Hostels, Hotels, Apartments, and Airbnbs

Where you choose to spend your nights can affect your vacation especially in a foreign country. If you have a negative experience at the place you stay, you are probably not going to enjoy your trip at all. But, if you are truly satisfied or happy with everything you receive, then you may want to return to the same place on your next trip.

There are 4 facilities that I want to discuss on this blog post. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you (American or Westernized man) cannot decide which facility is right for you and your potential foreign lady overseas, then read the following differences of each below:



dorm-like places (which are usually located in Europe and Latin America) where you can choose to stay for a low price (between $10 and $40 per night)


  • cheap and affordable
  • able to meet and befriend roommates from around the world
  • available bed for you only
  • safe (if burglary occurs)
  • large bathroom(s)
  • able to plan group vacation(s) with roommates
  • access to fully equipped kitchen
  • chance to cook your own food
  • saving money
  • attending nearby social events (e.g. parties or nightclubs)
  • good advice from roommates
  • enough security for your belongings


  • small or no privacy (even in bathrooms)
  • lack of human services
  • small or no peace and silence
  • pressure to talk or engage with roommates
  • being forced to spend the night outside if you return to the hostel after your curfew
  • possibly shady roommates or nearby areas of hostel
  • potential theft of your belongings
  • malfunctioning or unavailable elevators, air conditioners, phones, Internet service, etc.
  • crappy and uncomfortable couches and beds
  • no toiletries (soaps, towels, rags, etc.) provided

What You Can Do

You can save or spend more money on food, dates, etc. if you stay in a hostel. But, prepare for disappointment if you ask a foreign woman to come there. She may really become uncomfortable especially if she is around many of your roommates. The result is that she may not want to see you again. However, you can change her mind by asking for forgiveness and another date. If you really want to spend alone time with her, then leave the hostel and find a different type of place to stay.

Lafa Hostel – Hostels247



most popular, most convenient, and most expensive places where you can receive unlimited support and fulfill your needs


  • 24/7 human services
  • available and helpful staff
  • protection of your belongings by hotel security
  • enough privacy (even if there are hidden security cameras in each room and hallway)
  • comfortable bed(s) and other furniture in your room
  • ease of meeting and connecting with other guests
  • available food and drinks in your room or at an attached restaurant
  • no language barrier
  • included or free Internet connection
  • dependent staff who can call taxi for you, give you toiletries, and so on
  • functioning elevators, phones, etc.
  • unlimited respect and cleanliness


  • expensive
  • limited hotel rooms available
  • particular or remaining hotel rooms available for only reserved guests
  • not really knowing which hotel (in the city you travel) is the cheapest
  • possibly unknown, unexpected, or hidden charges
  • limit of people who can stay in a hotel room
  • no guest(s) allowed in your room

What You Can Do

For a high price, you get everything you need at a hotel. But, private time with a beautiful Ukrainian, Colombian, or another foreign woman is not included. You would have to ask hotel staff about inviting or bringing her in your room. If they say ‘no’, then you would have to go somewhere else to be alone with her. But, if they give you permission to have a guest in your room, be prepared to pay extra money by the time you check out and exit the hotel.

Uno Design Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine (where I have stayed) – Destinia



10 or more attached rooms (inside a single and large building) that you can select to rent for your personal needs


  • access to fully equipped kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), etc.
  • chance to cook food (unlike hotels)
  • no responsibility to maintain, upgrade, or repair your apartment room or building
  • certain amenities such as swimming pools, walking trails, playgrounds, etc.
  • available electronics such as refrigerators, phones, ovens, freezers, etc.
  • possible support from staff or landlord


  • possible increase of rent payment
  • expected to follow rules (and deal with negative consequences if you disobey them)
  • less space in your room
  • less storage

What You Can Do

Please make sure that you initially ask the owner, landlord, or property manager before inviting or bringing guest(s) to your room. You do not want to face immediate eviction or additional charge(s) as a result. Unless you can find another apartment room to rent or get more money to spend for the same room you stay, you might as well skip the chance to romance your foreign date or girlfriend with a cooked dinner and TV movie.

apartment in Cebu City, Philippines – Affordable Cebu



websites or mobile apps that allow you to easily book a suitable house or apartment for your vacation


  • access to fully equipped kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), etc.
  • option to stay in a house or apartment
  • communication with your Airbnb host regarding the area you would stay, places you would visit, and so on
  • saving plenty of money
  • permission to have pets and maybe guests staying with you
  • playgrounds, pools, and/or other fun areas you, your pets, and guests can enjoy
  • ease of using website or app whether you are a beginner or expert


  • quick booking from other Airbnb customers
  • possible cancellation of your Airbnb host
  • no extra features (e.g. food services, spas, gyms, etc.)
  • nowhere to leave, hide, or protect your belongings (after checking out)

What You Can Do

An Airbnb source really gives you enough benefits to enjoy if you go overseas. But, like I have mentioned in ‘Apartments’ section, you must get permission from a leader (e.g. your Airbnb host or landlord of the apartment or house you are renting) about having a guest (especially a beautiful foreign woman). Not only would you save money, time, and worries but also you can have a great time with her at a great place you stay. You can definitely woo her heart more than you do if you stay at a hostel or hotel.

Airbnb website – Clickz


There is that saying (from the late Kurt Vonnegut) “…you get what you pay for“.

If you want something cheap, stay at a hostel.

If you want privacy and/or 24/7 human services, rent a hotel room.

If you want to spend a few weeks or more in a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine, Philippines, or Colombia), stay at an inexpensive apartment room.

But, if you want to get more benefits than you do with any of the other 3 diverse facilities, reserve an apartment room or house on an Airbnb website or app.

All 4 types of places are not perfect. But, you need to find which one is very appropriate for you. Figure out where you want to stay based on:

  • how much money you are willing to spend for rent and other services
  • your social skills
  • how much privacy you need
  • what activities you want to do on your vacation
  • whether or not you want alone time with a foreign woman
  • whether you want to cook your own food or hire someone to do it
  • how safe it is
  • and so on

Hopefully, this blog post helps you decide where you like to stay for your vacation.

I highly advise you to do much online research on any of the 4 diverse facilities (that I have mentioned in the body section) before entering your foreign destination.

You would therefore feel safe, relaxed, motivated, and ready to go.

Enjoy your stay at your vacation home.

Your future foreign date, girlfriend, or wife may feel the same way too.

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