My 10th Anniversary – “Going to Colombia”

This blog post is a sequel to “Going to Colombia“.

Please read the previous one if you wish.

I am celebrating today because it is 10 years and a few weeks after I have gone to Barranquilla, Colombia for the first time (July 1, 2008). If time can go backward, I would repeat the trip there and the 2nd one in the following year. But, of course, I can return there or another Colombian city if I wish. My reason would have to be tourism only. I want to mainly focus and build a serious relationship (possibly leading to marriage) with Viktoria or Nadya. I therefore can take one of those Ukrainian women to my “2nd home” (which I describe Barranquilla) someday.

Do you (American or Western man) have fear or misconception of Colombia, its culture, its beautiful women, or all of them?

If so, then look at 49 images (48 are never before seen and 1 has been shown on “Going to Colombia“.) I want to show for your inspiration.

Hopefully, they would help you change your mind and plan a trip to Latin pop songstress Shakira’s native country (Colombia).

So, here are the images (which are divided into 3 main sections) with their captions:



Erika – my former translator and current friend for life; also a current and happy wife to an American man in Virginia

Erika (my friend for life)


Gisele – sociable, friendly, and energetic woman


Jacqueline – a charming single mother and cougar (because she is a couple of years older than I am)

Jacqueline 4

Jacqueline 2

Jacqueline 3

Jacqueline 1

Joyce – a shy and nice lady I have taken to a nightclub and danced a little


Mauzy – an outgoing and busy mother of 1 child (or more today)


Maylen – angelic, family-oriented, and successful artist; a curvy woman I instantly have found very attractive but have been too shy to ask for a dance

Maylen 3

Maylen 1

Maylen 6

Maylen 5

Maylen 2

Maylen 4

Maylen 7

Maylen 8

Melisa – another curvy woman I have liked; quiet, approachable, and interested in making time for me

Melisa 1

Melisa 2

Paola – thin and cute woman I have been really attracted at first but have lost chemistry at the end; might still be a member of “A Foreign Affair” dating agency (just in case you are interested in her)

Paola 2

Paola 3

Paola 4

Paola 1

Stefanny – a beautiful woman I am still in touch on Facebook and WhatsApp; now a mother of 1 son, employee at a Coco-Cola company (I think), and resident of Cartegena (where we both have spent a day together)

Stefanny 1

Stefanny 2

Stefanny 3

Stefanny 4

Stefanny 5

unknown woman – lovely cougar I have taken to a beach; her image and name can be found randomly I keep refreshing the “Testimonials” webpage of “I Love Latins” website

unknown woman 1

unknown woman 2

Yesenia – sexy and thin model-like lady I have been unable to stay in touch unfortunately; also the last Colombian I have dated

Yesenia 1

Yesenia 2

Yesenia 3Yesenia 4

Yesenia 5


beach – where I have taken that unknown woman for a date

beach 1

beach 2

building – unknown name of it


hotel – Caribe Princess which I have stayed for both of my trips in Barranquilla

food on hotel bed

street 2

street 1

mall – I do not know the name of it; I am also not sure if I have gone to the same mall or separate malls during both of my trips


McDonald’s – where I have taken Melisa; I have eaten a good cheeseburger, fries, and ice cream cone (that have not melted quickly) there; no comparison to the fast food restaurants in United States

outside Colombian McDonald's restaurant

inside Colombian McDonald's restaurant

restaurant – some local type where I have dated a woman and have eaten Colombian food


unknown area – where I remember walking with Erika and probably Yesenia

area 2

area 1

Everything Else

Colombian money and drink containers – placed on the bed in my hotel room

Colombian money and drinks

portrait of flowers – hanged on the wall in my hotel room

flower portrait

me at a restaurant

me at a restaurant


All of the above images does take me to a trip down memory lane to Barranquilla, Colombia.

Of course, I have enjoyed traveling to Santiago, Dominican Republic and Odessa, Ukraine. But, those 2 recent trips cannot replace the 2 unforgettable trips I have in Barranquilla. Again, if time can go back to 2008, I would choose to go back to Barranquilla without a doubt.

Otherwise, I would have not met and befriended a female translator (Erika) who has guided, respected, and encouraged me to open up and connect with women in general.

I would have not dated amazing, attractive, and marriage-minded Colombian ladies whom I hope that they have found true love.

I would have not gone to a:

  • worthy McDonald’s restaurant that has positive employees and serves tasty food
  • extraordinary mall that has a casino, movie theater, etc.
  • fun zoo to see exotic animals
  • cool nightclub that plays 1980’s music videos
  • an cultural city like Cartegena
  • entertaining circus
  • and other memorable places

Colombia has changed my life forever. It keeps me sane even though I have to constantly deal with insanity in my country (United States). Whenever I am somewhere (e.g. a crappy job) I do not want to be or around irrational people, I can always escape to Colombia mentally. If I have extra money, I can actually go there.

Colombia is a country I highly recommend you to go for making everlasting friends, creating many positive memories, and finding your potential wife (who would stick with you thick and thin).

You would feel safe in Barranquilla or Cartegena as I have.

You should take plenty of photos of everything you see, everywhere you go, and every attractive woman you date or encounter.

You would definitely have no regrets like I do not.

The only regret you would have is staying home and continually fantasizing about Colombian culture, women, etc.

Life is short.

Make your Colombian dream come true before it is too late.

The same thing applies if you are interested in traveling to Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, or another country.

Thus, you can celebrate your foreign vacation in the next 10 years by telling stories, showing photos, or doing both.

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