There Is Something about Mariana

To this day, I still think about my 8th date (Mariana) who has moved from Kiev (maybe) to Odessa, Ukraine.

Mariana park
beautiful Mariana at a nature park – WhatsApp (original source)

I have described who she is personally on a recent blog post called “Going to Ukraine“. Unfortunately, I cannot find her profile on A Foreign Affair” website. Maybe her profile is expired or so. She might update it later. But, at least I can contact her by phone or text and look at her WhatsApp photo(s).

I have an unforgettable date with her. I therefore would not mind seeing her again when I return to Odessa next year. However, if I do not, I would like to dedicate this blog post to her.

So, if you (American or Westernized man) are interested in knowing her well, please read my opinion (plus a couple of facts) about her below:

Her appearance

When I have met her in the AFA office in Odessa, I have initially thought that she is my translator. Actually, she is my second date (following my 4th date Irina) who can speak English well. I admit that I am not really attracted to her. But, she does have a nice appearance that most men cannot resist. She is tall and skinny. She has nice brown hair with maybe blue eyes. Therefore, I want to communicate and know her well anyway. After all, I do have some previous experience in developing feelings for “friendly” American or Western females who show their true colors to me.

Her fashion

Despite that I have not been crazy about what she has worn for our date, I know that she can dress better. The below photo proves how feminine and stylish she is. I wish that she has worn something like that (or sleeveless shirt with tight jeans) for our date instead. She, Viktoria, and other Ukrainian women are popular for wearing dresses, high heels, and other sexy clothes regardless of weather changes, lack of interest from men in general, low pay wages, and ridiculously long hours of work and responsibilities. That is why I have skipped going to Medellin, Colombia (where I plan to go for tourism in the future with my potential Ukrainian wife perhaps).

Mariana 2 photo
stylish Mariana holding drink and looking nice – WhatsApp (source)

Her character

Mariana has given me a sense of full maturity. I wish that I have the same even though I am a few years older than she is. Plus, I like that she has been kind, curious about my culture, and easy to talk. I think that all 3 traits have drawn me to her so much that I can overlook her physical appearance. I do not mind seeing her again and taking her on another date. If I have not met Viktoria and Nadya at all, I might pursue a serious relationship (leading to marriage) with Mariana.

Mariana photo
optimistic and approachable Mariana – WhatsApp (source)

Her thoughts

2 wishes that Mariana have said to me have surprised me. 1 is that she loves children especially ones who are black or mixed with 2 or more races. Even though I am not the right (black) man for her (because I am more interested in 2 other Ukrainian women and less interested in having children), I hope that she does find one (whether he is black, white, Hispanic, or another race) who is willing to marry and create a family with her sooner or later. Her other wish is climbing a mountain someday. This also confirms again that we are not a good match. I enjoy looking down the ground (through the window) when I am riding an airplane. But, I am going to feel the total opposite if I am on the top of a mountain with her. A daredevil or adventure seeker would have a better chance of winning her heart than I do.


Mariana is an one of a kind woman whom I would never forget.

I cannot compare her to other Ukrainian women.

I am glad that I have met her even if it is the only time we have together.

She is probably the 2nd or 3rd best foreign woman (of all my 4 entire trips overseas) I have dated so far.

I really hope that she finds true love with a good and marriage-minded man someday.

Maybe that man is you if you are seriously interested in her.

She may already be a flight attendant as she has mentioned to me during our date.

But, are you willing to take a long flight to a foreign city like Odessa and meet a woman like her?

If so, then she would forever believe that she is as special as we (plus other Men of Action) forever know that she is.

Coincidentally, I learn that the 20th anniversary of Cameron Diaz’s movie “There’s Something about Mary” has begun.

I cannot believe that I have published this blog post on the same day the movie has begun playing in theaters nationally or worldwide.

Have you seen the movie or do you plan to see it?

What do you think of the movie plus incredible Mariana after reading this blog post?

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