I Am Glad

When I was a child, I was never satisfied with what I had or received. I had always wanted more. Or I wanted to replace something (e.g. Super Nintendo console and video game “Super Mario World“) for something else (e.g. money). But, that did not happen because my parents bought everything I needed and wanted. If I wanted to sell or get rid of something, I had to give it to them. If I really wanted something else, I had to wait for the holidays or save my allowance money. I was too young to get a job that would had pay me more money.

Today, I appreciate what I have. There is that catchphrase “you do not know what you have until it is gone“. I believe in it because I have lost money, video games, friends, and even a job. However, I have gained a lasting friendship with a Colombian woman (Erika) who is currently married to an American man. I also have this awesome WordPress blog, another blog with Blogger, a webstore selling clip art sets, and an upcoming e-commerce website. In addition, I plan to reunite with a woman in Dominican Republic next year. I am tremendously and forever grateful to God for creating beautiful women like her. Who would I (or any other American/Western man) would be if all women in the world (especially if they are like most American/Western women) are the same?

Thanks to foreign women including Erika, I can find happiness and companionship easily. I do not have to suffer from loneliness or rejection anymore. Here are 5 things I am glad regarding my life:

  • I am not rich.
    • Therefore and fortunately, I do not attract many wrong women especially in United States.
    • Most women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc. do not care what or how much money a man has.
      • His good character is more worthy than his money and possessions are.
  • I am not attractive.
    • For most of my American life, I have been ignored by females (even unattractive ones) constantly.
    • But, I have no problem getting attention of a woman (whether she is my type of not) in a foreign country.
      • She may be compared to a beauty while I may be compared to a beast.
  • I go after what I truly want.
    • I have overcome obstacles and left my previous job so that I can go on my trip to Dominican Republic.
    • If I say that I am going to do something or go somewhere, most likely I am going to do it.
  • I do not care what other people say or think.
    • I think that I have been bothered of that fact until I have become a teenager.
    • From early adulthood to now, I am not affected by the gossip.
    • Unless someone has to tell me something important, positive, or helpful, I may ignore him or her.
      • I have dealt with previous co-workers and co-students teasing, name-calling, harassing, and giving me constant BS.
    • Every time I go overseas, my parents tell friends, neighbors, or other family members about my trip.
      • I am sometimes annoyed but I keep a positive attitude.
      • If my parents want to tell the whole world that I have gone to Colombia or that I am going to marry a foreign woman, they can go ahead and do so.
  • I am introverted.
    • I admit that I am a little shy and uncomfortable around strangers, acquaintances, or even extended family members.
    • Going to Latin America (Colombia and Dominican Republic) has been the solution for my awkwardness.
      • I have gain some experience in dating and communicating with women.
      • I have befriended Erika.
      • If I have never gone overseas, I may need both professional and spiritual help.
    • I have found some encouragement from a blog called “Introvert Spring“.
      • I am glad that I am not the only person who suffers from shyness or lack of confidence publicly.

I am imperfect. But, God has perfectly and purposely made me who I am, how I look, what I think, and so on. He makes no mistakes. How can he if he already knows everything? The same thing (concerning me) applies to everything and everyone else created in His image.

I may not have always been grateful about my life or myself. However, I am thankful of everything (including my current job) I have. I know that my life is becoming better. I believe that I would run successful online businesses someday. I also believe that I would make extra money, leave my job, financially help others in need, and go overseas frequently. They are my wishes – my ultimate goals. Another wish is finding my other half in a foreign country. She is waiting for me to come and sweep her off her feet.


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