Big Family, Small Connection

During childhood, I wanted to be close to all of my family members. I was eager to have brother(s) even though I did not get my wish. I enjoyed attending family reunions especially on my mother’s side. Dancing in front of most of my relatives with a cousin proved my point. I also enjoyed playing games or toys with my cousins sometimes. I did not realize the easy life I had until I became older.

Now, as an adult, I am practically a stranger to most of my family members and vice versa whenever we reunite with each other. I am glad that I only have one sister. If I have brother(s) or more siblings in general, I would face more problems (e.g. money or something else they may ask me, their shady friends or partners I would have to get along, potential nieces/nephews I may have to babysit, relationship drama, etc.) from them. Just hearing about my cousins’s relationship problems is already painful for me. That is why I turn to women in other countries. I want to be with a woman whom I can hold hands, talk, walk to the beach or park, dance, and so on. There is no drama, stupidity, or argument about who is supposed to buy food or any other needed items. I think that I have encountered a couple who has argued about toothbrush(es) at my previous job.

I may not be close to most of my family members. However, I do see a connection with my future in-laws if I commit or marry Viktoria, Nadya, or another Ukrainian woman. What I like most about foreigners is that they are straightforward. For example, if my potential in-laws do not like me, they may instantly tell me how they feel plus tell her (whether it is Viktoria, Nadya, or someone else) to break up with me. But, if they do accept me for who I am, then they are going to encourage me to take my relationship with her to the next level. They are not going to play mind games as Chantel’s family (from “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” TV series) does with Pedro. I feel sorry for him or any other man who has to deal with in-laws from hell because of his marriage to an American or Westernized woman.

I may be a loner. I may prefer to connect with certain people who share the same interests I do. I however am willing to reconnect with my other family members for the sake of my parents. In some way, I call my cousins, aunts, and uncles “strangers with the same blood”. I share the same blood or last name with them whether I know them or not.

I really think that Viktoria is the right woman for me. She does have an extroverted personality that can bring me closer to my estranged relatives. She can make me whole and more confident whether I am around them or total strangers who are not related to them at all. Even if I instead choose Nadya or another Ukrainian woman for commitment or marriage, I hope that she shares some traits that Viktoria has.

In a previous blog post, I have mentioned that there is less human connection in United States or the Western world. Most Americans or Westerners including those we know and love are honestly self-absorbed. Everyone is in his or her own individualistic world. Everyone is divided by race, gender, age, etc. Everyone is more concerned about his or her materialistic things or problems than he/she is with those of others.

Therefore, love, peace, unity, and other good qualities have declined.

But, an American/Westerner as a true Christian or a foreigner who is similar can make a positive difference in many lives of negative people.

International dating or marriage needs to grow so that more people around the world can become united.

I may need Viktoria or someone like her in my life.

Otherwise, how can I (without her) actually bond with my other family members who are so open, sociable, and carefree?

How can I expect them to really care or show interest in me if I do not have a wife and kid(s)?

The last things I need are that they feel sorry for me and that they want to set me up with a local woman who would probably make me unhappy.

This is why I take Viktoria and other marriage-minded foreign women seriously.

I see Viktoria as my potential rock.

I value her as the missing piece to my puzzle.

I believe that she is my future.

In fact, I continue to have Skype video chats with her so that I can know her well and confirm my belief.

If I marry her plus have a child (or children) with her, then I may have a stronger connection with my aunts, uncles, and cousins than I have ever done in my life.

big family (not mines at all) – Locust Blog

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