My Review – “My Dominican Love” Website

8 years ago (2010), Chris Everett Ballard has begun “My Dominican Love” dating agency for the intention of uniting an American/Western man and a Dominican woman. He himself has fallen in love and married a Dominican woman a couple of years later. Now, they run the international dating business with 5 employees who are helping it grow around Dominican Republic.

Even though “Latin Affairs” dating website is now focusing only on emailing, chatting, and sending silly winks to Dominican ladies like does, “My Dominican Love” dating website still provides romance tours. I am happy that I can get another chance to meet and date dark-skinned foreign ladies (in Dominican Republic) with a sincere and goodhearted translator available for support. If you (American or Western man) feel the same way, first read my positive and negative opinions of the Dominican dating website:


  • acceptance of PayPal
  • good prices for 4 romance tours
    • I also like the featured photos for all romance tours as well.
    • If you are interested in meeting Dominican ladies, choose any of these options:
  • plenty of social media links
    • You can find them in both the header and footer areas of the website.
    • If you need (more) verification that the website is legit, honest, and secure, just click on these 3 links:

2 Dislikes

  • extra money to see extra images of ladies
  • expensive gifts
    • I would rather save money and meet a particular woman (or women) in person instead of staying home and sending her a flower or stuffed toy that costs too much money.
    • However, if you are willing to buy expensive item(s) in order to make a particular woman feel valued or special, please do so.


If you are interested in pursuing your potential Dominican girlfriend or wife, join “My Dominican Love” website.

It is legit. It gives you enough information that you can trust. It accepts PayPal which is the safest payment method of the world. Furthermore, it is linked to social media profiles so that you can know the owner and his wife well.

Despite that I am going to Odessa, Ukraine for a Euro Club membership (an individual romance tour) next month, I am still attracted to Dominican women.

Do you feel the same way too?

If so, go find your Dominican love.

To motivate you, I provide you below a couple of images:

My Dominican Love” website – My Dominican Love Facebook page
American/Western man with 3 Dominican women – My Dominican Love
3 Dominican women – My Dominican Love Facebook page
Dominican woman – My Dominican Love Facebook page
another Dominican woman – My Dominican Love Facebook page
a third Dominican woman – My Dominican Love Facebook page
Chris Everett Ballard (owner) – MyDominican Love Facebook page
Chris (right) and his Dominican wife/co-owner (left) – MyDominican Love Facebook page

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