My Review – “Latin Affairs” Website

01/21/2019 UPDATE: I am happy to see the new version of “Latin Affairs” website. You (American or Western man) can view old and new profiles of Dominican women who are seeking for international love. If you are interested in communicating and perhaps meeting them in person, register and create an profile. Of course, you would have to pay money for a membership. However, you would get benefits such as free contacts if you chat or email a few ladies.

Overall, I like the design of the website. Thank God that the expert(s) have included a rectangular photo of a woman’s legs and feet at a Dominican beach. I can imagine being there with her. Another thing I like about the website is simplicity. I can find the information I want in a couple of seconds. Here is a screenshot image of the website plus of course an attractive and available female:

new latin affairs website
profile of Yohenny 10850 – new “Latin Affairs” website

06/22/2018 UPDATE: “Latin Affairs” website is outdated. No one has worked on it since December 15, 2017 (6 months ago). If you have visited it a few times, you might be disappointed. If you are still interested in going on a romance tour in Dominican Republic and finding your possible and beautiful Dominican wife, please click on the website link below:

Please read my review of the website if you want to know more information.

02/21/2018 UPDATE: “Latin Affairs” website is not providing romance tours and services of translators anymore. I have communicated with the current administrator, Mike Mertes (who currently lives in Canada), via email yesterday. He has confirmed that the website is going to become like, Amo Latina, or Latin Euro unfortunately. I am not interested in wasting money on chatting, winking, and emailing women who may be wrong for me. I am truly a Man of Action because I want to meet each of them in person with a supportive translator. I am really upset because I really want to go back to Santiago, Dominican Republic in a few months. But, I do not want to be stuck at the airport because an employee of “Latin Affairs” cannot pick me up. So, if I or any other American/Western man wants to meet and date Dominican women who cannot speak English, he is on his own.

If you still wish to read this review I have written 5 months ago, go ahead and do so.

I just want to give you updated information about the soon-to-be traditional online dating website. If you (like myself) need support, guidance, advice on the women you are interested, etc. from a translator, just buy a group or individual romance tour on “A Foreign Affair” or “Dream Connections” website. You would not be lost and disappointed by any of the 2 international dating companies.


Latin Affairs” is a dating website for serious-minded American/Western men and Dominican women. Its German owner, Diego, has created international couples for 18 years. He has a right because he himself has married a Dominican woman (now deceased) and has 3 kids with her.

I have known the dating website for 10 years. For the first time joining the agency, I am going to buy the 1-on-1 introductions and meet 3 ladies (plus 1 lady I have met on my previous trip) in Santiago, Dominican Republic next year. I am crazy about Dominican women as I am with Colombian women. These Latin American women know how to dress as well as having good qualities most men (including myself) truly want.

If you are interested in visiting the dating website, please read the following likes and dislikes (3 for each) first:


  • gallery of over 2100 available ladies
    • They reside in many cities in Dominican Republic.
      • But, most women are located in these 3 popular cities:
        • Santiago (where I am returning)
        • Santo Domingo (capital of the nation)
        • San Juan de la Maguana
    • You can view their profiles and images.
      • But, you have to register or sign in so that you can enlarge some photos of each woman.
      • If you want to see extra sexy photos, you have to upgrade your membership.
  • dating articles
    • The owner has written most of them.
      • He mainly tells visitors how to become successful in finding potential Dominican girlfriends or wives.
    • I love seeing included photos of sexy dark-skinned ladies.
  • good prices for meeting women
    • Here are the 3 services regarding your access to beautiful women:
    • I love that Paypal, the safest payment method, is accepted for each service.
      • Therefore, you, I, or any other man can really trust the website.

3 Dislikes

  • no links for “Forgot user ID” and “Forgot password” available
    • If you want to return to the website and login, you must immediately write your user ID and password during your registration.
    • You can probably email Diego if you do not remember or have not recorded your user ID and password at all.
  • no attractive ladies modeling currently
    • But, if you are interested in taking photographs or spending a day with them, you must pay enough money for their:
      • transportation
      • meals
      • possible hotel accommodations
    • In addition, you have to keep paying 3 separate fees daily until your time with the models ends.
  • expiration of the associated forum “Life in the DR
    • Unfortunately, it has not been renewed this year.
      • But, hopefully it comes back online.
      • I have been a registered member of the forum for 6 years.
    • Even though I am satisfied with adequate information from just “Latin Affairs” website, I would like to see more updated information on its Facebook page.


If you want to meet and date lovely Caribbean ladies, select a particular service from “Latin Affairs” dating agency. The majority of Dominican women is dark-skinned. But, they are very attractive due to their mixed race heritages. They also share similar qualities with their Colombian, Ukrainian, Philippine, etc. counterparts.

Even though I wish that Diego would provide and sell 2018 or 2019 calendars featuring previous Dominican models, I am still satisfied with his website overall.

Like myself, you have access to countless profiles of single ladies. You also can read:

  • dating articles
  • Q & A
  • stories or testimonials from previous clients
  • information about gift(s) you can buy for a particular woman or women
  • and so on

I say that the website is just as good as Dream Connections and A Foreign Affair are. “Latin Affairs” website has Paypal in order to be very trustworthy. Also, the website has a Facebook page too.

You can be reassured that Diego and his staff are legit and willing to help you find the Dominican woman of your dreams.

old and nonexistent “Latin Affairs” website – LinkedIn SlideShare (source)

8332 (2)

10112 (15)

10112 (33)

ana (9)

cruz 1 (1)

cruz 1 (2)


glenny (2)

glenny (7)



Models (72)

Models (89)

All past Dominican models – old “Latin Affairs” website


  1. LOL, wait until one of these women’s husbands come looking for you or you are asked to become an investor in a B&B that will never be built and then wonder where your money went. Good luck! i lived there for many years and know many that have done exactly what you are doing now. Certainly, have fun, the DR is gorgeous, the people are beautiful and friendly. But beware, there are nasty scammers down there preying on people with good intentions. Not everything is what it seems.


    • In a blog post (“Variety of Foreign Women”) I have written and published during the start of my blog, I have mentioned that Dominican women do love money. I have not dealt with many. But, I have dealt with a lousy male translator who has lied, deceived, and taken my money. I have gotten my revenge by reporting him to the CEO and head (John Adams) of “A Foreign Affair” dating agency.

      So, I am not worried now. “A Foreign Affair” agency no longer has romance tours in Dominican Republic. I wonder what that loser translator is doing now. However, I know that there are still good Dominican women who do not care about money, materialistic things, appearances, etc.

      If you and other American/Western men are still interested in meeting, dating, and possibly marrying Dominican women, I would highly recommend these 2 websites to you:

      1. – I have a review blog post on this.

      2. – I also have a review blog post mentioning about this and other “Cupid Media” dating websites.


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