My 13th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

I am glad to be off my crappy job. Also, I am happy to have another Skype meeting with the Ukrainian ladies today (July 20). This is the 1st time that I talk to them on a Saturday. But, unfortunately, this is the last time that I am going to write about my communication with them.

So, without further ado, here are the following details of our 13th Skype chat (last one that you (American or Western man) are going to read):

Beginning of chat

Around 2 PM (9 PM where they are), I await a video call from Elizabeth. I answer and suddenly see Viktoria onscreen. I am pleased to see her with a ponytail hairstyle, watermelon earrings, a heart necklace, and a black shirt. Her sexy look somewhat represents the 1980s. If I have played a particular song (that is also from the same decade) in the background, I would definitely feel that I have been gone back in time.

Impressed and respectful, I ask her about taking snapshot(s) of her. However, she politely declines. She and Elizabeth think that I may give you and the rest of the world a negative opinion of Viktoria if I show her photo(s) online. Regardless of what they assume, I always make sure that I provide truthful and positive information about Viktoria and other people I have discussed in this blog. I want them to gain as much success and happiness as I do.

Middle of chat

Both women and I turn our attention to this blog. I tell them that I have recently received like(s) on a new blog post, few WordPress followers, and plenty of email followers. Whether I have also mentioned the Facebook page of this blog or not, I already believe that they know that the Facebook page is doing well too. Thus, Elizabeth suggests that I consider a career in journalism. I respond with hesitance because I do not want to deal with impatient, rude, and/or demanding bosses or customers on a future job or business of my own. Plus, I want to continue writing and focusing on my passions (e.g. international dating, foreign women, various cultures) only. Writing about topics that I am unaware or unconcerned may be as painful as my current job (in which I label, pick up, and ship packages of different sizes, weights, etc.) is.

Next, Elizabeth talks about the negativity on social media. She and Viktoria think that many people on Facebook, Twitter, and other similar websites badmouth each other, spread numerous lies, and upload inappropriate photos. In some way, it is a fact. Consequently, they do not want me to take and publish any more photos of Viktoria online. I understand how they feel despite that I still have previous images of her on this blog. I refuse to delete them because I want to keep encouraging you and other men to go overseas and meet foreign women for dating, friendship, and/or marriage. Additionally, I also want you all to follow my footsteps when it comes to my Skype communication with her.

Hearing about the church topic from Elizabeth somewhat bothers me. The last time I have gone to church is 4 years ago. I have to attend the funeral service of my late maternal grandmother. It is sad that she is deceased and absent from this world. But, she is in a better place with God. Despite that we both believe in Christianity, I am not a churchgoer like she has been. My reasons for not attending regular or even occasional church services are:

  • ongoing discomfort from church members
  • fear of constantly being judged, gossiped, mocked, and/or asked where I live, what I do, would I return to the church, would I join it, etc.
  • pain of staying there for many hours
  • negative experiences of being a member at 2 or more churches during my childhood

Unlike me, both Viktoria and Elizabeth probably go to church and deal with less problems. In their culture, they believe in unity, respect, and harmony with others. Sadly, I cannot exactly feel the same way about mines (or should I say ours).

Ending of chat

The Skype communication has lasted for almost 39 minutes. I am more eager to return to Odessa and reunite with Viktoria. Of course, I remind her and Elizabeth that I would unquestionably be there on August 19. I also inform them of the mailing address of the Airbnb apartment I am going to stay. Because Viktoria tells me that she has a driver’s license, I may ask her about renting a car, picking me up, and taking me around her city for our upcoming dates. Hopefully, this imagination comes true when I go back there.


Although I am ending “My Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth” series, I would continue having monthly Skype communication with the ladies.

Furthermore, I wish to take my relationship with Viktoria to the next level.

I plan to meet and date other attractive women (through the Euro Club membership service) where she is.

But, she would always be on my mind and heart.

Our 13 video chats and her photos would make sure of that fact.

If you are inspired to travel to another country and find true love with an incredible lady, please do so.

If not, then consider having a monthly video chat with her before meeting in person abroad.

You may realize how special she is and how much she is worth in flying thousands of miles on an airplane.

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