8 Cities Where You Can Meet Sincere Ladies

To celebrate International Women’s Day (even though it is 10 days after March 8), I want to discuss 8 foreign cities where thousands of single and lonely American/Western men can visit for true love. If you (American or Western man) are one of them, stop coming up with many excuses and go find the woman of your dreams overseas. So, here are 8 cities you can choose to seek her:

Barranquilla, Colombia

It is the city where the second largest carnival of the world takes place. It is the birthplace of beautiful Colombian celebrities such as Shakira and Sofia Vergara. Additionally, it is my “second home” because of the comfort, joy, and friendships I have built with the women. I am still in contact with my former translator (Erika) and a woman (Stefanny) I have dated twice on social media.

If you want to easily meet women who stay fit, have respect for men in general, love to dance, etc., you can go to these safe places:

  • shopping malls (that have arcades, casinos, movie theaters, etc.)
  • clubs (e.g. Discolo and Agua Helada)
  • hotels
  • even the streets (where I have seen a little girl standing without a parent or guardian)

A Barranquillan woman may be late for your date. But, she is worth waiting because she would dress to impress you. She would be very loyal if you want to:

  • be in a serious relationship with her
  • learn her culture and language
  • meet and bond with her family
  • create a family with her
  • so on

Whether you meet her from an online dating website (e.g. Colombian Cupid), on an individual romance tour through “A Foreign Affair” dating agency, or on your own, you (like myself) would remain safer and become more successful with dating than you are at home.

Dorelis (Barranquilla, Colombia) – AFA #173724

Lima, Peru

If you are interested in visiting Machu Picchu or Sacred Valley, take a beautiful Peruvian woman with you. Learn about her ancestors, culture, etc. She would be a great tour guide for you because she lives there. She may look indigenous or seem mysterious. But, she is willing to open up and tell you how she feels about you. She plus thousands of other Peruvian women are waiting to receive true love from good American/Western men.

If you are not interested in going to a historical or cultural place like Machu Picchu, then consider going to any of these places for fun and access to gorgeous and marriage-minded ladies:

  • malls (e.g. Plaza San Miguel)
  • beaches (e.g. Mira Flores)
  • stores (e.g. Plaza Mayor)
  • clubs (e.g. Gotica Club)

Lima is another Latin American city (besides Barranquilla) that can give you total satisfaction with a breathtaking lady in your arms.

Frida (Lima, Peru) – AFA #178101

San Jose, Costa Rica

If you want to go somewhere that is not far from the country (e.g. United States) you live, go to San Jose. Not only would you spend less money on your airline tickets but also you would have more money to spend at these places:

  • hotels (e.g. Hotel Del Rey)
  • bars
  • beaches
  • clubs (e.g. El Pueblo)
  • supermarkets

Costa Rican women are called ticas. If you know their Spanish language well or even a little, you would know that fact. But, if you want to know them well, you have to spend more time with them. Relax with any of them, flirt, smile, dress your best, learn extra information about them, etc. Then, you can really find the tica of your dreams.

Ana (San Jose, Costa Rica) – AFA #175636

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Many lovely women go to school there. Date one of them who who would love to teach you about her culture and use her long legs for walking many miles with you. Connect with her by visiting a special place (e.g. Peter and Paul Fortress or Catherine Park).

Names of Russian women such as Natasha, Svetlana, and Anastasia should motivate you to visit Saint Petersburg. Those names would tell you how beautiful and unforgettable the women are. If you ever date and buy a woman flowers or valuable gift(s) on March 8 (which is International Women’s Day, a popular holiday in Russia), she would always remember that special day with you.

If you want to find a woman who appreciates what you give or do for her, go to that Russian city.

Anastasia (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – AFA #178074

Bangkok, Thailand

Why is it called the “City of Angels“?

Maybe the reason is that many angelic women live there. They are always waiting to meet and connect with you and other American/Western men. Thai ladies are so mature, respectful, familiar with our American/Western culture, and willing to help you overcome any problems you have. Their city has so many fun activities and attractions (Take the Sky Train for guidance if necessary.) that can help you enjoy every moment of your life. An American man (Matt Ryan) has fallen in love with the city so much that he has actually moved there to be with his Thai wife. Click on that linked sentence to see his interview with Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” business.

Whether you attend a romance tour (with either “A Foreign Affair” or “Dream Connections” dating agency) or go to Bangkok by yourself, you can still find the right woman. Just ask David Toborowsky from season 5 of “90 Day Fiance” television series. Because he has found his future wife (Annie Suwan) with less money, less knowledge about the city, and less help from anyone else, you can do the same as well.

Tima (Bangkok, Thailand) – DC #0661912

Nikolaev, Ukraine

If you are serious about marrying a foreign woman, travel to this city (also known as the “City of Brides“). You can find date plenty of blondes, brunettes, and other Ukrainian ladies who are traditional, family-oriented, and loyal. Choose a special woman and take her to the Nikolaev Zoo, Museum of Shipbuilding, or somewhere she loves or always wants to go. Whether you develop a monogamous relationship with her or not, she would feel (more) valuable and encouraged to follow her heart.

Elena (Nikolaev, Ukraine) – DC #3802110

Shenzhen, China

If you want to spend less money for food, transportation, etc., go to this Chinese city. You can enjoy your dates with sophisticated ladies at amazing places like Window of the World theme park and Shekou port. They may be considered ‘leftovers‘ by their families, friends, and the rest of society (who pressure them into marrying uncaring men). But, Chinese women deserve more respect than what they receive due to their:

  • intelligence
  • professionalism
  • ability to start their own businesses
  • sincerity

It is not too late (just a few days from today) to attend an “A Foreign Affair” romance tour in Shenzhen if you are interested in a serious relationship with an ageless Chinese lady.

Lingjiao (Shenzhen, China) – AFA #177809

Cebu City, Philippines

Whether you visit this city or a similar one (e.g. Davao), you would still meet genuine, fun, and exotic women. Most of them may look like high school girls. But, they are very mature regardless of their different ages. If you enjoy going to a beach, nightclub, or mall (e.g. Ayala Center) and wearing casual clothes and flip flops, then consider dating or building a lasting relationship with a Philippine lady.

Book a “A Foreign Affair” romance tour there in 5 months and enter paradise where she awaits you.

Alilou Jane (Cebu City, Philippines) – AFA #134619


Honestly, what does the “Comfort Zone” have and what are those 8 foreign cities missing?

If you stay home, you would never know the true meaning of dating, life, love, or beauty of women. United States, Canada, Australia, and other Westernized countries are good for starting businesses, buying nice items, and voicing your opinions. However, you are not going to find much human connection at home. If you do not agree or want the same things that everyone else wants, you may be treated like an outcast, criminal, or ghost. I say this because of my negative experiences.

Life is short.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Overcome anyone or anything that is keeping you from going anywhere.

Do not have any regrets when you become older.

Go to any foreign city I have mentioned above.

Regardless of where you go, you would still feel safe and appreciated as a man and human being.

You can easily find a honest woman (for friendship, commitment, or marriage) who is going to be there for you (in person or on social media) no matter what.

Then, you would see international dating as a blessing as I do.


  1. I would definitely add Bratislava to this list. Slovak women are loyal and quite direct, straightforward. They are rarely interesting to talk to, they are more like traditional home makers and are not interested in many things, but they are polite, not high maintainance, easy going, supportive, and for those with a wish to become a father, very family oriented, having kids is their biggest goal in life. Lots d them are still very religious, which can be annoying and slow down the dating process considerably…


    • I think that I have mentioned about Slovak women on “Women of Eastern Europe” blog post.

      Anyways, I am glad to learn more information about women in Slovakia after reading some of your blog posts.


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