5 Most Attractive Foreign Women I Have Ever Seen

Attractive women are everywhere. They exist in the United States. They exist in Colombia. They exist in Ukraine. They also exist in South Africa. The list goes on. However, the differences of all these women around the world are their hearts and qualities. I try to find good and attractive women locally. None of them are right for me. They have too much baggage (e.g. smoking, many tattoos, drunkenness, wild/unpredictable behavior, baby mama drama, aggression, nonstop talking, constant complaining, psychosis, etc.) . I even have tried online dating (e.g. Yahoo Personals, Craigslist, match.com). I end up with pretty much similar result(s). The women on online dating websites like Craigslist and POF are worse. Can you blame me if I am frightened after receiving a wink or email message from a freak? National dating, to me, is okay. I would probably succeed if I meet an American woman from another state on a TV show (e.g. The Steve Harvey Show or The Bachelor series). But, why would I want to expose myself to the country (or entire world) and have complete strangers feeling sorry for me because I cannot find a decent woman locally or online? Plus, would this new relationship with the woman on the national TV show work out? If not, then my only option is international dating. Ever since I learned about foreign women (especially those in Latin America) in 2006, I have not turned back to domestic women. I have indeed lost interest in them. I mainly focus on foreign women. Not only are these exotic women physically attractive but also they have many qualities I have been seeking in a woman most of my life. I never get tired of viewing profiles, images, videos, etc. of them on international dating websites (A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, International Introductions, etc.). I swear that I am in love with all these beautiful creatures (even the ones who are not considered attractive by their societies) who live abroad. No wonder a foreign man cannot stay in a relationship with a woman. Anyways, I like to discuss with you 5 women (each from a different country) I cannot take my eyes:

1. Rosa (Dominican Republic) – A Foreign Affair

I have fallen in love with beautiful Rosa ever since I first saw her profile/images. She is gorgeous. She has sexy eyes and a nice smile. She reminds me of a woman who had appeared in early 1990s R & B music video(s). The imagination of seeing her dancing or walking at a Dominican beach with a bikini…I just want to approach and ask her out on a date. I have looked at other profiles/images of Dominican women too. But, those women are not Rosa. I have tried to meet her in Santiago, Dominican Republic…no success. Contacting her online has been a failure too. Despite of the disappointment and no chances of ever meeting/contacting her, I hope that I can find and maybe marry a foreign woman who is like her.

2. Clara Cristina Paixao (Brazil) – Black Women of Brazil

There is something about Clara. She is another gorgeous black Latin American woman I can fall in love. She is a tall and talented Brazilian model. She looks good with a curly Afro hairstyle even if that is not her original one. I have seen and downloaded her hot pictures. I want to see her videos on YouTube sooner than later. A woman like her makes a man like me want to go her country. Even if I do not get a chance to meet/see her in person, hopefully I would meet/see other women who are similar.

3. Adelna (Colombia) – I Love Latins

I am very attracted to Colombian women especially a woman like Adelna. She is curvy. I like some women who have a little meat in their bones. She is also feminine, gorgeous, positive, and irresistible. When I go back to Colombia, I hope that I go on a date with a curvy woman wearing a nice shirt and tight jeans.

4. Irina (Ukraine) – A Foreign Affair

What a woman. I as a black man would do well dating Caucasian women in Ukraine. She is stylish, feminine, and wearing my favorite color: red. If she is not a model, she should become one especially in United States or Western Europe. Even though she is older than I am (31), I do not care.When it comes to inner and outer beauty, age is just a number. I would rather be with an older woman like her than being a younger one who has many kids, negative traits, etc.

5. View (Thailand) – Dream Connections

I am definitely “View-ing” her. Although I am not really attracted to Thai women as much as I am with other foreign women, I do see something cool about View. She is tall, fun, and interesting. She is a woman I can myself dating, developing a relationship, hanging out, going to the movies, and finding more attractive. I would like to go to Bangkok, Thailand and perhaps meet her someday.

Women are God’s gifts to men. But, the ones who are beautiful inside and out are better. They are hard to find where I live, online, or even around the States. But, I, like any man, can easily find them overseas. Plus, most foreign women do not have all this craziness, drama, and negativity that American/Western women have in the States/Westernized countries. The 5 foreign women (above) I love the most represent true beauty. If their looks fade, I would probably still be interested. Their hearts, not their appearances, really attract an American/Western man like me. Why do you think that most American/Western men stay in a marriage with a foreign woman? Why do you also think that other men divorce or stay in a marriage with a American/Western woman although they are unhappy? I am glad that I am not one of those unhappy men. Once I have learned about foreign women, who have better qualities, I would not hesitate to move forward or end that lousy, miserable marriage. A typical American/Western woman would hold you back but a typical foreign woman would take you somewhere you have always wanted to go.



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