Why Do Most Black Men Date or Marry Women of Other Races?

I as a black American male admit that I find white American women attractive. I am also attracted to black American women but only some of them. Am I the only one who feels that way? Not at all. We black American men including celebrities Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant cannot help but fall in love with women who are physically and characteristically different. We like white women such as Pamela Anderson, Maria Menounos, and Julia Roberts. We cannot stop looking at photos of light-skinned or mixed black women like Halle Berry and Empire’s Grace Byers. We even like foreign women whether they are white (Ukrainian), black (Dominican, Brazilian), Hispanic (Colombian, Dominican, Brazilian), Asian (Philippine, Thai, Chinese), biracial, multiracial, or so. I would quickly get tired of Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and other female American celebs. I always see them on TV, print, and online, hear their music, and so on. But, I can look at images, watch videos, etc. regarding Colombian pop singer Shakira all day. She is a rare treasure to me emotionally. If I am in a relationship with a woman (especially if she is black American) who resembles me (I have seen some couples who look alike and could pass for siblings.), has unpleasant qualities, or both, I would try to break up or run away. I cannot deal with her baggage. I have enough problems of my own. Some, not all, black men would agree with me. The following reasons why black men including myself prefer foreign women or American women of other races are:

  • We appreciate diversity of women.
    • We can choose what woman we want just like we can choose what (e.g. vanilla ice cream) we want to buy from a store/restaurant.
    • Even white men during times of slavery were sexually interested in black female slaves.
    • More black American men are visiting or moving to Brazil so that they can hook up with women of different skin complexions. There is a documentary video based on this fact.
  • We become happier with them.
    • We have less or no drama in a relationship with a diverse woman. We can connect and talk to her easily. We are motivated to do anything for her including giving her what (e.g. biological child or children) wants. We have been dreaming about her most of our lives. Our families/friends would eventually accept our interracial or international relationship. Our biological kid(s) is a plus.
  • We can share and create good memories together.
    • Life is short and precious. Therefore, we must do things with our wives/girlfriends such as gardening, celebrating birthdays or holidays, cooking, painting, etc. We also should go to places like Six Flags, Myrtle Beach, the Caribbean, France, etc. Taking photos, blogging, writing, and or talking about our activities/trips would bring much excitement to everyone.
  • We are equal together.
    • We can take turns washing dishes, looking after the kid(s), driving the car, and so forth. There is no conflict, excuse, irresponsibility, or drama occurring.

Most black men in America are moving forward to new relationships with different women. We do not want to be with women who hold us back, remind us of the past (e.g. slavery), or make our lives more difficult. We want to be free, respected, and accepted for who we are. If we have to turn to interracial/international dating or marriage, then we shall do so. The world would consequently become smaller and discriminate against us less. It would have no choice due to the rise of biracial/multiracial children (future generation).

Law (American) and Alona (Ukrainian) Jackson from Dream ConnectionsFlickr


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