If You Do Not Follow Your Heart…

Thank God for giving each of us a heart. Therefore, He can speak and lead each of us to righteousness and happiness. He also wants us to help many other people who are lost or blind to the truth as well.

The world is so screwed up because most people refuse to follow God or their hearts. According to the Bible, they take joy in listening to their sinful minds or other people (e.g. celebrities, national leaders, or false prophets) who represent the ungodly world. If you (American or Westernized man) are one of those secular people who ignore their hearts, you are going to cause these 5 negative results:

disappointing foreign women

If most Ukrainian, Philippine, Dominican, etc. women do not see more good men (including you) coming to their countries, the women may become sad and doubtful of ever finding true love. Many American/Western men lie, break promises, or come up with many excuses for staying home (also known as the “Comfort Zone“). They are letting their family members, friends, feminists, and other obstacles stop them from connecting with sincere and marriage-minded foreign ladies.

If you do not go to Colombia, Philippines, or another country where women outnumber men), how can you tell if your potential girlfriend or wife is there or not?

learning true colors of people who “care” about you

Sooner or later, you are going to find the truth about those whom you choose to listen. If you are discouraged (by friends or relatives especially) from visiting a foreign country and finding the woman of your dreams, you would realize how ignorant, self-centered, and despicable they are. Matt from season 4 of “90 Day Fiance” indeed has learned more information about his family and friends regarding his choice to marry his 4th wife Alla (Ukrainian). He has said that his first and third wives (who are both American) have cheated on him with other local men (on episode 1). Do not be surprised if his loved ones have encouraged him to marry those unfaithful women. Few of his loved ones have even encouraged him to cheat on Alla with a local stripper (on episode 9).

I am going to pursue international love whether my small-minded family and friends like it or not.

What about you?

resulting in loneliness

It is good to be alone if you need to clear your mind and get your life back on track. However, it is the opposite if you surrender to your obstacles. You deserve to be happy and united with a positive or strong-minded woman. Make your life better by persistently finding her wherever she is.

Although your family and friends are harmless, they can run and ruin your life if you let them.

sending yourself to a spiritually dark place

It is difficult to go somewhere you can relax, enjoy life, be safe, and escape from everyday problems. But, it is so easy to go to a place that can traumatize or make you miserable. You would probably feel like a slave or victim who is held against his will. If you have been tricked or tempted to follow a “cool” friend or friends  (who smoke, lie, steal, drink, speak foolish words, etc.), you can plan to get away from them. It is not too late to:

  • change your life
  • follow your heart
  • go overseas
  • meet new friends (who are most likely foreigners)
  • find international love

If you are somewhere (e.g. Kherson, Ukraine) innocent women can wear dresses and high heels, walk on the streets, and avoid getting unwanted attention (from perverted men and jealous women), you would probably feel safe 100%.

becoming someone else unintentionally

You may not realize how much you change after doing something that is different, going somewhere that is different, or hanging out with someone who is different. But, your family members, neighbors, and others would notice a change in you. They may treat you as a criminal, stranger, or an outcast. Then, you may feel guilty of your new behavior or indifferent to their opinions. I say all of this due to my negative experiences.

If you really want other people to have positive viewpoints about you, just:

  • plan your trip
  • travel to a foreign country
  • take many photos of the places, people, etc. you are in contact
  • start a blog (like I have) based on your international experiences
  • develop a friendship or serious relationship with a foreign lady

If you want to become heroic and inspirational to others at home, why should you not commit or marry a woman from another country?


The heart exists so that good things can happen in this chaotic world.

God knows how corrupted our minds are. That is why He has created and strengthened our hearts. Thus, He can send us to the right direction.

If you do not go after your own desires, you are going to do what your family members, friends, coworkers, or other local people want you to do. You are going to rob yourself of your freedom despite that you are a grown man. In addition, you are going to prevent yourself from exploring an amazing foreign culture and connecting with your future foreign lady.

Do not disappoint her.

Do not also disappoint your heart.

Find everlasting love, joy, peace, unity, etc. wherever they are.

Then, you would have no regrets (unlike most people) when you become older.

choosing between your heart and your mind – Intentional Living Center

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