Another Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

Although I have a previous Skype video chat with the woman (Viktoria) of my interest and her translator/friend Elizabeth, I am still nervous about having a 2nd one with them again. I am concerned about what I am going to say to them. I am also concerned what Viktoria is going to wear. I do not want to see her with a straw hat and a plain T-shirt again. I do not want to reject her like I have done with a previous date (Karina, who has looked nothing like her sexy “A Foreign Affair” photos) during my trip to Odessa, Ukraine. I have mentioned to Elizabeth that she can ask Viktoria about dressing better. I must see something sexy about Viktoria in order to become more attracted to her.

Both Ukrainian women have not disappointed me at all. In fact, our second video chat is better than our last one is. To let you (American or Western man) know, I provide you the details below:

Beginning of Chat

5 days before our 2nd Skype communication, Viktoria has celebrated her birthday. I think that she has turned 28. I have sent Elizabeth money via Western Union so that she can buy a pot of flowers for Viktoria. I am glad that Elizabeth has sent me 2 photos (of Viktoria holding a pot of flowers) and a video (of just the pot of flowers) via WhatsApp. Viktoria knows how much I care about her despite that I have not asked her out again in Odessa.

At 1 PM (8 PM in Odessa) on July 1, the 2nd Skype video chat begins. When I suddenly see Viktoria again, I am surprised. She looks like a totally different person. She is definitely more attractive than she has been previously. She wears a nice pink shirt with small black dots, heart necklace, a long ponytail, and maybe tight blue jeans and high heels. I am therefore more interested in knowing her well and wanting to spend extra time with her again. Of course, I have to take 2 photos of her. I want to remember her beautiful appearance probably for the rest of my life.

2nd video chat - Viktoria 2
beautiful Viktoria (top) and me (bottom) on Skype

Middle of Chat

Viktoria and Elizabeth start asking me if I hang out with friends. Sadly, I tell them that I do not mainly because I am either busy with this blog and my online business or tired after working long and unpleasant hours at my crappy job. I have thought of another reason (e.g. most locals who drink, curse, lie, steal, party, yell, gossip, play lousy music, etc.) why I do not have that many friends either. I decide to not tell them because I do not want to confuse, disappoint, or make them think that I am antisocial. They may be intelligent. But, they do not know as much about the screwed up American culture as I do. To be fair, I do not know everything about their culture (Ukrainian) either. I however want to learn and build a strong connection with Viktoria because she is worth pursuing for true love.

Sports is the next discussion we have. I tell them that I do not enjoy watching sports. But, I wish that I have told them that I like attending a live sports game or participating in one. During my childhood, I have done both occasionally but have lost interest eventually. If Viktoria enjoys playing sports (e.g. volleyball, swimming, or basketball), I would probably feel the same once I return and go to amazing places with her in Odessa. If she is interested in watching fantasy sports also, I would have to decline. However, our different interests cannot prevent us from taking our relationship to the next level.

Ending of Chat

Our 2nd chat is finished after almost 35 minutes. Viktoria is so eager for my return to Odessa next year. Staring at her beautiful appearance and hearing about her visit to a beach motivate me to save more money for my 2nd trip there and text Elizabeth when (June or July of next year) I might return. I want to reunite with Viktoria in Odessa as soon as possible. But, all I can do for now is send her extra money via Western Union and schedule our 3rd paid video chat on Jul 29 (which is 4 weeks later).

I want that gorgeous woman in my arms.


I am glad to see a major transformation in Viktoria.

Thus, I want to strengthen my relationship with her. I do think about her everyday. I can really see a monogamous relationship between us. I really hope that she looks hot again or even better for our upcoming 3rd Skype meeting. Therefore, I can constantly think less about Nadya and other beautiful foreign women.

Skype communication is almost like being in the same room with another person. It really does bring 2 people (or more) together. They may be in separate countries, states, or cities. However, they are encouraged to reunite or meet each other wherever they choose.

I highly recommend Skype communication to many American/Western men who are curious or serious about women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, Ethiopia, etc.

Because I can continue to talk to Viktoria and Elizabeth on Skype (without any difficulties), other men can do the same with foreign women too.

I know that it has actually created international couples.

Law and Alona Jackson from “Dream Connections” dating agency are its prime examples.

If you want to find your future wife, follow their footsteps.

Then, follow your heart and connect with her as much as I am with Viktoria.

2nd video chat - Viktoria
another Skype photo of Viktoria (top) and me (bottom)

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