International Love Stories Part 5

There is that saying “love is in the air“. In addition, there are popular songs named after it as well. However, today, loneliness, depression, mediocrity, racism, and other negative things seem to take over the world and mindsets of many human beings.

Why do numerous people choose to remain single?

Why do they enjoy planning, attending, or having weddings but have no hesitance in getting breakups or divorces?

Furthermore, why are they against international dating or marriage?

A man and woman from different parts of this world have a right to be together.

If you (American or Westernized man) believe this fact and want to be in a relationship with a foreign woman, please read information about these 3 inspired couples below:

Mike and Natalie (90 Day Fiance)

In 2018, around his mid-30’s, the tall and country man (Mike) from Sequim, Washington decides to find the right woman in Kiev, Ukraine after:

  • seeing photos of the blonde and city beauty (Natalie)
  • getting much encouragement from his American friend (Matt) and her Ukrainian friend (Svitlana) who is also married to Matt
  • having some video chats with Natalie

Mike realizes that he and Natalie have much in common because of their:

  • previous marriages
  • roles as godparents to Matt and Svitlana’s daughter
  • support of loved ones (Mike’s “uncle” aka actual cousin Beau and Natalie’s mother)

Throughout season 7 of “90 Day Fiance” television series, you would see Mike and Natalie deal with disagreement about having kids, different religious beliefs, threat of not getting married (her throwing the engagement ring back to him), and her cheating accusation of him with his female American friend (Sara). However, he and Natalie still keep their relationship and go through the K1 fiance visa process. On the next and current season, she is able to legally enter the United States and stay as long as they wed each other within the 90-day fiance visa period. But, they face more problems:

  • his lack of communication
  • their arrogance
  • her pressure to encourage him to become a vegetarian like she is
  • his fear of marriage
  • her fear of deportation

Despite of their obstacles, they surprisingly get married on the last day of her fiance visa period. Nowadays, they are rumored to be separated. A few sources claim that she has moved to Seattle (which is 2 hours from Sequim). The reason(s) is unknown. Maybe we would know 100% once we see the season 8 Tell All. But, the positive side is that she can stay in United States, get her green card, and improve her marriage. She has a YouTube channel in which she mainly uploads cooking videos. He is neither shown nor discussed on them.

Fortunately, you can continue watching them on the upcoming 6th season of “…Happily Ever After?” television series.

Mike and Natalie – Kare 11

Gerbert/Holger and Oksana (Match Guaranty)

In the middle or late 2010’s, the middle-aged German guy with black hair becomes the right match for the youthful woman (Oksana) from the same city that Natalie has been born and raised. He and Oksana realize their strong chemistry after previously going through failed relationships with others. She has probably faced more negative experiences than he has. Like her, if you or I have lost trust in the dating system and dealt with rejection from most people, you or I would have difficulty in believing in true love. Nevertheless, she has overcome those barriers plus a language issue between her and Gerbert as well. Now, she is happily married in his nation (Germany) with their 3 year old son.

This couple is a great inspiration and example for single people who are willing to do whatever it takes for their long-term goals.

Holger/Gerbert and his wife Oksana – Match Guaranty

Karim and Irina (Elena’s Models)

The Russian female (Irina) from Novosibirsk has waited 3 years to meet and build a serious relationship with the Canadian male after joining Elena’s Models website. Because of her patience, positive attitude, and frequent email communication with him, he takes their connection to the next level by visiting and spending Christmas 2017 with her in her city. 7 months later, she reciprocates and travels where (Calgary, Canada) he lives too. They both decide to wed each other around Halloween of that same year. Today, they are living in his city with their 1 year old daughter.

They are hoping to create and grow “Elena’s Models Community” so that more men where he lives can follow his footsteps and find their possible Russian or Ukrainian wives through the dating website as well.

Karim and Irina – Elena’s Models


No matter what happens to us, who comes against us, or what we mistakenly do, good things always come subsequently. The 3 couples whom I have discussed above are good examples. They have fought the odds and still do so to this day.

Based on their love stories, I learn that a relationship with a foreign woman can make me stronger and keep me in a positive place. Indeed, the jobs that I have to work and the people whom I have to deal on a regular basis can do the total opposite to me. I am thus and forever grateful to the Lord God for my friendship and partnership with an Ukrainian woman named Elizabeth. The same thing goes with my connection toward 2 women (Victoria and Valeria) from her dating agency in Odessa, Ukraine too. Honestly, where would I emotionally be and who would I have become if God has not sent these amazing females in my life?

Life is truly a gift.

Do not let current problems, obstacles, and negative or small-minded people convince you that it is a curse.

They are distractions or barriers that are trying to prevent you from moving forward and reaching the fullness of your destiny.

This is something that American pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen may say.

Well, he is right concerning this fact.

We have to ignore who or what is trying to discourage or block us regardless.

On the other side, something or someone amazing is waiting for us.

I want to go to that place or should I say return to that place (e.g. Odessa, Ukraine) immediately and grow my bond with Victoria or Valeria.

Hopefully, you feel the same way too.

Follow your heart, find a woman who is right for you, and create a love story together.

Many people including your loved ones would thank you forever.

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