5 Foreign Restaurants that I Want to Visit

The ongoing Russian war/invasion in Ukraine still affects me to this day. Fortunately, for Foreign Chat Web business, I still have Ukrainian ladies (Vita Shafinska and her friends (Liza and Olesya)) who still wish to do more videos and help me take it to a higher level. I am very grateful to God for turning all of this into a solid reality despite of unexpected obstacles.

4 years ago, I have written about 5 exotic foods that I want to consume. Please read that blog post if you (American or Westernized man) can for your inspiration. Otherwise, continue reading the following details about these 5 foreign restaurants that are interesting in my opinion and maybe yours:


Type of Restaurant: Fried chicken (predominant) or Philippine

Location: Philippines

My Thoughts: Fried chicken is popular where (North Carolina) I live. There are plenty of national/local restaurants such as KFC, Popeye’s, Golden Skillet, Bojangles, and Chick’Fil’A that attract numerous customers due to their specific items. However, I am curious about the restaurants’ Philippine competitor (Jollibee). I have learned that CEO Tony Tan Caktoing has created the Philippine restaurant so that he give recognition to his busy, kind, and hardworking fellow brothers and sisters. I am also surprised that the name of the restaurant is inspired by Lumba and perhaps actual bee(s). Nevertheless, I can obtain more facts about Jollibee business if I visit a restaurant in the Philippines. Eating its tasty food (minus the spaghetti which looks fake and repulsive in my eyes) with a beautiful and potential foreign wife would be a benefit for me.

Jollibee restaurant – Aseanrecords.world

Pizzeria La Boccaccia

Type of Restaurant: Italian, pizza, and/or Mediterranean

Location: Rome, Italy

My Thoughts: For all of my life, I enjoy eating pizza. I prefer Pizza Hut or a local Italian restaurant because of the delicious taste. Even though I consider the pizza from Domino’s, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, or Little Caesar’s disgusting or average, you may have a different opinion. But, can we both agree and pick a restaurant that has better and healthier pizzas? If so, then maybe visiting a pizza restaurant in its country (Italy) of origin is the answer. Pizzeria La Boccaccia is a great example because it:

  • keeps its Italian tradition
  • gives easy access to local citizens and travelers in Rome
  • proves and provides freshness of its menu items
  • helps customers enjoy their special events personally, professionally, or both

I want to eat its rectangular-shaped pizza slices. I am glad that they are made of raw, fresh, and healthy ingredients. They are beneficial to my health anyway. Consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, and water everyday can keep me from feeling stomach pain again.

Pizzeria La Boccaccia restaurant – TasteAtlas

Juici-Beef Patties

Type of Restaurant: Caribbean, Jamaican, and/or fast food

Location: Jamaica

My Thoughts: I praise the Jamaican native (Jukie Chin) for starting the restaurant with a cashier and baker in 1980. Despite of his 16 years of age then, he has succeeded in making and selling beef patties. He is a positive role model and inspiration to me (who manages Foreign Chat Web business with Elizabeth) due to turning his passion into a reality, supporting his family members, and sharing taste and other qualities of beef patties with other people around Jamaica. I always and only see spicy beef patties plus beef and cheese patties at the frozen aisles in local Food Lion and Walmart stores. Nevertheless, I want to try other patty flavors such as (curry) chicken, shrimp, and even vegetable. If I ever go to the Caribbean country with a possible wife and visit one of his restaurants, I would definitely love to have the “Fried Chicken & Chips” meal. After all, fried foods are popular in United States due to their taste, seasonings, and looks.

Juici-Beef Patties restaurant – Trip Advisor


Type of Restaurant: Yakitori, Japanese, and/or Asian

Location: Japan

My Thoughts: Like fried foods, Asian food is also popular to many Americans as well. I cannot get enough of Chinese fried rice, lo mein noodles, and especially sweet and sour chicken. They are always delicious every time I consume them. Hopefully, I would have the same reaction toward Japanese food if I ever visit Kushiwakamaru restaurant. Many customers enjoy consuming portions of skewered chicken, beef, and/or vegetables with rice, noodles, and large glasses of beer. They are given that old school or traditional feeling consequently. Similar to them, I also wish to think that I have stepped into a time machine and revisited a past year. The difference is having a beautiful foreign female to accompany me throughout this trip. Anyways, I actually hope that I can go on a future trip to Japan and visit the restaurant with her by my side. Perhaps we would share a stick of skewered meat and vegetables together.

Kushiwakamaru restaurant – Japan Journeys

Bar Urca

Type of Restaurant: Empadao or Brazilian

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

My Thoughts: Other than Mexican food, I do not know much about food from other Latin American cultures. I have eaten it in Colombia and Dominican Republic despite of my dislike of it. But, maybe eating empadaos, bolinho da ternihas, pot pies, or fish fillet with broccoli rice and fries from Bar Urca restaurant would give me a different perspective toward Latin American food overall. Regardless of the unique tastes and traits of the food, the Brazilian restaurant becomes popular mainly due to treating its customers as family members. As a result, I develop a positive impression about the restaurant. Neither have I eaten food from it nor have I traveled to its city (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) whatsoever. A credible source from Trip Advisor website has helped me with this fact. Possibly, you may feel the same way about the exotic restaurant and other interesting places that you have never visited at all.

Bar Urca restaurant – Trip.com


I hope that my specific information about the 5 foreign restaurants really encourage you to go abroad and eat amazing food. Honestly, I have not really been to great restaurants in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine. The majority of the food has been average or repulsive in my opinion. But, the best ones that I have eaten from each country are:

  • Colombia – grilled chicken and beef with vegetables
  • Dominican Republic – cheese empanadas
  • Ukraine – grilled pork ribs and Ukrainian cake separately

If you ever become tired of the food in United States or your own country, consider visiting exotic restaurant(s) whether you go overseas or another city or state within your nation.

Nonetheless, if you have difficulty in accessing to exotic restaurant(s), then maybe you should shop for exotic food at a local supermarket and cook it at home.

Some exotic food may look weird but taste good or look attractive but taste awful.

But, there is other exotic food that you may fall in love or like more than the food you usually consume.

Anyways, give exotic food a try like the late American chef (Anthony Bourdain) has countless times.

You might be inspired to start a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram page, or even an international business like I already have.

Dating or building a serious relationship with a foreign lady who shares your interest or passion is a huge advantage.

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