Black Foreign Women

There is something different but interesting about dark-skinned women in Dominican Republic, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and other foreign countries. Black foreign women are indeed attractive; they are hard to ignore if I (or any other American or Western man) see any of them dressing femininely and walking with high heels. They especially Jamaican women do have sexy voices as well. I can tirelessly stare at their online images, online videos, or physical features if I am ever dating one of them. I see something else in black foreign women besides their gorgeous looks. If I try to find that inner quality in American women in United States, I may fail and choose to stay single for the rest of my life.

Ever since I have gone to Santiago, Dominican Republic, my interest level in the women (especially the dark-skinned ones) has increased. Although I have wanted to meet a lovely woman named Rosa (because I have mentioned her in a previous blog post), I have no chance at all. She lives in San Juan de la Maguana, which is around 4 hours away from Santiago. I have to forget about her unfortunately and move on with other Dominican women.

Why would an (black) American/Western man like me fall in love with dark-skinned women overseas?

The 5 reasons are:

They are exotic.

I honestly do not find many black American women attractive. But, I am very attracted to Dominican women and other black foreign women. I see Dominican Republic as both a exotic country and an island. The reason I say this is that Dominican women look like they come from a tropical beach or somewhere similar. Hopefully, on my return to the country/island, I would date a dark-skinned Dominican woman wearing just a bikini.

a beautiful Dominican model – Latin Affairs

They are positive.

Whether I have a good or bad day, I can feel better after spending the rest of the day with a black foreign woman. I can relax with her. I can get words of encouragement from her. If I cannot understand her language well or vice versa, we can always communicate non-verbally or even use sign language. If she gives me a nice smile, she is already inspiring me. Any woman like her would have no problem(s) attracting any man (foreign or American/Western). However, any woman who is negative but shares the same race, nationality, age, etc. of a man would.

They disregard appearance or race of men in general.

Black foreign women really have more in common with other foreign women than black foreign women do with black American women. One is that black foreign women do not care that men (who are interested in them) are white, black, younger, older, skinny, average, fat, etc. Next, black foreign women are open to date, commit, or marry American/Western men or foreign men. As long as any men (in general) are good and respectful to black foreign women, any men would be considered attractive. The last thing is that black foreign women do not drive away many black American men as black American women do. I as a black American man believe that I can date or be seriously involved with a black foreign woman without dealing with pressure, drama, gossip, etc. If our relationship comes to an end, we can both move forward but remain as friends. If she sees me with another woman or I see her with another man, we can still be civil to each other and avoid turning to jealousy. However, if I become involved with a typical black American woman, break up with her, and enter a new relationship especially with a white American woman, my new girlfriend and I may have to change our identities and join the witness protection program.

sexy-dominican woman dvd & videos
Dominican woman with black American man – Latin Affairs
sexy dominican brides
Dominican woman with white American man – Latin Affairs

They are simple.

Why do you think that I want to go back to Dominican Republic? Even though my past trip there has been disappointing mostly, the best thing that has happened to me is meeting and going to a nightclub with Desideria. She is attractive; she does have good qualities. She does resemble an American woman a little due to her tattoos. But, at least she does not have so many of them plus other baggage as most American women in general do. Black foreign women like her are approachable, charming, and easy to connect. If they can attract and avoid scaring off white American/Western men, they can do the same with black American/Western men who think negatively about black women in general.

Lastly, they are family-oriented.

Because of their collectivistic cultures, black foreign women love spending time with their friends and family members. Black foreign women would even put their loved ones first. If American/Western men (including myself) want more attention on their dates, they have to commit or build serious relationships with the women. In Dominican Republic and other foreign countries, black foreign women already have many men who do not want to help them raise their children together or marry them. Therefore, the women may think that all foreign and American/Western men are the same too. If any American/Western men (and even some foreign men) can win their hearts and prove them wrong, the women may welcome any of these men in their families.

Many black American women are unsuccessful in finding or keeping good men. However, many black foreign women have no problems at all. Foreign men and American/Western men see black foreign women in a different and positive way. Men in general can be easily drawn to the women. A typical black American man can approach a black foreign woman the same way he does with a white American woman. But, it is a different story if he approaches a typical black American woman.

What if he does not get along with her?

What if she makes his life miserable?

Then, he thinks that he should turn to women outside his race.

But, what if he does want to be with a black woman minus the drama and other difficulties?

Then, he can always plan a trip, get on an airplane, and fly to Dominican Republic, Brazil, or somewhere he can find her easily.

Like myself, he would realize that not all black women around the world are the same.

A group of gorgeous women in Dominican Republic – Expat Kings blog
beautiful Ethiopian woman – The Runaway Guide
hot black woman in Panama –


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