Icelandic Women versus Jamaican Women

Weather comes to my mind when it comes to Iceland and Jamaica. Iceland is usually cold around the year mostly. But, the hot climate does the same for Jamaica. Regardless of various weather, both nations consist of various and stunning ladies.

Are you (American or Western man) curious or encouraged to seek your potential girlfriend or wife in any of the 2 countries?

If so, then please read specific facts about each group of females on the bottom:



Icelandic Women

  • blonde hair
  • red hair
  • brown hair
  • black hair
  • blue eyes
  • tall heights
  • thin weights
  • black eyes
  • brown eyes
  • light or fair skin tones

Jamaican Women

  • straight black hair
  • caramel brown skin complexions
  • dark skin complexions
  • thin body shapes
  • curvy body shapes
  • mixed with African, German, East Indian, and Chinese races
  • blue eyes
  • freckles
  • round butts
  • large breasts


Jamaican Women

There is something special and irresistible about them. They are nice to look in photos or videos, meet in person, and build permanent relationships. Although most of them share the same skin colors with those in other countries, Jamaicans are not discriminated as much as other black women are. Jamaicans are not really ignored either. Most men in general may become instantly attracted to them once they land in Kingston, Montego Bay, Spanish Town, or another Jamaican city. Therefore, the men may enjoy their vacations with the ladies more than the men do with their Icelandic sisters.

10455692_604739926336681_9177979438604467031_n (1)
attractive Jamaican females – “Jamaican Beauty” Facebook page


Icelandic Women

  • coats
  • various dresses
  • leather pants
  • woolen sweaters
  • long sleeve shirts
  • socks
  • suit coats
  • rubber boots
  • purses
  • sportswear
  • jeans
  • shawls
  • leggings
  • trousers
  • hoods
  • scarves
  • jewelries
  • various shoes
  • lingerie

Jamaican Women

  • quadrilles (national dresses for dancing)
  • long skirts
  • blouses
  • long dresses
  • short sleeve shirts
  • head scarves
  • shorts
  • swimsuits
  • bikinis
  • long pants
  • knitted hats
  • dreadlocks
  • bandanas
  • Yucatan shirts
  • safari jackets
  • bush jackets
  • necklaces
  • boots
  • sneakers
  • high heels
  • earrings


Jamaican Women

If you visit social media such as Facebook and Pinterest, you are going to see plenty of images of gorgeous Jamaican models. Like me, you may be tempted to continue staring at the photos due to the sexy clothing that they wear and nice and warm backgrounds they are located. Being with a half-naked lady at a tropical beach seems more inviting than being with a fully clothed Icelandic woman inside a building under low temperature does. You can easily remember and enjoy your possible vacation in Jamaica, the year-round hot weather, and a pretty woman or women in your arms.

Jamaican runway model – Jamaica Divas Magazine



Icelandic Women

  • alluring
  • sexual
  • respectful
  • fair to the opposite sex
  • peaceful
  • diligent
  • independent
  • powerful
  • fearless
  • confident
  • fun
  • outgoing
  • calm
  • hospitable
  • secure
  • self-assured
  • reserved during daytime perhaps
  • sociable during nighttime
  • honest
  • straightforward
  • adventurous
  • easygoing
  • loyal
  • healthy
  • stubborn
  • relaxed
  • positive
  • family-oriented
  • maternal
  • competent

Jamaican Women

  • outgoing
  • patriotic
  • rude or unfriendly to suspicious men
  • approachable at bars and nightclubs
  • fashionable
  • competent when it comes to dancing and modeling
  • optimistic
  • exotic
  • seductive
  • charismatic
  • friendly
  • compatible
  • decisive
  • spontaneous
  • adventurous
  • bilingual (able to speak both English and Patois aka Jamaican Creole)
  • faithful to their men
  • jealous
  • loving
  • supportive
  • passionate
  • aggressive
  • sincere
  • cultural
  • very open to foreigners
  • romantic
  • respectful
  • ambitious
  • opinionated
  • eccentric
  • original
  • unique


Icelandic Women

Although they are not as approachable as Jamaican females are, Icelanders seem to have more appropriate traits that you and other American/Western men may desire in your potential wives or girlfriends. Most ladies in Iceland probably have more respect for their bodies. They are hence not going to embarrass you, and other men by wearing inappropriate clothes or being fully nude in public. In addition, the women see their ideal boyfriends or husbands as equal partners. The women want to make sure that the opposite sex is on the same page with them regarding gender roles, household duties, family, and leisure.

Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir – Angelopedia

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Icelandic Women

  • actively and regularly participate on International Cupid or Adult Friend Finder website
  • do not worry what others say or think when it comes to their public, personal, and professional decisions
  • willing to work hard and nonstop for their goals
  • believe in gender equity and respect thanks to their mothers and grandmothers
  • have masculine behaviors even though they dress femininely
  • may start conversation or ask men for dates if they feel chemistry
  • probably drink, fornicate, and party on a regular basis
  • comfortable in encountering former boyfriends or lovers at public places
  • willing to buy drinks for men
  • enjoy dancing and befriending strangers
  • available for the opposite sex at nightclubs and single bars
  • active on social media and dating websites for immediate and constant human connection
  • enjoy visiting parks, beaches, museums, zoos, etc.
  • love to discuss nature, sports, music, and other diverse topics
  • may expect or desire flowers during their 1st dates
  • need respect from men when it comes to their privacy, space, and time for themselves
  • willing or able to visit your country (e.g. United States) if any of them feels a strong connection to you
  • prefer to wait for marriage unless they give birth
  • believe in sex before marriage
  • love raising and supporting children
  • describe themselves as ice princesses or mysterious personas
  • enjoy household duties
  • prefer to work, earn their own salaries, and learn difficult things independently

Jamaican Women

  • definitely love dancing and partying
  • may be comfortable in meeting their dates at malls, stores, parks, schools, or other public places
  • willing to communicate with the opposite sex on Caribbean Cupid website
  • comfortable in sticking with those they know
  • enjoy dating in restaurants, cocktail bars, parks, beaches, or museums
  • deal with ongoing mistreatment from local Jamaican males
  • mainly attracted to men with good hearts and serious intentions
  • speak loudly, lack respect, commit physical abuse, and/or has children especially if they are Dutty women
  • open to talk to men on Skype for honesty, trust, and removal of doubt or fear
  • like physical contact (e.g. holding hands or kissing) at romantic places
  • enjoy cooking recipes, cleaning houses, and washing clothes/dishes
  • want to be accepted as they are physically, mentally, religiously, etc.
  • look up to Bob Marley, Grace Jones, and Usain Bolt as their inspiration


Jamaican Women

If you are interested in meeting them online, you may be encouraged or asked to  communicate with them on Skype, Viber, or another video chatting software. Give them a positive answer so that you can know them well. Like me regarding my Skype connection with 2 Ukrainian ladies (Valeria and Viktoria), you should learn many facts about each Jamaican female. The more information you gain about her is going to help you build trust and respect for her. Therefore, you can reduce your skepticism of her and fear of entering her country (Jamaica). Planning your trip there, time with her, and places/activities to do together is going to fulfill or exceed your expectations. You might get disappointment from perhaps Icelandic women or especially those who refuse to have frequent video chats with you.

Jamaican lady at beach – PicFair


Jamaican ladies win this blog post overall. They have stunning and irresistible looks. They dress to impress men around the world. Furthermore, they know how to dance, entertain, and keep the opposite sex interested in them for a long time.

Fortunately, these dark-skinned women are not overlooked or racially discriminated in their country or by the rest of the world. Men in general may be just as attracted to them as the men probably are with the light-skinned females in Iceland. When it comes to beauty, race, age, skin tones, and other physical features do not really matter very much.

I am glad that I have put both Jamaicans and Icelanders at odds with each other.

Jamaican women represent the words ‘hot’ (which means their good looks and weather) and ‘ebony‘ (which describes their skin complexion).

Their Icelandic equivalents represent the words ‘cold’ (that describes how they seem during daytime) and ‘ivory‘ (which has the same description that ‘ebony’ does).

But, both groups of females are unique and unforgettable.

They should be given more attention, respect, and value globally.

If you really wish to build a serious relationship with a Jamaican, Icelandic, or another foreign woman, please plan everything in advance and from A to Z as I do.

Do not end up like the guy (who waits to propose to his Czech girlfriend but instead gets disappointment and devastation after learning about her deportation) in this “Omeleto” YouTube video.

Plan and write everything that you want, think, face, etc.

Do research online and offline.

Find and collect many facts.

Make a choice of what you want in your life 100%.

Go after the woman of your dreams no matter who she is and where she lives.

Enjoy the remainder of your life with her.

Become the heartbeat of this world.

Encourage many people including your relatives and friends to say “whoa” once they witness how hot and solid you both are.


  1. A great, spot on comparison. In depth and on point. I’ll always take Jamaican women over Icelandic one for all their warmth and openness and great personality. I love warm weather also, so if traveling is involved, I’m all up for Jamaica as well. Iceland is beautiful and the girls there are one of a kind… but not for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I have to be honest. Jamaican women are irresistible, unique, etc. I can see more men in general being interested in them (despite of their dark skin complexions) than the men are with white Icelandic ladies.


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