5 Foreign Foods I Want to Eat

As much as I want to return overseas and date lovely foreign women again, I also want to eat good foreign food I never have. According to Bud Patterson from A Foreign Affair dating agency, foreign food (especially in Ukraine) is healthier, more natural, and more delicious than American food is. Whenever I successfully build my online business, make more money, and leave my current job, I would like to visit 5 countries for these particular foods:

Vatrushka (Ukraine)

I would like to have this attractive dish with a beautiful Ukrainian date. It is basically a fully done dough (sweet or not) with quark filling (mixed or 100% cheese) in the middle. Other ingredients that can be added in the quark filling:

  • nuts
  • raisins
  • so on

Eating this food item may help me forget about grilled cheese sandwich or stuffed crust pizza. If I can replace the quark filling from Vatrushka with a filling contained with melted sharp cheddar cheese, melted mozzarella cheese, or both and add meats including pepperoni, Italian sausage, etc., I would be elated. My ideal date would become better than I have expected.

Vatrushka – Around the World by Plate

Yakitori (Japan)

Because I enjoy eating grilled food, I may fall in love with the Japanese food item. It is pieces of burned but marinaded chicken on a bamboo stick. I know that I am going to enjoy the food item anyway because of its sweet flavor. Adding fried rice, vegetables, and egg rolls for my ideal meal would probably encourage me to prolong my stay in Japan. Then, I can enjoy eating more Japanese foods.

Yakitori – Pinterest

Frittata (Italy)

Not only do I want to go to a restaurant in Italy and eat classic spaghetti, lasagna, or pizza, I also want to eat the breakfast dish (Frittata) too. It looks like an omelette or quiche without a crust. But, the difference is that the Italian food item is initially cooked on a stove and then cooked in a oven. Another fact about the dish is that its fillings are mixed with the eggs. Once I taste it, I want to verify if it is more flavorful than an omelette (cooked only on a stove) or quiche (cooked only in an oven) is.


Frittata – YouTube

Melktert (South Africa)

Its original name in English is “milk tart”. However, I still want to eat it because it looks as good as a key lime pie or lemon custard pie (Both of them are indeed my favorites.) does. Melktert is composed of these primary ingredients:

  • pastry crust
  • milk
  • flour
  • sugar
  • eggs

Although I can make a recipe for Melktert at home, I prefer to go to a South African restaurant and eat the dessert from talented chef(s) or cook(s).

Melktert – Everything South Africa

Fugazza (Argentina)

Even though this Argentine pizza does not include tomato sauce and sometimes even cheese, I hope that it is tasty and worth spending my money. Fugazza usually contains olive oil, onions, dough, and oregano. Additional ingredients can be blended or included in the dish as well (for preferences of customers). If I really love the dish, I must have pepperoni and cheese flavor of it next time.

Fugazza – The Spruce

Foreign foods are just as desirable and valuable as foreign women are.

Having delicious food with a beautiful, simple, and sincere date is unforgettable.

I still remember going to a Chinese restaurant with a Colombian woman despite that it has been over 8 years.

I cannot wait to create more food memories with other foreign women. However, I can create unlimited food memories with my future wife. I would like to take her around the world, visit different restaurants, and eat whatever we want. Because true love has brought us close to each other, sharing or eating good and healthy foods together can deepen our relationship.

What about you (American or Western man)?

Do you want to go overseas and eat amazing foreign food with a beautiful woman?

If you have, please discuss below.


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