Ukrainian Bombshells

I am crazy about Ukrainian women as I am with Dominican and Colombian foreign women. Indeed, Ukrainian women are irresistible and very attractive; I understand why many American or Western men travel to the Eastern European country. International dating companies like A Foreign Affair (AFA) and Dream Connections agencies repeatedly sell out romance tours there every time. Most of the media primarily discusses women from Ukraine, Russia, or both countries. Even an Ukrainian woman (Olga Reznikova) who regularly posts YouTube videos has started an international dating business and introductions between other Ukrainian women and American/Western men.

A black American/Western man (like myself) has an easier chance of meeting, dating, and connecting with Ukrainian women (or other white foreign women) than he does in his own country. He does not have to worry about being discriminated or mistreated due to the race or color of his skin. The same thing applies to a white American/Western man who loves Dominican women or other dark-skinned foreign women. Ukrainian women may find black men (or men of color) intriguing or special. Ukrainian women and other foreign women do not discriminate as much as American/Western women (or American/Western people in general) do. Foreign women are only concerned about finding good men regardless of race, age, appearance, wealth, etc. If most American/Western women have the same attitude as well…

Have you (American/Western man) met/dated women in Ukraine?

If not, are you interested?

What do you want to know about them?

I would like to discuss the following information about the women based on their different hair colors:


There is that saying “blondes have more fun“. Plus, they are good looking too. No wonder I find Shakira (even if her hair color is not original) so hot. Like her, Ukrainian women with blonde hair also draw many American/Western men. According to the Ukrainian Girls Photos website, the majority of Ukrainian women is blonde. So, because more blondes are dating or marrying American/Western men, the international dating/marriage industry is truly and fortunately booming. If you are interested in a blonde, consider attending an AFA romance tour, attending a Dream Connections quest tour, or creating your own romance tour instead.

blonde (Juliana) –

Brunettes and Blacks

Whether some Ukrainian women have brunette or black hair, they still have dark hair anyway. They represent elegance, mystery, passion, and strength. Because they also show superiority, most American/Western men may fall in love and marry them. Brunettes and blacks are claimed to encourage or reduce the emotional pain of their boyfriends or husbands. Therefore, if you want to build a solid relationship or marriage, consider picking an Ukrainian woman with brunette or black hair.

brunette (Irina) – Ukrainian Girls Photos 


You may grow old with an Ukrainian with red or reddish-brown hair (if you choose to marry her). She would however remain young, independent, seductive, and charming to you. Auburns or redheads, in the Ukrainian culture, exemplify the sun and maybe fire as well. They are as unique and mysterious as brunettes and blacks are. But, blondes and brunettes/blacks may become so jealous of auburns or redheads that blondes/brunettes/blacks change their hair colors. For this possible reason, an auburn or redhead would never bore you. You can create unforgettable and romantic memories with her as a potential girlfriend or wife.

auburn or redhead (Natalya) – Ukrainian Girls Photos

Thanks to Ukrainian bombshells (or should I say gorgeous women), international dating/marriage has risen. It would continue to gain popularity although less American/Western men are currently traveling to Ukraine.

I plan to go to Ukraine through an AFA romance tour in the future.

What about you?

Ukrainian women are hard to ignore. Besides beautiful women in the Philippines and Latin America, Ukrainian women are worth visiting, dating, and possibly marrying. Finding a woman with both inner and outer beauty is very difficult in United States or some Westernized country (e.g. England). If you want to suffer less pain and go the easy way of meeting women, travel to Ukraine or another foreign country (e.g. Colombia). You would not regret it. You would find who or what has been missing in your life.


    • I am Ukrainian-Canadian born and Ukrainian women are great lovers a good choice for men looking for a beautiful girlfriend, I would recommend them to any man in the west tired of western women.Ukrainian women are also very loving and caring also ooze femininity. Ukrainian women are strong and independent but still maintain that strong loving female.


      • You are right. I do see the characteristics you describe of Ukrainian women in Viktoria. I talk to her on Skype every month. I plan to reunite with her in Odessa this summer. I might give her a surprise birthday gift because her birthday is in late June anyway.


  1. اهم شي
    في النساء الاكرانيات
    اشعر انهم صادقين
    في حبهم
    ولا يعرفون الخيانة


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