My Review – “Black Men in Brazil” Documentary

Thanks to Professor William Jelani Cobb and director/producer Al Greeze , “Black Men in Brazil” documentary exists. Cobb has written an 2006 Essence magazine article (related to the movie) called “Blame It On Rio“. Inspired, Greeze has created a film in which both Americans and Brazilians are interviewed and asked to give their own perspectives regarding the topic. The rate of international dating is growing as more black American men are visiting or migrating to Brazil. They want to have lives free from frustration, misery, loneliness, rejection, and drama instead of the ones they have in United States.

I have watched the documentary 2 or 3 times. I really enjoy it. I may watch it again (if I totally forget what has happened). I praise these black men for going overseas like I have. I also congratulate them for telling the truth about both Brazilian and American cultures regarding life and women (of course). There is something and someone (e.g. a beautiful foreign woman regardless of nationality) far better for me than there is in America. I have zero regrets; if time goes back, I would repeat my 3 trips overseas. The difference is that I would open up more to the Colombian and Dominican women I have met and dated. I do not honestly care what my family, friends, and other people say. I cannot wait to go back overseas. I want to be in the presence of a foreign woman again.

As always, I give my likes and dislikes every time I write a review. So here is the list of them regarding the controversial documentary:


  • black American men happily and undoubtedly escaping to Brazil
    • Some stay there for a short time.
    • Others make it their home permanently.
      • Who can blame them for not returning to United States and reliving the difficulties, nonstop drama, and depression they face especially from some black American women?
    • They all can be themselves and be treated like human beings.
      • They are not as racially stereotyped or discriminated as they are in the United States indefinitely.
  • diversity of Brazilian women
    • They come in different shapes, sizes, skin complexions, etc.
    • They are easy to meet, talk, connect, etc.
    • They have other good personality traits like their Colombian, Dominican, and other foreign counterparts do.
  • opinions of black American men
    • All of them have told the truth about Brazilian/American cultures, women, etc. even though they give their own personal stories.
    • I do remember one of them discussing the misconception that United States is the world.
      • Small-minded or ignorant Americans would believe in that fallacy.
      • Just as many Americans love and have superior feelings toward United States, many foreigners do the same with their own countries too.
        • Most foreign women love their countries despite that they cannot find really good men.
          • If a foreign woman can encourage her American or Western boyfriend/husband to live in her country, she would be elated.
        • Not every foreigner likes United States.
      • United States is not the best or even happiest country of the world.
  • Brazilian culture giving respect to men
    • Black men are treated better than they are in United States.
      • In Brazil, they can easily find a woman, apply for a job, start a business, make good friends, and so on.
    • Black Brazilian women treat men (regardless of race or nationality) like kings.
      • One black guy has said that a woman has put a straw in his drink.
        • In United States, someone has to ask or already receives an unopened straw separated from his drink.
  • opinions of 3 attractive Brazilian women
    • Even though they speak a different language, they (joining other Brazilian women) are more approachable than American women are.
      • I (or any other man) would rather pursue a woman who is different but simple before I ever pursue one who is similar to me but difficult to get along.


  • black American men losing friends
    • One has said that his American friend(s) is not allowed to speak to him.
      • If a man lets his girlfriend or wife tell him what to do, then he is not really a good friend to anyone.
    • However, they can always and easily gain new friends:
      • people in Brazil
      • other American travelers and expats
    • There is that saying “People come in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime“.
      • Those black men should let old friends go and replace them with new ones (those who treat them better).
    • With friends or none at all, these men should enjoy their lives because they are in a paradise country with exotic women.
      • Life is too short to be miserable.
  • negative behavior of some black American women
    • They are jealous and hostile toward Brazilian women.
    • They call Brazilian women gold diggers, prostitutes, etc.
      • In return, Brazilian women have kindness and respect for the women in the States.
        • 1 of the 3 Brazilian women has encouraged black American women to bring along their children, husbands, and others to Brazil.
    • How can they justify their actions and words if they do not have solid evidence or never have traveled to Brazil at all?
      • Every American man or woman who has gone to Brazil or a similar country may disagree with any of these negative women.
  • some black American women choosing success, independence, money, etc. over black American men
    • The women may take over the masculine role in a relationship or marriage.
      • Therefore, the man would have to accept the feminine role (which is hers supposedly).
        • If he is tired of doing her responsibilities, he should break up/divorce her.
    • Some women make more money than some men do.
      • A man may be jealous or embarrassed that his girlfriend or wife can buy a fancy house or car but he cannot.
    • They may treat a boyfriend or husband as a child to take care.
      • Or they may kick him out and find another man who is (more) competent.
        • Where and who can the rejected boyfriend/husband turn for guidance?

Cobb and Greeze have awakened the eyes of many black American men. Because of the unforgettable magazine article and documentary film, black American men now have a solution to their never-ending problems – going overseas. Whether they go to Brazil or another foreign country, they would still be more welcomed than they are in United States. They can approach foreign women (black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. alike) no matter where they go. It is like going to an ice cream restaurant and picking a flavor (e.g. vanilla or chocolate). Black American men can keep their “ice cream flavors” by marrying foreign women under the K1 fiancee visa. Another option is that black American men can stay single and mingle with various foreign women abroad. Either way, black American men would not be mislabeled or treated negatively like they are in America.

Frustrated: Black Men in Brazil documentary – Black Women of Brazil blog (source)


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