Going to Ukraine

If you mix yellow and blue, you get the secondary color green which represents land or nature.

But, if you keep both primary colors separated, you get the symbol of Ukraine.

This country is located in the eastern side of Europe. According to Bud Patterson of “A Foreign Affair” dating agency, it is about the same size as Texas is. The 7 countries that are next to Ukraine are:

  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Moldova
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania

Talking or thinking about Ukrainian culture, women, places, etc. is one thing. But, actually experiencing all of them is something else. I have no regrets after facing a big culture shock. I have found more joy, unity, comfort, and other good qualities there than I ever do in United States.

In a few previous blog posts, I have mentioned my nervousness about traveling to Odessa, Ukraine. However, I have let guidance from God and my desire to meet marriage-minded Ukrainian women surpass that fear and take over my mind. To inspire you (American or Westernized man) to do the same, enjoy your time abroad, and find the woman of your dreams, I give you an extended report of my 4th foreign trip from A to Z:

Sat. 4/28

Around 9:00 in the morning, I make sure that I have everything I need. I highly recommend that you write a list of tasks to do and items (e.g. passport, chargers for electronics, etc.) to take on your vacation. Otherwise, you can forget something very important once you are at the airport. You are then screwed.

A hour and a half later, I have arrived at the Raleigh-Durham airport with my suitcase and laptop bag. I have to go through processing such as getting a boarding passes, showing my passport, submitting my suitcase (until I arrive at Odessa the next day) to authorities, and getting my laptop bag checked by security staff. After saying goodbye to my family, I have bought a 2 cheeseburger meal with fries and a soda beverage at a “Five Guys” restaurant. Eating a good lunch has helped calm me down because I am about to enter an airplane (since my trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic in November 2016) in a hour or two. I am glad that I am not returning to JFK airport (like I have during my last trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic) in New York City for this entire vacation. It creeps me out especially during nighttime. I remember reading a sign about not riding with suspicious or unknown taxi driver(s).

After arriving at Chicago airport, I realize how large it is and how difficult it would be to find the gate that takes me to my next stop (Vienna, Austria). I fortunately have asked an airport employee about where I am supposed to go. I then have gotten on a sky train that takes me to the correct gate, have shown my passport and boarding pass for verification, and have entered an airplane that is part of Austrian Airlines. I have not been to Europe for probably 25 years. But, I am eager to return to the continent. To relax on the airplane, I start playing music such as Shakira, 2Pac, Tears for Fears, Kenny G, Neon Trees, etc. on my mp3 player. Then, I have received an Austrian meal, drink(s), and dessert (chocolate pudding) from the flight attendants. This flight has taken overnight.

Sun. 4/29

I have landed in Vienna around 9:00 in the morning. On my phone, I realize that the time is 6 hours forward from that of the state (North Carolina) I live. I guess that my family is asleep. As I enter the airport, I see a few interesting restaurants, bathrooms, and products I would like to buy. I would wait because I return to Vienna on my way back to Raleigh-Durham airport. I make sure to send a text message to my mom before getting on another plane to Odessa, Ukraine finally.

The Odessa airport is smaller than the one in Vienna is. But, I stop caring after seeing a good-looking Ukrainian employee wearing a shirt, skirt, and high heels. Then, I turn my focus on retrieving my suitcase so that I can meet a taxi driver (from “A Foreign Affair” (AFA) agency) who holds a sign saying my written name. As I ride in his car, I see many stores, restaurants, etc. At first, I have thought that Odessa is more traditional and a little boring. I realize how wrong I am. It is so much better than the city (Henderson) I live. I have nonstop access to beautiful ladies, good and healthy foods, and so on.

Before waiting a hour or two for my hotel room, I have gone outside the hotel (Uno Design Hotel (where I have to stay there because it is close to the AFA office)) and have sat a nearby bench. I am surprised to see many stores, many restaurants, and especially many pedestrians who are Caucasian. They are men, women, and children alike. They wear regular clothes like I do. Some of them even wear suits or dresses. These people may not be rich or wealthy. But, they do care more about their appearances than many Americans do.

street featuring the hotel (Uno Design Hotel) I stay
opposite side of the same street
a store ad featuring beautiful woman (American or Ukrainian)
sign featuring Jennifer Lopez (who is popular in Ukraine)
Ukrainian bus next to a school

I have seen a few minorities there too. However, no one else really cares about their races or skin colors. What matters is who they are on the inside. If more black, Hispanic, etc. American/Western men would stop being scared or worrying about racial discrimination and come to Ukraine, they would believe that they are in heaven like I am. They would not want to leave, return home, and deal with ongoing drama, foolishness, and other problems again. I am respected, valued, and treated better (as a man and human being) than I am in United States.

Relieved to get a hotel room, I get some rest, take a shower, and receive a call from Anna (the manager of AFA office in Odessa) about meeting my first date (“L”) at the opera house at 7:00 in the evening. I am excited to date a foreign woman again. So, I wear a nice plaid shirt and black shorts. Around 15 minutes before the scheduled date, I exit the hotel and walk to the place I am supposed to meet her. When I see her and an assigned translator, I am happy. “L” is a curvy woman who has blonde hair and wears a white coat and blue jeans. She currently works as a manager at a store. I cannot tell you her real name or give you her AFA number due to her protection. While we walk to a pizza restaurant, we continue to know each other well and discuss topics such as:

  • monogamy
  • our likes and dislikes
  • cultural and emotional barriers
  • hobbies
my hotel room
my hotel room again
opera house (where I meet most of my dates)

I have later asked about dating her again. But, the second date does not happen because she loses interest in me. She thinks that she is wasting my time in finding my future girlfriend or wife. Despite that I have dated other women, I would still think about her. Like every other woman in Odessa and other foreign cities, she is unique. I would never feel the same way about another woman as I do with “L”. I wish her the best.

Mon. 4/30

After leaving the hotel, I try to find the AFA office which is located on the 5th floor of a shopping mall. But, I get lost. I therefore call Anna the manager on the phone. She tells my second date (Viktoria) and a different translator (Elizabeth) to meet me at an area I am stuck. When they come, we introduce each other, walk together, and enter a cafe restaurant. I do not remember what they have. I however remember having chicken wraps with a cocktail beverage. While I am enjoying the meal, I realize that Viktoria has an extroverted personality. She likes to talk, swim, do gardening, and travel. I am however drawn to her due to her makeup artist job and extra profile photos. If I do build a monogamous relationship with her, I would know that she would always remain attractive in my eyes.

After the date ends, I walk with Elizabeth to the mall so that she can guide me to the AFA office. I meet Anna the first time. She is almost like a celebrity because I have seen her on a few YouTube videos a couple of months ago. Then, I also meet another American guy who has come from Arizona. I do not get a chance to talk to him because my third date (Yulia) and third translator show up. I go back to the same cafe restaurant with them. The waiter who has served me, Elizabeth, and Viktoria of course remembers me.

far view of AFA office (on 5th floor of the mall)
close view of AFA office
looking down from 5th floor of the mall

At first, I have thought of Yulia as a model because of her profile photos. She somewhat resembles Colombian pop singer Shakira. But, I end up seeing a different side of her. She has worn a nice blue shirt, white pants, and necklace which she has made. She designs clothes and jewelry for a living. She lives and has a close relationship with her mother. Because of her passion in cooking, she has brought me some homemade cream rolls for me. Although I have felt no chemistry with her (and vice versa), I thank her for the sweets, go my separate way, and return to the hotel I stay.

my third date (Yulia)
photo of me (taken by Yulia)
same restaurant where I have dated Viktoria and Yulia separately

Around 7:00 in the evening, my fourth date (Irina) shows up where I stay. This time is different because she speaks English well and no translator is thus needed for our communication. Even though she is shorter than she looks on her profile images, I still want to know her as a person. We start walking around the streets. Before she enters the same cafe restaurant, I tell her that I have gone there twice. So, we continue walking until we stop at a sushi/Asian restaurant. I think that I order noodles with grilled chicken and vegetables with water and mango juice. I do not remember what she has ordered. But, it is less important than this information I have learned about her:

  • She currently babysits children for long hours even though she mentions that she is a teacher on her profile.
  • She likes reading, horseback riding, and rollerblading.
  • Because of the Ukrainian culture, she thinks that most or all men care about the looks of women although I tell her that it is false.
  • She is seeking help from another woman so that she can get a better job.
  • She is dealing with an unreasonable taxi driver who demands more money from her.

I therefore give her enough money (in Ukrainian dollars). We hug each other and say goodbye. Hopefully, she has no problems with the same taxi driver (or different one) and can return home peacefully. Meanwhile, I walk to a grocery store and buy a couple of products (water, soda, and gummy candies) before returning to the hotel, taking a shower, watching TV, and going to sleep.

Tue. 5/1

Around 10:00 in the morning, I meet a tall and gorgeous blonde (Anna) and another translator at the opera house. She wears a black/white design coat, white sneakers, and red nail polish. I instantly want to date and know her well. We have a meaningful conversation at a restaurant. I am happy that she is a model (because she does almost resemble Kate Upton), karaoke singer, dancer, and a family-oriented person. She has shown me photos of her parents and of course herself. I wish that I have done the same despite that I have not thought about it before this vacation. I may not enjoy eating salad and sausage patties for breakfast. However, looking at her beautiful smile and appearance (and not feeling like a creep or pervert at all) has given me enough satisfaction. I thus ask her permission to take a digital photo of her so that I would never forget this date.

my 5th date (Anna the model)

I refuse to go back to the hotel because I do not want to be bored. So, I walk around the streets. I decide to go to the AFA office, talk to Anna the manager, and look at some photo albums. I end up writing the ID numbers and names of 4 or 5 extra ladies. Then, after leaving the AFA office, exiting the mall, and walking around the area, I have said to myself that I do not want to meet any more ladies. I want to only focus on the ladies I date. There are always going to be many attractive women who are going to join AFA agency eventually. There are always going to be more of them (who do not join or know about the international dating business at all) in a big city like Odessa, other Ukrainian cities, and even other countries. I cannot think about all of the foreign women (who come and go as money or time does) if I really desire a solid connection with just one of them. I now understand why some American/Western men quickly pick the women they want at AFA romance tour socials. I want to do the same too. I do not want to continue dating different women, losing a chance for international love, and going back to square one.

Later, I return to the opera house for my next date (Lyudmila). She and possibly a different translator are not there. I have tried to call Anna the manager but my phone has some issue(s). In some way, I am glad because I need to do some soul searching anyway. Being around many attractions, drivers, and pedestrians is already overwhelming for me. I have never experienced all of this in Colombia or Dominican Republic. Plus, this is my first time to walk alone in a foreign country. I however feel safer than I do at home. I also later learn that Lyudmila and a different translator have shown up to meet me at the opera house. But, they probably have arrived a hour or two after the scheduled date (6:00 in the evening). Regardless, I still wish to meet and date Lyudmila on my next vacation. There is something special about her.

Wed. 5/2

A little gloomy, I start reading some verses from the Bible. I ask God to help me get through this culture shock and the rest of my vacation. Plus, I am becoming serious about marrying an Ukrainian woman. I do not want to keep going back home and experiencing loneliness (whether I am actually alone or around those who ignore or reject me), boredom, and depression. Because I might stay in United States for the rest of my life, I am determined to find my future wife in Odessa.

A few hours later, I go to the mall and enter the 5th floor. I realize that the AFA office is closed due to an Ukrainian holiday (Ukrainian Labor Day) I do not know. But, fortunately, Anna the manager calls and tells me that my sixth date (Karina) and a different translator have been waiting for me at the opera house for almost a hour. I quickly walk there, meet them, and say how sorry I am for being late. I have thought that they are going to arrive at 2:00 in the evening and not a hour early. Plus, I unintentionally create 2 additional problems during this date:

  • I tell Karina and the translator that I do not have enough money.
    • But, we still go to a nice restaurant and have an inexpensive lunch anyway.
  • I honestly say that I am not attracted to Karina.
    • She looks different from her profile photos.
    • In a tomboyish way, she wears a white shirt, jeans, shoes, short hair, and 2 small ponytails.
    • I wish that she has dressed better (like she has for her profile photos) for our date.
      • Then, I probably would be interested in going out with her again.

Of course, I already know that she is interested in having a second date with me. In a few previous blog posts, I have explained that you always get attention from a woman you do not find attractive. This has happened at my current job last year. Now, I am facing a similar event with Karina. I feel bad for being late, cheap, and uninterested in her. However, I hope that my honesty helps her change her appearance and attract the right man.

At 7:00 in the evening, I meet another woman (Nadya) and her translator. I am relieved because I am very attracted to her. But, she wants me to be more interested in who she is as a person. I gladly do as she asks. She is a college student and plans to become a lawyer in the future. She lives alone while her sister lives in another country with a spouse and her mother lives in the same country (Ukraine) probably. I admit that this is the best date I have in Ukraine because Nadya, I, and the translator:

  • walk around the opera house, old buildings, and other areas
  • enjoy the view of exotic trees, many pedestrians, Hotel Odessa (which no longer exists), children’s playground(s), Potemkin stairs, etc.
  • encounter 3 women that the translator knows and befriends
  • go to a sandwich restaurant (which I am happy to go instead of entering another fancy and expensive restaurant) and have sandwich, ice cream, and juice
ancient Ukrainian building
guy riding his bike
another bicyclist
a park I call ‘paradise’
different area (that I wish I have asked Nadya and her translator)
another area where Nadya, her translator, and I walk
taking photo of dead Hotel Odessa, sea, and traffic while standing at the Potemkin stairs

I am surprised that she is the first woman to give me her phone number. I have sent her a few text messages eventually. I really like and see how different she is from the other women I have dated. I do want to pursue a serious relationship (possibly leading to marriage) with her. She is worth chasing even if I do become more attracted to other ladies on my next trip. But, if she loses interest in me, then I have to move forward and wish her success with her future.

Thu. 5/3

I go to the AFA office and have a small conversation with Anna the manager. I have to wait between 2 and 3 hours for my eighth date (Mariana). During that time, I exit the mall and hang outside because I do not want to return to my hotel room and become bored again. I take some photos of few stores, people, and statues. Unexpectedly, 3 strangers approach and want to take a photo of me because they know that I am American. I do not mind at all. I am in a good mood. I like being other people socially when I go overseas. There is no games, foolishness, arrogance, condescension, discrimination, or manipulation. Most foreigners (and not all of them) have respect and care for each other and visitors alike. I can truly be myself here until I go back home.

When I return to the AFA office, I see Mariana and Anna. Initially, I have thought that Mariana is my translator. But, she has told me that she is my date instead. She is the second woman who does not need a translator. She can speak English as well as Irina does. As Mariana and I leave, we walk towards an Italian restaurant. We both order lasagna and juice for lunch. I consider this date my second best because I really like her personality. She is almost 30 years old. Despite that she works at a cosmetics company, she is trying to get a flight attendant job. She loves children including those who are black or mixed race. She wishes to someday get married and have a family with probably a man of color. She is shocked when I tell her that racism still exists in United States. While everyone sticks together in an non-Westernized country like Ukraine, everyone in United States (including myself) is supposed to be alone (if he or she is considered weird, different, boring, antisocial, or even truthful) or connected with people of the same race, culture, etc. Regardless of the ongoing racial segregation in America and the Western world, Mariana and I are going to continue following our hearts and seeking international or interracial love.

Although Mariana wants to spend more time with me (and the other way around), she has to return home and prepare for her job interview. I luckily receive her phone number and give her money for her transportation. After going my separate way, I continue walking and looking at many attractions. Again, I do not want to go back to the hotel because I want to fully enjoy the 2 remaining days of my vacation.

As I am walk, I encounter a girl who persists in giving her money. I give her some. But, she wants more. I have dealt with another beggar (an elderly lady) a few hours ago. I have a few onlookers to help me and tell each of them to back off. I thank them and walk away. Apparently, the girl has found me at a long distance. I therefore say that I am not giving her any more money. She has finally withdrawn and gone away after sensing how adamant I am. I have literally and accidentally scared many people (whether they are neighbors, security guards, family members, coworkers, supervisors, or total strangers) in United States because of my demeanor and race obviously. So, what makes the beggar (girl) think that she can threaten me? I can be very shy when I am around people I do not know. But, I would immediately come out of my shell if someone (or a group of people) tries to manipulate or undermine me.

Fri. 5/4

For the last time, I see Anna at the AFA office. I am a little upset. But, because I plan to return in Odessa and see again a few women I have dated, I know that I am going to see Anna again. She tells me specifically where to meet my ninth and final date (Tatiana). While Anna talks on her phone, I receive a few text messages (on WhatsApp) from Elizabeth regarding my second date Viktoria. Elizabeth tells me that Viktoria is upset that I have not asked her for a second date. I have not thought about it because we seem to have no chemistry with each other. Instead, I have asked Anna about dating “L” again. As I have mentioned in the Sun. 4/29 section, “L” has rejected the second date so that I can find the right woman. I am still interested in “L”. But, I have to accept the fact that we are not meant to be together.

While I wait for my date with Tatiana, I send a text message to Elizabeth about how sorry I am. Elizabeth and Viktoria assume that I am more interested in other ladies. But, knowing how Viktoria feels about me actually draws me to her. I never have a pretty woman getting angry or upset with me. Usually, she does not care or notice me at all. There are plenty of women like her in United States and the Western world. Because they have many male admirers to choose, why would any of those women ever pay me attention?

Having a fast food burger and drink for lunch, seeing 2 girls who have a conversation and feed bread to a random dog, and donating some money to a couple for their artwork put me in a positive mood. But, when I meet Tatiana at a fancy restaurant for a few drinks only, I am a little disappointed. Like Irina and Mariana, she is another woman who speaks English well. But, Tatiana has something in common with Karina because they both have looked different from their profile photos. Tatiana honestly seems boring with her appearance. I however want to know her well. She is a workaholic who should start her own business eventually. In fact, she has to return to her busy job. She does not leave without giving me her phone number (like Nadya and Mariana have). Although I am not really interested in her, I am happy to stay in contact with her as a friend.

Sad that I cannot reach Anna for another date, I return to my hotel room. I rest for a few hours. I pack up my suitcase and bag, take a shower, and watch TV. I hate that I have to leave Odessa tomorrow. I realize that most women especially the ones I have dated are busy with their jobs, families, etc. I do not want to spend the rest of the day in a hotel room. Thus, I exit the hotel and walk around the opera house, Potemkin stairs, and other areas. I see many pedestrians (men, women, and children in general) at night as I do on the daytime. I am amazed to see how safe it is in Odessa. No one has to worry about being stalked, harassed, or kidnapped here. But, in United States or the Western world, it is a different story.

This is a night I am going to remember. I joyfully walk a long distance from the hotel. I have encountered these interesting people along the journey:

  • a wild 20-something lady who says hello and acts like an American
  • a middle-aged American expat (Paul) who permanently lives here
  • a middle-aged Ukrainian woman he knows and her Canadian boyfriend/husband
  • tall and sexy 30-something Ukrainian woman walking with a yellow dress and high heels
    • Forget online photos and videos of different ladies.
    • If you come to Odessa or go to a similar city, you would be elated to physically see a attractive woman like her.
  • beautiful 20-something cashier who reminds me of someone (maybe a celebrity) in United States but takes my order of a chicken veggie wrap and pineapple soda bottle
  • 20-something English-speaking man from India
    • Like myself, he waits for his food as well.

Sat. 5/5

Around 10:30 in the morning, I take my suitcase and bag out of my hotel room. I check out at the front desk room, give the hotel key to an employee, and go to the dining room for breakfast. I eat sausages, beans, eggs, and toast while watching Ukrainian, American, and Latin music videos on the TV screen. After I am done, I return to the front desk room and ask an employee to call a taxi driver for my transportation to the airport. A few minutes later, I receive an unexpected phone call from Elizabeth. She says that she and Viktoria cannot come to the hotel, meet me, and go to the airport with me. They do not have enough money for transportation. I wish that I have told the time (1:30 in the evening) my flight departs to Vienna, Austria. However, I tell Elizabeth that it is okay. I eventually contact her about my attraction in Viktoria. I plan to schedule a Skype video chat with them and write a future blog post about it.

I arrive at the Vienna airport around 2:30 in the evening. A part of me wishes that I can return to Odessa. I do not know when I am going to return there. But, I do want to see Viktoria and Nadya again. Another wish of mines is knowing the Austrian culture well. I have a cheese sandwich, cheesecake (which is really delicious), and a juice beverage for lunch. Because my next flight to Washington, D.C. is tomorrow morning, I walk and nap a few times. Hungry again, I have a tasty Austrian burger with fries and a juice beverage for dinner. I am not going to have really good food in a long time.

Sun. 5/6

I do not eat breakfast. I am focused on my flight to Washington, D.C. While I am on the airplane, I am served some Austrian food, water, soda, and orange juice. I watch 4 movies (“Wind River“, “3 Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri“, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle“, and “Downsizing“) and a TV show (“The Good Place“). Then, I learn that I am already at Washington, D.C. airport. I go to the U.S. Customs area, do the passport processing, and get a receipt before facing a security officer for verification. After I pass that, I go through more processing with security staff. I head to the gate for my final flight to Raleigh-Durham airport. Because I have between 1 and 2 hours, I buy a supreme pizza, blueberry muffin, banana-nut muffin, and a water bottle. I wait until the time comes. I get on the last airplane, return to Raleigh-Durham airport, retrieve my suitcase, and go back home. I am emotional because I already miss Odessa, Ukraine. I want to go back as soon as possible. However, it depends on how much money I can earn and save for my next vacation there. Going to the foreign country has changed my life forever. I let my family know that I seriously want to marry an Ukrainian woman someday.


Ukraine is a country that is worth traveling repeatedly.

Do not let fear, discouragement from your loved ones, or other barriers stop you from finding happiness plus a beautiful Ukrainian bride.

You would never be bored, alone, or depressed in that Eastern European country. You would be treated fairly whether you are white, black, skinny, fat, shy, outgoing, young, or old. Additional benefits you would receive for traveling to Odessa, another Ukrainian city (e.g. Mariupol or Kiev), or somewhere (e.g. Slovakia, Philippines, or Colombia) similar are:

  • easy access to feminine, traditional, and marriage-minded women no matter where you are
  • many stores, restaurants, and other attractions to see
  • comfortable and affordable hotels to choose and stay
  • people (in general) who are easy to talk and connect

There are not as much harassment, games, foolishness, and drama in Ukraine as there is in the United States or the Western world. Like myself, you can totally be yourself in a country you hardly know. When your vacation comes to an end, you would be urged to stay longer.

After dating 9 unforgettable Ukrainian women, I completely understand why many American/Western men visit Ukraine. We want to pursue and possibly marry women who care how they dress. The women may work ridiculously long hours and earn less money. But, they are worth a million dollars because of their hearts and styles. Other foreign women (except their Eastern European counterparts and maybe Colombian women) cannot compete with Ukrainian women regarding fashion. I have seen more stunning ladies in Ukraine than I ever have in Colombia or Dominican Republic. For that reason plus possibly reuniting with Nadya and Viktoria, I definitely want to go back to Ukraine next year.

Thousands of Ukrainian ladies are still hoping to meet and connect with more American/Western men. The women are tired of being lonely or rejected. Working at very busy jobs may make them feel worse. That is why they wish and deserve monogamous relationships with kindhearted and fair men.

Are you interested in finding your potential wife in Ukraine?

Do you have single or divorced family members, friends, coworkers, etc. who want to pursue true love with good women?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then tell them the good news, make no excuses, and go to Ukraine.

Find the Ukrainian woman of your dreams like I am.

She does not want to be alone anymore.


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