. My helpful words need to be exposed and read by many people around the world.

Thanks to my personal experiences, I give you (American or Western man) 5 accurate statements that can change your life forever:

The truth tells you how you actually feel.

If you are truly satisfied with your life, then keep it as it is. But, if you are unhappy or unsatisfied, then do any or all of these options:

  • Talk to a friend or relative who is happy or satisfied.
  • Write your thoughts, ideas, desires, list of duties, etc. on a notebook.
  • Do whatever is necessary for the improvement of your life.

Life is a temporary gift from God. It should not be wasted. Follow your heart so that you would have happiness and zero regrets at the end of your life. Avoid following or listening to others who do not have your best interests at heart.

The truth tells you what to do.

It is a guide to your success and well-being. It is a solution to any problem(s) you are facing. Like the Lord God, it never leads you to frustration or disappointment. Why do you think we always move forward and get what we want or need?

The truth tells you where to go.

It is your natural leader. It never abandons or leaves you in a place of darkness or discomfort. It just wants to bring (more) peace, joy, love, etc. in your life. Through this blog, I am trying to do the same for you and other readers as well. There are too many people who are blind to the truth.

The truth tells you who to trust.

It shows you the real difference between honest and dishonest people. If you accept the (whole) truth, you cannot be fooled or convinced by good liars, frauds, or those who talk the talk. Like me, you can see right through them by observing their actions. When the truth is on your side, no one or nothing can defeat you.

Lastly, the truth confirms that your potential girlfriend or wife is waiting for you.

If she is located overseas, she wants to meet you someday. However, you must be a true Man of Action in order to continue visiting her and growing your relationship with her. If you are facing obstacle(s) that prevents you from getting on an airplane or so, let the truth help you overcome your obstacle(s) and focus mainly on her. 3 positive results for following your heart are:

The truth does not favor, discriminate, or hide what it is. It tells you who you are. It tells you what is going to happen. In addition, it tells you what you need to know or to do.

It does not care if you and other people like it or not.

But, it cares to bring you and the rest of humanity to everlasting happiness, freedom, etc.

If you are living a life based on lies, secrets, misery, learned helplessness, or bias of your family and friends, change it before it becomes worse.

Use the truth as your ticket to independence around the world.

You would truly and happily find yourself plus the woman of your dreams.

true quote by Khaled Hosseini – Popsugar


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